NBA 2K14 for PlayStation 4

NBA 2K14

Nov 15, 2013
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Developer: Visual Concepts
Content Rating: Everyone


An NBA experience like none other before. NBA 2K14 for PS4™ has been built exclusively to take advantage of the power of the next generation of game consoles, featuring graphics, gameplay, and modes that could only be achieved with the latest technology.

Critic Reviews

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Mary-Anne LeeDec 27, 2013
With great graphics come great loading times, though. PS4 is practically a PC, albeit a nicely-packaged one, and we all know what PC games come with: load times! The load time for NBA 2K14 is pretty long when waiting to get into games, and the installation time is longer still. ...Long load times nonwithstanding, features like MyTeam and NBA Today are not available if you aren’t able to connect to the 2K Sports server either.
Ryan McCaffreyNov 11, 2013
If you skipped current-gen this year, it’s a no-brainer: yes, yes, yes, yes. Next-gen NBA 2K14’s ambitious new modes each leave a bit to be desired, and for better and for worse, it plays almost identically to the game you may already own. But this edition is not only a smooth-flowing piece of pro basketball simulation, it’s also one of the few games that makes a true next-generation leap in visual fidelity.
William SchwartzNov 19, 2013
There’s no doubt that NBA 2K14 is a great looking game on the PS4. It’s by far the best we’ve ever seen from Visual Concepts. It makes for a more believable on-screen affair, but the lack of game modes and online features is worrying as to how long the fun will last. You could argue the case that NBA 2K14 is worth picking up just to see these next-gen graphics in action, but if you’re a longtime fan of the series, you aren’t going to be able to overlook some of the content that didn’t make it into this version of the game.

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