MXGP Pro for PS4

MXGP Pro (PS4)

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Journey back to the track with MXGP Pro, the official videogame. Become a Motocross legend with the most authentic experience yet, and test your racing skills against a reimagined AI system that will challenge players like never before. Responding to community feedback, players will experience a completely redesigned physics system for enhanced realism of bike performance and rider feel - further delivering a more genuine, simulative experience. Who needs a mechanic when you can strip down and build up your bike as you please? Customize every single parameter of your bike, from throttle mapping down to the brakes, all based on real values and metrics. New to MXGP Pro is an open Motocross training facility known as The Compound. Featuring a bigger landscape, players will be able to explore freely and train from the pros with all-new challenges designed for complete mastery of the sport. MXGO Pro is motocross racing with a completely new soul!
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PS Lifestyle


But that feeling only lasts until you’re accelerating out of the final corner like you’ve done sixty times without issue in this event and your bike decides for no reason at all to rear up like freakin’ Seabiscuit, throwing you to the ground an inch from the finishing line. At that point, the promising feeling drips away, and you start to think that given this is the 15th racing game Milestone has released on PS4 in four years, we could be in for a real treat when they slow down and actually finish one.

Ken Barnes Jul 10, 2018

Push Square


Saying that Milestone need to take a step back with its dirt bike games and rework everything is becoming as tired a statement as saying Telltale needs to use a new engine. But it remains true yet again with MXGP Pro. A very slight improvement over MXGP 3, but a noticeable step back from Monster Energy Supercross, MXGP Pro is largely a spectacular disaster. It gets a couple things right, and offers a new slate of tracks to race on, but you’ll be too busy slamming your head into a wall to really notice.

Graham Banas Jul 06, 2018



All of Milestone's racers impress and disappoint in the same ways, and that hasn't changed here. MXGP succeeds in catering for both a casual audience and the hardcore fans, but neither will feel particularly satisfied with their serving. That's especially true in the case of MXGP Pro, because the 'Pro' subtitle was bound to raise expectation levels.

Tomas Barry Jul 11, 2018



This is by far and away the best MXGP game to date, and the result of developer Milestone finally getting to grips with the Unreal Engine — despite the recently disappointing MotoGP 18. MXGP Pro still lacks technical polish and misses the magical ‘wow’ moments that the best racing games feature, but this is now a great platform that they can build upon for the future. The difficulty curve will not be for everyone, but MXGP Pro is all the better for it.

TSA Staff Jun 29, 2018

Game Reactor


Its title may allude to a complete revamp to the series and if that's what you're expecting then you'll likely be disappointed, but if you are seeking a solid motocross experience, you will struggle to find a stronger release from the series. That said, there's a fair amount of crossover with other Milestone career modes, and if you've already played one of those this year then you might start feeling two-wheeled fatigue.

Kieran Harris Jun 29, 2018



Aunque mejore en general en el manejo, y la base sobre la que se construyó la primera entrega con Unreal Engine 4 fuera buena, quizás nos quedamos con la sensación de que faltan novedades de peso, pues el Recinto mola, pero no tiene mayor trascendencia una vez completados los niveles de Entrenamiento. Para colmo, una vez más tendremos el juego oficial... de la temporada anterior, no la vigente.

David Soriano Jul 03, 2018


Die Technik ist zwar nicht mehr die größte Baustelle bei Milestone, dafür hapert es auch bei MXGP Pro an inhaltlichen Schwächen. Diese reichen einmal mehr von der staubtrocken präsentierten Langeweiler-Karriere über das magere Online-Angebot bis hin zu den extrem hohen Anschaffungspreisen für weitere Maschinen und Ausrüstungsgegenstände, mit denen man vor allem die Miktrotransaktionen schmackhaft machen will.

Michael Krosta Jul 12, 2018


Quel plaisir de pouvoir enfin jouer à un bon jeu de motocross ! Sans être vierge de tout défaut, et même s’il est plutôt classique dans ce qu’il propose, MXGP est à ce jour le meilleur épisode de la licence, et l’un des meilleurs représentants de sa catégorie. Technique et exigeant, il propose une conduite fine et très vite hypnotisante, qui devrait satisfaire tous les amateurs du genre.

Epyon Jul 10, 2018


MXGP Pro punta sul gameplay, introducendo una serie di novità interessanti nell'ottica della gara e della fisica, al fine di rendere più solida e consistente l'esperienza. Obiettivo raggiunto, con l'indovinata inclusione del Compound per un lato tutorial più elaborato del solito, ma il livello produttivo in generale non entusiasma e si nota una certa mancanza di attenzione al dettaglio, specie nei comportamenti assunti da moto e pilota durante i frequenti impatti con transenne, barriere o semplici cumuli di fango.

Tommaso Pugliese Jun 29, 2018



Non siamo ancora all'(e)ccezionale, ma MXGP Pro è - proprio lui! - quello che ci voleva per confermare che in Milestone ci sono dei professionisti della simulazione, pronti a impegnarsi nel perfezionare un modello fisico già buono per rendere quasi fisicamente percepibili le sensazioni provate su una moto da cross.

Marco Salvaneschi Jun 29, 2018

Spazio Games


MXGP Pro è un aggiornamento deciso di quello che fu MXGP3. I miglioramenti non mancano su quasi tutti i fronti, ma forse latita quella modalità o quella caratteristica che avrebbe potuto staccare il nuovo arrivato dalla memoria che avevamo del precedente. Il gameplay fa il passo avanti più gradito ed evidente, e non possiamo che auspicarci un continuo raffinamento di questo aspetto, perchè la strada è quella giusta.

Matteo Bussani Jun 29, 2018