Mother Russia Bleeds for PlayStation 4

Mother Russia Bleeds

Dec 3, 2016
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Developer: Le Cartel Studio
Content Rating: Mature


Mother Russia Bleeds is an unrelenting, ultra-violent Beat ‘Em Up, brimming with hard-hitting action and game altering psychedelic twists. The game will be playable by up to 4 players.

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Vincent Rpl

Vincent Rpl

Jul 24, 2020

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RichDec 07, 2016
Despite its issues though, Mother Russia Bleeds still manages leave you with more happy thoughts than bad, especially when played with friends in local co-op. The violent action does a great job of holding your attention as the story unfolds, with each level book-ended by a memorable boss fight. And whilst you’ll encounter the odd unfair death along the way, you’ll jump right back in, eager to see things through to the very end.
Ken McKownDec 20, 2016
Mother Russia Bleeds is a great game with some truly oppressive decisions, with the lack of online co-op being the most obvious. Still, those looking for that Streets of Rage itch to scratch, this does it, and does it well. I just wish there was a bit more to it, of and of course online co-op. Not sure I mentioned how much this game suffers from not having that option.
Dave IrwinSep 05, 2016
It’s somewhat difficult to recommend Mother Russia Bleeds, as the dystopian setting and drug-filled plot are at odds with the conventions of the side-scrolling beat-em-up genre. While the sprite work is overall quite ugly, the level of detail is astounding in depicting this game’s disturbing imagery. With limited replay value, couch only coop, and not much diversity among the playable roster, these issues outweigh the promise of Le Cartel Studio’s debut game.

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