MXGP 3: The Official Motocross Videogame for PlayStation 4

MXGP 3: The Official Motocross Videogame

Jun 20, 2017
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Developer: Milestone S.r.l.
Content Rating: Everyone


The new MXGP3 will offer you a dynamic, ever-more enjoyable gaming experience thanks to a series of innovative graphics and techniques introduced by the new Unreal®Engine 4 graphics engine which will take the game experience to a surprising new level.

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Travis AmoresJul 06, 2017
‘MXGP 3’ is fun, challenging game with very reactive play and intricate customization. Whether you’re a motocross enthusiast or just want a fast-paced racer to learn and master, this is perfect to scratch that competitive itch.
Cory WellsJul 06, 2017
Excelling with its simulation aspect and deep career mode, MXGP 3 is a solid motocross title in a market that is virtually non-existent. Back in the days of the original PlayStation, both 989 Sports (Sony) and EA had flagship motocross titles, but those days have sadly passed. For a smaller developer like Milestone to accomplish what they have with the game speaks wonders, but there is much room for growth. With the game featuring the FIM license, maybe it would be more appropriate to lock up the AMA license to have the official stadium tracks and drivers for this side of the pond. For having all the licenses and sponsors, the audience needs to be broadened.
Grady PennaJul 05, 2017
I’m glad that MXGP3 exists because when it comes to modern motocross games the pickings are pretty slim and there is a sizeable group of gamers out there who love the sport. That being said, it’s evident MXGP3 is not an AAA racing game. With 22 people on small dirt tracks, the races are often fast-paced and exciting and the bike physics add a surprisingly realistic touch.

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