Moonlighter for PS4

Moonlighter (PS4)

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Moonlighter is a rogue-lite game about a shopkeeper that dreams of becoming a hero. Moonlighter has procedurally generated dungeons, extremely hard bosses, tones of cool items, a mountain of gold, many silly enemies, and just one shop.
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PS Lifestyle


Moonlighter is going to be a game you’ll pick up, play, and instantly want to tell your friends all about. It encourages discussion – how much a certain item costs, how to navigate the metagame of the increasingly tricky Resident Evil 4-style inventory system with its cursed items requiring a shuffle of your bag – and feels like, honestly, the endgame of all roguelikes.

Bradley Russell May 28, 2018

Game Informer


The story is barely present, and persistent elements that tie the rogue-lite experience together – like crafting and store expansion – have too little impact to convey a satisfying sense of progress. When viewed on a smaller scale, the accessible combat and simple formula make it easy to pick up and enjoy Moonlighter casually. However, my excitement and enthusiasm were at their highest during the brief window when I didn’t know exactly what to expect next.

Joe Juba May 31, 2018



There are a few annoying flies in the ointment — item descriptions don't always fit on screen, weapons occasionally miss enemies within range, and in-dungeon inventory management sometimes feels too time-consuming — but otherwise, the game's engaging blend of active shopkeeping and dungeon crawling should be more than enough to keep retro-styled action RPG fans smiling.

Kevin Tucker May 29, 2018



It's a shame, then that Moonlighter's also a bit on the short end, as some of these ideas would do well with simply more--but then the combat would like thin out even more. Still, what's here is refreshing, and the balance struck between crawling through dungeons and working with the economics of the town are a good combo while it lasts.

Daniel Starkey Jun 11, 2018

Dual Shockers


If you’ve been looking for your next dungeon crawling fix, I think Moonlighter is an easy recommendation to anybody who’s a fan of the genre. With the addition of merchant simulation, the game manages to stay refreshing throughout.

Jordan Boyd May 29, 2018

Push Square


Moonlighter is a delightful mix of action RPG, rogue-lite dungeon crawling, and shopkeeping sim with an ingenious gameplay loop that'll have you hooked. The way the game's contrasting parts blend into one another means you're always making progress, and it feels great. Exploring the dungeons is challenging and fun, and managing the shop is addictive, thanks to an intelligent economy system.

Stephen Tailby May 27, 2018

Game Reactor


Moonlighter might not seem that different from your average Kickstarted 16-bit platformer, and of course, there's not a huge amount of novelty in slaying monsters or selling loot, but Moonlighter's gameplay loop is well paced for the most part and only stumbles around the minor boss fights. The 16-bit style is lovely and so is the soundtrack, so if you're looking for your next indie-gem we would definitely recommend checking it out.

Carl Nielsen Jun 02, 2018

PS Universe


There’s nothing quite like Moonlighter on PS4 right now. A deeply entertaining, long-lasting and handsomely constructed dungeon crawler with charm to spare that also boasts an equally well crafted shop keeping mechanic, folks looking for a wonderfuly fresh take on the dungeon crawling formula would do well to ring Moonlighter’s bell and enter its premises of considerable delights.

John-Paul Jones May 28, 2018



Moonlighter apuntaba maneras desde su aparición en Kickstarter y ha sido toda una alegría comprobar que el producto final no ha decepcionado lo más mínimo. Una aventura de mazmorras con sabor clásico, con unas mecánicas de comercio tan sencillas como divertidas, y con un protagonista que dista de ser el típico héroe al que hemos encarnado ya mil veces.

Carlos Leiva May 28, 2018



Para mí, el mayor triunfo de Moonlighter ha sido que cuando bajaba a la mazmorra quería volver a la tienda a vender la mandanga, y cuando estaba en la tienda quería volver a la mazmorra; ese deseo que se muerde la cola está de una forma u otra en todos los grandes roguelikes, y este es sin duda uno de ellos.

chiconuclear May 29, 2018

Hobby Consolas


Cuando pensábamos que ya lo has visto todo materia roguelike, ha llegado Moonlighter y nos ha trastocado todos los esquemas. Con una propuesta tremendamente original y divertida, Digital Sun ha logrado que nos lo pasemos tan bien cazando monstruos y explorando mazmorras como convirtiéndonos en maestros en el arte de la venta.

Álvaro Alonso Jun 19, 2018


Neben dem eigenen Geschäft kann man auch die Entwicklung der ganzen Stadt vorantreiben, neue Handelspartner anwerben, seine Ausrüstung verbessern oder andere für sich schuften lassen. Die Möglichkeiten bleiben zwar überschaubar und mit der Zeit stellt sich eine gewisse Routine ein, trotzdem bin ich bis zum finalen Showdown immer wieder gern in Laden und Dungeons zurückgekehrt.

Jens Bischoff May 31, 2018


L'exploration ne se révèle jamais bien palpitante et la vente se subit plus qu'elle ne s'apprécie. Et même si l'on peut lui pardonner beaucoup d'erreurs grâce à sa belle gueule, il faut reconnaître que le jeu de Digital Sun, sans être une arnaque, ne parvient pas à s'imposer comme un article de premier choix dans la production indé de l'année 2018.

Gianni Molinaro Jun 18, 2018

Game Kult


L'ambition kickstartée de ne négliger ni le combat ni le commerce était grande, Sun Digital la réalise parfaitement. Guerrier ? Marchand ? Moonlighter est avant tout un sublime alchimiste capable d'hypnotiser le joueur pendant près de vingt heures, en lui faisant oublier la frénésie de la collecte et le relatif manque de variété des monstres. La richesse, la vraie.

Far Away Jun 06, 2018

Spazio Games


C'è sempre qualcosa di nuovo in cui investire i sudati risparmi, e il fatto che questi derivino direttamente dalla nostra gestione del negozio aggiunge un senso di compiutezza al tutto: se a questo si aggiungono un'estetica azzeccatissima, sebbene non propriamente originale, e una buona longevità complessiva, ecco che, anche considerando la natura di opera prima, c'è ben poco di cui lamentarsi.

Gianluca Arena May 28, 2018