Moss for PS4

Moss (PS4)

Requires Playstation virtual reality headset to play.
Moss for PS4
Genre: ActionAdventurePuzzleSingle Player
Developer: Polyarc
Content Rating: Everyone


In Moss, players meet Quill, a young mouse with dreams of greatness beyond the confines of her settlement. While exploring the woods, she finds a mysterious stone and an ancient magic is awakened. With her uncle now in grave danger, Quill must embark on an epic journey—and she needs you there by her side. Together, you'll travel to forgotten realms, solve challenging puzzles, and battle menacing enemies. Alone, no one can conquer what you're up against. But united, you just may defeat even the darkest of villains.
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PS Lifestyle


At under three hours, my bond with Quill was broken far too soon, though the end hints that Polyarc isn’t done with Moss just yet. Whether that means DLC added in to this game or full sequels, I’d just be happy for more Moss. If you’re concerned about the short run-time, don’t judge a game strictly on its length. I would take my three hour adventure with Quill over a mediocre ten hour game any day.

Chandler Wood Feb 27, 2018



The wonderful relationship between a brave little mouse and the player character will ring as a bright spot in early VR development. Although the adventure is short-lived, and those looking for a challenge will be left wanting, Moss still serves as a great excuse to dust off your PS VR headsets if you haven’t done so in a while.

Ray Carsillo Feb 27, 2018



Moss is my favorite VR experience so far. This is partly due to the fact that it’s extremely gentle. Because it doesn’t task you with moving through the environment, it’s an accessible VR game for people who are prone to getting motion sick. The world’s beauty is also a draw.

Stephanie Chan Feb 26, 2018



Moss is one of those games that is, in the purest and simplest way, golden. PSVR has found its champion, its poster child. Quill is so happy to have you join her on this journey, and the camaraderie you two create is unforgettable. I highly suggest tagging along, you won’t regret it. So when she squeaks and holds up her adorable little arm, make sure you don’t leave her hanging. This is an adventure you want to experience every part of.

Matt Eakins Mar 01, 2018

Push Square


Moss is sublime throughout, but it’s so good that you’ll wish there was more of it. Much more of it. Clocking in at just a few hours, the game feels like the prologue for a much bigger adventure, and it’ll leave you yearning for more. As a virtual reality experience, only minor technological limitations detract from its lush fantasy world and cunning use of the medium.

Sammy Barker Feb 27, 2018

Hardcore Gamer


It’s a game that wouldn’t feel right without VR, yet doesn’t rely on the technology as a lazy gimmick in lieu of proper game design. We haven’t seen the last of our little pal Quill and something tells us that her next adventure will take virtual reality to new heights.

Colin Stevens Feb 28, 2018

Game Informer


Seeing myself for the first time was a fun surprise, and directly interacting with Quill, like giving her a high-five after completing a puzzle, wouldn’t feel the same in a standard game. Despite its shortcomings, Moss is one of my favorite virtual-reality experiences, and I look forward to seeing where the story goes next.

Kyle Hilliard Feb 27, 2018



It's a testament to just how well Moss understands PlayStation VR and works with the device instead of trying to bend it to a will it was never designed for. Moss wouldn't feel right without it at all, and its many strengths are married to the interactions that only full immersion can manufacture. Unsurprisingly, then, Moss is easily one of PlayStation VR's best titles to date, even if it's a little too eager to get you in and out of its world.

Alessandro Barbosa Feb 27, 2018



While there is a challenge element to it all, there wasn’t a puzzle or fighting sequence that I wasn’t able to overcome with relative ease. Overall, I’d say that the game’s challenge level is made to skew a broad age range. Controls are for the most part sturdy, but there were some puzzles areas towards the end of the game that showed off its flaws. Mainly there are some issues with depth perception and the speed at which controls react to input.

Blake Morse Feb 27, 2018

Upload VR


Moss is the hidden gem the PSVR never knew it needed. From the first moment we played the game at E3 almost a year ago until we saw the closing credits roll, Quill’s adventure has captivated our hearts and minds. Moss strikes that perfect balance between tense, action-packed moments of combat with slow, methodical puzzles that require you to rethink the way you interact with video games through the power of VR. Polyarc has crafted one of PSVR’s most essential games to date.

David Jagneaux Feb 27, 2018



Bit by bit, Moss keeps upping the challenge, culminating in a flashy multi-stage boss battle. Aside from maybe two or three instances where the platforming felt finicky or unfair, I had a wonderful time all around. I didn't want the game to end. It's particularly bittersweet, then, to point out that Moss is only a couple of hours long (with hidden collectibles extending that estimate by a couple more). The story also ends on a less-than-satisfying note, with acknowledgment that this was only "Book I." Quill accomplishes what she set out to do, but her story feels like it's only just begun.

Jordan Devore Feb 27, 2018



Moss made a wonderful first impression and never let up. Spending four hours with Quill in this VR world was a joy, and no one element or environment type wears out its welcome. Its mix of combat and puzzles hooked me quickly, always kept things fresh, and left me wanting more.

Ryan McCaffrey Mar 02, 2018



Moss is not so much a game as it is an experience. Polyarc sets an immensely high bar for storytelling in VR, exuding careful and deliberate artistry in every aspect — sound design, lighting, camera, visuals — to create a world worthy of straining your back to see the area in 360 degrees. In every sense, I felt like I was inside one of those beautiful, gilded storybooks. The only thing missing was the smell of the forest and old paper.

Ashley Oh Mar 03, 2018


If you own a PlayStation VR then there is no question: you must play Moss. Given the length we wouldn’t go so far as to say this is a game worth buying the hardware for, but it is the most compelling post-launch title so far and a hugely encouraging sign of things to come.

GameCentral Feb 27, 2018

Game Grin


While Moss is a short adventure, it's one filled with awe and wonder. The storytelling is superb with brilliant writing and a great atmosphere. The gameplay while basic is so much fun that you will never want to stop playing this game. If you have a PlayStation VR you need to pick up this game, Moss is a masterpiece that is going to go down in the history books for the first game of this genre to work and play well in VR.

Blake Hawthorn Mar 24, 2018

Game Reactor


Combat doesn't take centre stage, but there are sections where enemies will come at Quill and you'll need to fend them off, making use of the few combos that she has. While it's incredibly intuitive, with Quill dodging automatically if you press cross after an attack, it'd be nice to have dodge on a different button other than cross and square combined, just for ease of access. This is only really a minor gripe since combat isn't the main focus, but it would've made those tricky situations surrounded by bad guys a little easier to handle.

Sam Bishop Mar 01, 2018



The PlayStation VR deserves to be thought of as a whole separate platform, and thus far that platform has been lacking in the killer games to sell it. This is the first must-have release to arrive; something truly special. Moss is an absolutely phenomenal experience; completely captivating, utterly endearing, and absolutely magical. Ghibli fans will find this closer to the works of the legendary studio than the Ni No Kuni games.

Drew Hurley Mar 04, 2018

PS Universe


As it stands, the one problem with Moss is that, quite simply, it ends. Like a lucid dream that upon the jarringly invasive morning light you yearn to return to, with Moss you simply can; all you need to do is turn on your PS4 and put on your PSVR headset. I love this little mouse, and chances are, you will too.

John-Paul Jones Feb 28, 2018

Hobby Consolas


Moss es una sorprendente aventura en tercera persona para realidad virtual. Puede que no sea muy largo, o que nos llegue sin traducir, pero su fabulosa realización técnica y su adictiva jugabilidad lo convierten en una de las primeras grandes sorpresas de 2018 para PlayStation VR. Si tienes el visor, hazte un favor y juégalo, porque merece la pena.

Alberto Lloret Feb 28, 2018

3D Juegos


Moss es uno de los mejores juegos de realidad virtual que hemos podido probar, lleno de decisiones correctas tanto en su apartado gráfico, su planteamiento de cámaras, controles tradicionales y por movimiento y mezcla de acción, aventura y puzles. Termina de forma demasiado abrupta, pero aunque le haga perder algo de entereza, no disminuye ni un ápice su brillantez.

Alejandro Pascual Mar 01, 2018



Nuestro viaje con Quill es una experiencia casi irrepetible, que se vale de una narrativa diferente y de una solidez a prueba de bombas. Polyarc ha conseguido crear una de las experiencias más mágicas creadas para la realidad virtual, aunque haya cometido algunos errores por el camino, quizás por culpa de las limitaciones de PlayStation VR.

Juan Garcia Mar 06, 2018



Es una pena que no venga en castellano a pesar de la sencillez de su historia (ni doblado, ni traducido). Del mismo modo, nos da algo de rabia su duración. Nos deja con la miel en los labios. No es tan intenso y concentrado como para dejarnos sin respiración y concluir brillantemente a las tres horas. Podría haberse explayado con nosotros muchísimo más, hay personajes y ambientes para ello, y prácticamente se acaba en lo mejor.

David Arroyo Santayana Mar 01, 2018



Por nuestra parte, sólo podemos animaros a comprarlo a poco que os atraiga lo que veis. Tras probar la demo teníamos unas expectativas bastante altas para este título, y os podemos asegurar que las ha superado. Esperemos que Quill salga airosa de su primera aventura, y que sea tan sólo la primera de muchas.

Juan Rubio Feb 28, 2018


Auch andere Baustellen halten Moss davon ab, sein Potenzial voll zu entfalten, darunter die kurze Spielzeit von knapp drei Stunden, die schlecht für VR geeignete Präsentation der Story in Buchform oder einige simpel gestrickten Kämpfe. Unterm Strich steckt in Moss aber trotzdem ein bezauberndes und herrlich entspannendes Action-Adventure, dass dank seiner ruhigen, komfortablen Präsentation auch für VR-interessierte mit empfindlichen Mägen interessant ist.

Jan Wöbbeking Feb 28, 2018


Aussi malin que mignon, Moss propose une combinaison singulière de contrôles directs d’un petit personnage à croquer et d’interactions avec ses décors en réalité virtuelle. Le tout s’entremêle avec brio dans un conte interactif plein de charme et de bonnes idées à la patte visuelle enchanteresse. Destiné à tous les publics, le seul petit défaut du jeu résiderait dans sa faible durée de vie, un écueil qui ne parvient néanmoins pas à le déloger de son statut de nouvel ambassadeur de la VR sur le casque de Sony.

Mrderiv Feb 27, 2018

Game Kult


Sony a eu raison de mettre en avant Moss au dernier E3 : souris au milieu des géants, le jeu de Polyarc s'impose sans trembler comme l'un des ambassadeurs du PlayStation VR en ce début d'année. Raffiné, inspirant, il contourne tous les obstacles habituels liés à la réalité virtuelle - nausée, limitations techniques - en imposant une direction artistique de premier ordre et des choix de gameplay qui font mouche.

Puyo Mar 01, 2018



Si Moss n’est pas exempt de tout défaut, il fait tout de même déjà partie des meilleurs jeux à découvrir avec le PlayStation VR. Véritable régal pour les yeux, le jeu de Polyarc nous émerveille en permanence. Les tableaux dépeints à travers les différents niveaux nous font vivre une expérience inoubliable, sublimée par une narration de qualité. L’utilisation de la VR permet de créer un lien unique entre le joueur et Quill, le personnage principal du jeu.

Benjamin Betaux Mar 01, 2018


Moss est indubitablement l'un des meilleurs jeux disponibles à ce jour sur PlayStation VR. Ce petit conte est absolument charmant, de bout en bout, et il offre un gameplay à la fois intéressant et parfaitement équilibré. Dommage qu'il nous laisse si rapidement sur notre faim, au bout de 3 ou 4 heures de jeu, devant un "à suivre" un peu frustrant, tant on a passé un bon moment.

Julien Hubert Mar 01, 2018



Moss è il mezzo perfetto per divulgare la magia della realtà virtuale. Il gioco è palesemente studiato e realizzato su questa tecnologia: non si accontenta di offrire scenografie spettacolari e immersive, ma ne sfrutta le caratteristiche per assemblare meccaniche di gameplay altrimenti impossibili da realizzare. Aggiungete a tutto questo una deliziosa protagonista, un'ottima direzione artistica e una colonna sonora magica, e il risultato è un gioco che lascia il segno, anche a livello emozionale.



Il problema principale di Moss è che la fine arriva troppo presto, lasciandoci estremamente desiderosi di rimanere ancora altro tempo nei panni del Lettore a dare mano forte alla piccola Quill. La storia che ci viene raccontata viene comunque descritta come "primo libro di Moss", lasciandoci quindi sperare nella realizzazione di un secondo capitolo - o magari di un contenuto scaricabile a prezzo contenuto - nel caso in cui il lavoro di Polyarc trovi un buon riscontro sul mercato.

Rosario Salatiello Mar 07, 2018

Spazio Games


Moss conferma, al netto di alcuni difetti, le ottime impressioni che ci aveva dato durante la nostra prima prova: Polyarc ha confezionato un puzzle game sopraffino, che fa dell'atmosfera fiabesca e dell'irresistibile protagonista della storia il suo punto di forza. Se possedete Playstation VR, avete il dovere di dare almeno una possibilità alle avventure di Quill: non ve ne pentirete.

Nicolò Bicego Feb 27, 2018



Uit deze Moss review blijkt wel dat de game één van de betere ervaringen is die PlayStation VR te bieden heeft en is ondanks een onvolmaakt einde toch een fantastisch spel. Dit komt door de fantastische hoofdpersoon Quill en het levende sprookjesboek waarop je verliefd wordt.

Luuc ten Velde Apr 25, 2018