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Redmond CarolipioOct 12, 2020
While NBA 2K21 is clearly different from its predecessor in several ways, I can't say it's significantly better than what we saw last season. The game still looks fantastic, the commentary is still top-notch, and many of the same battles you might have had with the previous edition are still there, like whether you want to spend so much virtual and real money.
Matt BianucciSep 09, 2020
Despite its problems, I still really enjoy playing a game of 2K basketball, whether it’s a pick-up game or an NCAA championship, but it’s beginning to feel like the series is losing traction. It’s fitting that the NBA is playing its current games in a bubble, because the 2K series might be just about to burst.
Cory WellsSep 12, 2020
It really comes down to the difficulty involved in NBA 2K21 holding it back from greatness. You’re not allowed to build up to it with confidence. Also, if purchasing the Standard Edition, the grind is worse when it comes to getting badges for your player or getting cards in MyTEAM. When the grind interferes with the gameplay, it becomes a major issue.
minshewnetworksSep 22, 2020
I could go on forever about the details, the ease of navigation, the familiarity with control settings from previous copies. I can say this is the first year I’ve explored more because there is so much more. I’m going to sign on for an online league here soon. Fun, competitive .I lost hole afternoon without even knowing it.
Jaz SagooSep 05, 2020
Whilst boasting a revamped Shot Stick and altering the shot meter to a timing bar, these updates are only minor which raises the question, have Visual Concepts been focusing on the next-gen release over the current-gen version? Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. Even though the core gameplay is solid, most game modes are riddled with micro-transactions that prioritizes grinding and monetization over enjoyment.
Richard WalkerSep 10, 2020
Unless you've missed a few iterations of NBA 2K, there are few – if any – reasons to delve into this year's offering. NBA 2K21 features the same old insidious microtransactions that have marred MyCareer for years, but provides very little that's genuinely new or fresh. Capping off the generation with a whimper, we remain hopeful that NBA 2K21 is a lot better on next-gen platforms, because this current-gen version is a lukewarm rehash.
RONSep 20, 2020
Overall, 2K21 may feel a bit too daunting for casual players. The differences between the pro and casual players somewhat feel larger than before in Playground matches, as it's easy for highly ranked players with several badges to break you down. By the time you've managed to unlock some badges, pro players too have unlocked some more.
Donovan ErskineSep 12, 2020
NBA 2K21 suffers from the same issues that have held the series down for years. A poor MyCareer story, reused assets, shoddy servers, and an over-importance of VC/microtransactions. The one redeeming quality that NBA 2K21 can boast is its high-level gameplay. Luckily, that’s what you want most from a basketball sim.
Joel SSep 14, 2020
At the end of the day, NBA 2K21 is still an insanely good game of basketball that feels and plays like a game that hit its stride a couple of years ago and is now coming to the end of the generation. I still am amazed at how good the moment to moment action is in this game.
Sammy BarkerSep 10, 2020
The in-game economy, which is heavily influenced by lucrative microtransactions, continues to be a sour spot – and it remains to be seen how much life this release will have with a next-gen successor right around the corner. Still, even with all of these drawbacks, it’s comfortably one of the best sports games available on the PS4.
Jon GronliSep 10, 2020
The biggest issues might be fixed earlier. If you were dead set on getting the current-gen version, I’d say give it about a month. Things should be working better by then. And if you’re planning to play on console and upgrade to the next-gen consoles, get the Mamba edition. For $100, you got both the current and next-gen version as well as any fixes that had been put in.
Nathan BirchSep 08, 2020
It’s hard to escape the feeling that the current-gen version of NBA 2K21 is merely a rushed appetizer before the next-gen main course. Yes, NBA 2K21 can still be a great time, but stagnant presentation, copy-and-pasted modes and features, and new mechanics that clearly weren’t fully worked out combine to make the game feel like a half-hearted buzzer beater throwaway.
Erickson MelchorSep 10, 2020
The most memorable things about NBA 2K21 that I’ll connect to it for many years to come are the Black Lives Matter t-shirts and the many tributes to Kobe Byrant. I guess I should thank Visual Concepts for at least remembering Kobe… and probably nothing else.
Kimberley WallaceSep 17, 2020
As we approach a new console generation, Visual Concepts is building a version of NBA 2K21 from the ground up for the new systems. As a result, this current-gen NBA 2K21 feels left in the dust. It still offers the strong gameplay the series is known for, but compared to last year, it’s not making many leaps.
Leo FariaSep 08, 2020
This is getting more and more frustrating with each new iteration. NBA 2K21 is not a bad basketball game. It’s robust. It’s realistic. It’s really fun if all you want is a quick match with a friend or the CPU. The problem is that very few additions were included when comparing this game to NBA 2K20, with its additional monetization practices getting even more absurd with each new iteration.
Chris WhiteSep 15, 2020
It’s a little disappointing that most of the modes haven’t seen many improvements, but the way MyTeam rewards you for playing will likely help players pend less VC. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s willing to listen, but if you’re a casual player, you’d probably be better off sticking with NBA 2K20.
Scott FontanaSep 11, 2020
Ultimately, as terrific as the action is on the court, it’s hard for me to give NBA 2K21 a strong recommendation. That’s especially true if you own 2K20. Or at least wait until the 2020-21 NBA season begins, when rookies are in the mix. It’ll be cheaper then, anyway.
Sergio FigueroaSep 08, 2020
So, all in all, the game itself looks and plays cool, but just like 18, 19, and 20 did before it, but this quality owes a lot to the franchise's solid foundations. However, the systems feel recycled and the monetisation is only getting more prominent. In fact, it would hold up a bit better were it not for the microtransactions, which have been shoehorned in everywhere.
Timothy NunesSep 09, 2020
NBA 2K21 executes the fundamentals of basketball to perfection. Add to that a wonderful narrative in Long Shadow, and the package becomes even more appealing - even if MyCareer is linked to an online mode. These modes have a lot of potential, especially My Neighborhood, but some of the ideas still need a year or two of percolation before they're at their true potential.
Steve FarrellyOct 12, 2020
If you're the sort who cycles on and off, who dips in depending on how they've evolved your favourite feature on any given year, hopefully I've given you enough information to make an informed decision. But if you're like me, playing every year, then know this: NBA 2K21 is the best basketball game around, but it's also the only one. And as any high-level competitor will tell you, that's never a good thing for long.
Pedro HerreroSep 11, 2020
Como cabía esperar en una entrega en vísperas de una nueva generación, NBA 2K21 es continuista, pero también se atisban esfuerzos por hacer que valga la pena hacerse con el juego si se tiene ya NBA 2K20. El nuevo sistema de tiro nos obliga a reinventarnos y es todo un desafío dominarlo, haciendo que tengamos que trabajar más unas buenas posiciones de lanzamiento, y sumado a otros pequeños detalles hacen del gameplay el más depurado de la generación.
Alfonso ArribasSep 09, 2020
En definitiva, NBA 2K21 ha despejado todas las dudas y deja claro que, pese a sus defectos jugables y a que no es una entrega revolucionaria, tiene personalidad propia, mucho contenido y novedades interesantes, convirtiéndose en un imprescindible para los fans de la saga (incluyendo aquellos que ya tengan la vista puesta en la siguiente generación de consolas y quieran amenizar la espera).
Rafael AznarSep 08, 2020
Con el coronavirus alargando la pasada temporada y la nueva generación a la vuelta de la esquina, los tiempos le han cuadrado mal a este último baile de NBA 2K para PS4 y Xbox One. Es una entrega muy continuista, pero, aun así, sigue siendo un simulador de baloncesto tan completo y disfrutón como Damian Lillard.
Martín AmechazurraSep 14, 2020
NBA 2K21 continúa siendo el simulador deportivo con la mejor jugabilidad del mercado, gracias a unas físicas y unos movimientos más pulidos que nunca. Pero eso no basta para compensar una entrega falta de novedad e innovación, que se parece demasiado al juego del año anterior.
Matthias SchmidSep 11, 2020
Unverzeihlich schließlich ist die erneut dreiste Integration von Echtgeld-Käufen in der Karriere - den eigenen Spieler mit Kohle hübscher machen ist schon nervig, aber seine Werte damit verbessern, das geht gar nicht. Im MyTeam ist der Fokus auf Lootboxen aka Kartenpacks natürlich noch penetranter, aber bei diesem Sammel-Sucht-Modus weiß man wenigstens, was Sache ist.
IzokaySep 06, 2020
Le quartier entièrement refait visuellement cache l'immobilisme de la carrière, la plupart des autres modes n'ont pas bougé et les défauts de 2K20 subsistent. Même les menus du jeu très ternes caractérisent la paresse globale du soft. Seules les nouveautés du mode Mon Équipe sont satisfaisantes pour un titre oubliable sur la génération de consoles actuelle.
Alix DulacSep 12, 2020
NBA 2K21 nous apporte le même constat que celui établi un an plus tôt avec NBA 2K20 : celui de stagner au sein de la saga, sans réelle amélioration majeure. Mais cette fois, les quelques paris tentés par le studio de développement ont surtout pour conséquence de desservir le jeu, du moins dans ses premières approches et de le rendre encore un peu moins accessible au tout public.
Alix DulacSep 12, 2020
On reconnaît aisément qu’il n’était pas simple de développer deux versions différentes et avec des enjeux bien supérieurs, notamment, pour l’édition à venir dans quelques mois. Mais on n’aurait pas craché non plus sur un petit peu plus de dynamisme dans l’ensemble. Ensemble qui reste satisfaisant, avec des bases somme toutes solides. Mais qui ne fera pas l’unanimité cette fois.
Giulia GarassinoSep 08, 2020
Al netto di questi difetti, però, NBA 2K21 si lascia giocare piacevolmente, portando una narrazione ben sviluppata e un gameplay ben strutturato. Il titolo di Visual Concepts rimane ancora il migliore sportivo dedicato al basket, divertente e piacevole. Manca il salto netto, ma sappiamo che il vero cambiamento tecnico arriverà su next gen e lì, forse, ci sarà ancor più da divertirsi.
Rosario SalatielloSep 08, 2020
Il giudizio che emerge dalla recensione di NBA 2K21 non può che essere complessivamente positivo, vista l'indubbia qualità del lavoro di Visual Concepts diventato ormai una certezza da anni. L'imminente arrivo della nuova generazione di console rende però questa edizione una delle più conservative che si siano viste, con la complicità della pandemia che costringerà gli sviluppatori ad aggiornare il roster alla nuova stagione solo con il suo inizio previsto (almeno per ora) a dicembre.
Gabriele BarducciSep 12, 2020
Con la piazza praticamente priva di veri competitor e in virtù del vicino arrivo della next-gen, il lavoro di Visual Concepts per NBA 2K21 è praticamente da manuale, riproponendo lo stesso gioco dello scorso anno, con le giuste ottimizzazioni e uno spirito sportivo galvanizzante come sempre.
Ahmet ÖzçilingirSep 14, 2020
NBA 2K21 inceleme içeriğimizde sona geldik. Oynanış mekaniklerinin farklı hissettirdiği, menü tasarımlarıyla, içeriği ile, oyun modları ve hatalarıyla meşhur spider-man meme’ine gönderme yaparcasına NBA 2K20’nin ikizi denebilecek bir oyun var karşımızda.
Bob van der LaanSep 28, 2020
NBA 2K21 is echt wel een goede game. Het spel kent een hele hoop goede aspecten en leuke modi. Wel is het teleurstellend dat 2K er maar weinig moeite in heeft gestoken. 2K21 lijkt een soort rebooth van 2K20 en doet zich hiermee te kort. Het doet hierdoor veel lijken op een soort voorproefje voor als je straks op next-gen kan gaan basketballen.
Tom Van StamSep 28, 2020
NBA 2K21 is duidelijk een voorproefje op de next-gen versie. Het heeft zijn gebreken en hier en daar zijn er nog een aantal bugs te vinden, maar de game zelf kent qua gameplay geen enkele concurrentie. Er lijkt meer ingezet te zijn op herspeelbaarheid, voornamelijk in MyTeam (fix nou eens een oplossing voor de Auction House!) Niet gek, aangezien je progressie hiervan meegaat naar de next-gen versie.
Δημήτρης ΚαρέτσοςSep 15, 2020
Αν όλα τα παραπάνω θα σας κάνουν να το αποκτήσετε, ειδικά στην έκδοση PS4 όταν πριν από λίγο καιρό είχε δοθεί δωρεάν το 2K20 στους συνδρομητές PS Plus, αυτό είναι δικό σας θέμα. Χωρίς να εντυπωσιάζει, παραμένει καλό basket sim, αλλά πλέον έχουμε να περιμένουμε το Next Gen και για εκεί ο πήχης μας έχει ανέβει ψηλά.