Moss for PlayStation 4


Feb 27, 2018
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Developer: Polyarc
Content Rating: Everyone10+


In Moss, players meet Quill, a young mouse with dreams of greatness beyond the confines of her settlement. While exploring the woods, she finds a mysterious stone and an ancient magic is awakened. With her uncle now in grave danger, Quill must embark on an epic journey—and she needs you there by her side. Together, you'll travel to forgotten realms, solve challenging puzzles, and battle menacing enemies. Alone, no one can conquer what you're up against. But united, you just may defeat even the darkest of villains.

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Aug 24, 2020
Perfect story telling ambiance Gameplay this game iş the best on vr


Mar 2, 2020
Markus Malinen

Markus Malinen

Jan 16, 2020

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Mike VitoMar 05, 2018
So, should you play Moss? The answer is a resounding, yes! If you own a VR headset you owe it to yourself to purchase this game. I’m begging you to not let the two hour play time deter you. This is why VR was invented. I felt like I was there, and I loved it! Every heart-warming minute of it!
Ray CarsilloFeb 27, 2018
The wonderful relationship between a brave little mouse and the player character will ring as a bright spot in early VR development. Although the adventure is short-lived, and those looking for a challenge will be left wanting, Moss still serves as a great excuse to dust off your PS VR headsets if you haven’t done so in a while.
Patrick AndersonMar 09, 2018
Moss will enchant you and win you over with its undeniable charm, artistic beauty, and the well-crafted 3D world. You’ll fall in love with Quill, whose tiny frame packs a big heart that will leave you sad to say goodbye to her by game’s end. This is possibly one of the first VR games I have played where I can honestly say that by strapping on my VR headset, I felt like I was escaping into a truly real, alternate world. This is one VR bedtime story that you’ll never want to put down.

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