NAtURAL DOCtRINE for PlayStation 4


Sep 30, 2014

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Developer: Kadokawa Games
Content Rating: Mature


Natural Doctrine puts players in a fictional world that revolves around a substance known as Pluton. Adventurers plunder Pluton from dangerous underground caverns, but there are evil and dangerous beasts, monsters, and more standing in between them and their loot. As evil follows these explorers to the surface, it's up to them to protect the city of Feste from destruction.

Critic Reviews

21 Reviews
Anthony DeCiccoOct 03, 2014
Natural Doctrine is far from a ‘bad game’, it has great ideas but it seems to be struggling as it virtually always sticks you in compact situations where strategy goes out the window and luck plays a far too important role. The maps tend to funnel your party into corridors where ninety percent of the time the only outcome is death meaning many will find themselves constantly restarting. Even with the various difficulty options Natural Doctrine can be a chore to get through, and the story, albeit interesting, is nothing that furthers the genre.
Cameron TeagueSep 29, 2014
If you enjoy mindless hours of grinding with no clear goal or instruction, and if you enjoy hour long battles on the “easiest” difficulty setting where you still feel underleveled no matter how much you grind, then this game could be right up your alley. The system is there to try and be a good game, but it is given no chance to shine and no clear direction on what to do, leaving you with a mess of missed opportunities and frustration.
Drew LeachmanSep 30, 2014
Natural Doctrine will frustrate you. It will pound you into the ground and then beat you again for hitting the ground too fast. There is an audience for it. The hardcore strategy players will find more than a challenge here, and patience is a must if you plan to play this game. I would even warn regular strategy players about going into Natural Doctrine.

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