NBA 2K19 for PlayStation 4

NBA 2K19

Sep 11, 2018
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Developer: Visual Concepts
Content Rating: Everyone


BA 2K celebrates 20 years of redefining what sports gaming can be, from best in class graphics & gameplay to groundbreaking game modes and an immersive open-world “Neighborhood.” NBA 2K19 continues to push limits as it brings gaming one step closer to real-life basketball excitement and culture.

Critic Reviews

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Ahmed MohamedSep 13, 2018
Having played all manner of sports games this generation, it seems as though different developers are interpreting what it means to release a yearly title in different ways. While I understand the core 2K audience enjoying what they’re given, there has to be a sense of quality control before the series turns into a games-as-a-service nightmare instead of a proper, AAA release with all the bells and whistles that fans expect ready at release and polished to a T.
Nathan BirchSep 11, 2018
NBA 2K19 is better than ever on the court, but, like a lot of top NBA stars, the game is a bit too obsessed with making money by any means necessary. NBA 2K19 struggles to strike the right balance – the game offers some refreshing story and gameplay improvements, but they don’t quite make up for an aggressive monetization scheme that hasn’t been updated in any meaningful way. Much like its Special Edition cover star LeBron James, you can’t help but respect the accomplishments of NBA 2K19, but sometimes you may not actually like the game that much.
Jenni LadaSep 11, 2018
This is a game that is in need of some patches and, hopefully in future installments, adjustments that make the online interactions more enjoyable for people who do not want to grind endlessly or pay extra cash. Until then, I am left wishing I could actually complete a game against friends and wondering if NBA 2K19 will decide to lock me out of MyCareer again.

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