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Jelani JamesJan 28, 2018
As a long time fan of the MH series, I’m pleasantly surprised with Monster Hunter: World. I assumed this game would be dumbed-down to oblivion, but I was wrong: Capcom pulled it off. It’s fluid, many mechanics are intuitive and it endeavors to explain the ones that aren’t. It takes the best of Monster Hunter and offers them in a way that entices newcomers without repulsing long-time fans.
Bill LavoyFeb 12, 2018
My interest is waning, though. Maybe I’m asking too much, but I really wanted a living, breathing game. Even though Monster Hunter: World does have events, it falls short of what it would take to keep me invested for the long haul, but that’s okay. As a first-time player of the series, Monster Hunter: World has given me unique experiences and memories that, for better or worse, other games will be measured against for years to come. That has to be a win.
Joe SkrebelsJan 25, 2018
Whether or not it's the best, this is certainly the most audacious Monster Hunter game. World takes a dramatic leap into a look, feel, and size that feels truly new, simultaneously staying true to the series’ ideals by maintaining the addictive loop of combat, intimidating monsters and meaningful upgrades that fans love. The sheer depth and commitment required is still intense, but it clearly isn’t Capcom’s aim to court a casual crowd. This is as all-consuming and incredible a ride as ever.
Shubhankar ParijatJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter World is a demanding game, but if you're willing to invest in it, you'll be rewarded with one of the most rewarding, addictive, and nuanced experiences of all time.
Jae LeeJan 30, 2018
Even with everything that has been said, I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of what Monster Hunter World has to offer. The sublime combat against a variety of awe inspiring monsters- the meaningful sense of progression where every little thing that I did felt like it mattered- it all culminated to the thrill of the hunt in those moments where with only a single life left, I fought against the odds, shoulder to shoulder with a group of strangers who became my brothers in-arms and when it was all said and done, I waved goodbye knowing that we had shared an unforgettable moment of triumph… until the next hunt.
Autumn FishFeb 02, 2018
Monster Hunter: World is an absolutely brilliant reimagining of an already-adored franchise. It improves on every aspect of past games and even fixes most -- if not all -- of my major gripes with the series. It may just be a silly game about hunting monsters, but it's so well refined and put together that it's honestly a hard title to ignore.
Robert BaddeleyAug 07, 2018
Monster Hunter World is a solid title that will soak up a lot of time if you enjoy beautiful graphics, hunting beautiful, dangerous and unique creatures, and crafting buttloads of weapons and gear.  The learning curve is considerably more shallow than previous Monster Hunter titles but simultaneously steeper for beginners than it usually is for games in general. 
ProJaredJan 25, 2018
Jason FaulknerFeb 04, 2018
Monster Hunter World is bursting with content and is a game that you can easily get over 100 hours in. The downside is that a lot of those 100 or more hours will be by your lonesome. While as a single-player game this title excels, the multiplayer matchmaking can be incredibly clunky and inexplicably doesn't allow you to stick by another player's side persistently.
Kirstin SwalleyJan 25, 2018
For the first entry into a new generation, Monster Hunter: World wastes no efforts in making itself a sprawling experience with enough content to keep people going even without the planned free DLC quests. There’s something for every kind of hunter, whether looking to strategize or just go in with brute strength, in addition to those who like taking a break and exploring all there is in the new world.
Alice BellJan 25, 2018
This long standing series makes an outrageously good current gen debut. The size and scope of the environments, and the monsters in them, is awe inspiring, making Monster Hunter: World a true (lizard) king of games.Â
Chris CarterJan 25, 2018
If you've been skipping out on Monster Hunter games for a while because they seem to blend together, jumping into World is your chance to get in. Just know that Capcom hasn't really shaken up the formula enough to piss off veterans or appeal to people who don't welcome grinding with open arms.
Giuseppe NelvaJan 25, 2018
They created an immersive living and breathing world, allowing players to fully enjoy the charm of the titular monsters within a credible ecosystem. Combined with solid improvements in story and gameplay, this makes Monster Hunter World a must-have game for veteran fans and novices alike.
Sean EngemannJan 29, 2018
Despite a strong focus on accessibility and numerous quality-of-life improvements over previous titles, Monster Hunter: World still begs you to muscle through your initial struggles and build a comfort level with the gameplay systems and pacing. Should you find yourself slowly embracing the concepts, you may blink and notice hundreds of hours have been invested, with you now proudly calling yourself a fan.
Mike MinottiJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter: World is one of the more rewarding action role-playing games I’ve played in recent years. The game is enjoyable either solo or with other players, and it manages to take advantage of modern hardware to envelop you in a beautiful world. I never got into Monster Hunter before, but now I can’t wait for this game to officially be out, so I have more people to play with.
James GalizioJan 25, 2018
Though these things are important, they're ultimately nitpicks. When you dig down to the heart of Monster Hunter: World what you'll find is quite possibly the best entry in the franchise, a game that strikes an excellent balance between making the series more paletable to a wider audience without damaging the elements that made the series so dear to its dedicated fanbase to begin with. It's an explosive start to 2018, and I'm very excited for the game's content updates in the future.
Ben MooreJan 28, 2018
Chelsea StarkJan 26, 2018
Monster Hunter: World is still complex. It still won’t hold your hand through parts and may require a few friends for optimal enjoyment. It isn’t for everybody, but if you give it a little time and work, it’s a world worth visiting.
Mike SplechtaJan 25, 2018
It's not an easy game and takes dedication to master its many intricacies and mechanics, but even so, Monster Hunter World is the best entry point for newcomers, and veterans will no doubt appreciate the slew of quality of life improvements. It's a Monster Hunter game at heart.
Ginny Woo Jan 25, 2018
Ever since the title was first announced last year, it was clear that Capcom was gunning for something grander than Monster Hunter Generations. It has succeeded, and this is likely the biggest and best that the franchise has ever been. It's not just the comparative depth of the narrative; it also boasts almost seamless integration between combat systems that were previously incomprehensible for amateurs.
Michael GoroffJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter: World has found a way to lower its barrier of entry for newcomers while still delivering an immersive experience that long-time fans of the series crave. The combat has a bit of a learning curve, and multiplayer could use a few tweaks, but no matter your experience level with the series, this will be time well spent for all hunters ready to pick up a sword, bowgun, or gunlance.
Alan BradleyJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter World is an incredible achievement. It manages the nearly impossible feat of taking a franchise known (and in many corners beloved) for it’s incredible complexity and depth and making it significantly more approachable, without in any way stripping it down or diminishing it. It tells the most compelling, kinetic story in any Monster Hunter yet (not a tremendous feat, admittedly, but this is a worthy and interesting story) and offers some of the most interesting and addictive action combat in any franchise, bar none.
Michael ChowJan 31, 2018
For fans of the series and those dedicated to learning the game, Monster Hunter: World is an experience that can last players for a long time. With strong gameplay, a decent narrative, and a great aesthetic, Monster Hunter: World is one of the best entries in a series now accessible to many more players.
Richard WalkerJan 25, 2018
A colossal, polished RPG creature feature packed with a range of fearsome beasts to topple, Monster Hunter: World is an awesome debut for the series on current consoles. If this is your first bold strides into Monster Hunter's wild territory, then you're in for a real treat.
Tyler TreeseJan 25, 2018
Those multiplayer quirks are overcome quickly, though, and I enjoyed my time the most when I was playing with friends. It should be noted that the monsters get considerably more difficult in multiplayer, but it really makes the hunts feel like a team effort when completing them. It all results in a really satisfying gameplay loop of gaining different types of armor, collecting specific drops, and learning your weapons.
Kai PowellJan 25, 2018
As the first debut on new platforms, Monster Hunter World displays excellence in every hunt. The new changes are a great evolution of the series that can get new players their first taste of hunting while veteran players will look forward to seeing an old nemesis in High Rank hunts.
Bob MackeyJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter has been in need of a big change for years, and this reboot-of-sorts could have easily gone wrong. Instead, Capcom took a careful look at Monster Hunter's design and cut all the fat while leaving the series trademark dense gameplay completely intact. All the changes, from the broad, sweeping ones to the granular alterations, only serve to improve an already winning formula.
Daniel TackJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter: World is the best game in the series, and a welcoming gateway for newcomers to get in on the tail-chopping, rodeo-riding, and titan-slaying. I never want to play the series on handheld again after this, as the grainy graphics and clawed clutch can’t compare to the redefined experience core platforms facilitate.
Chris WhiteJan 25, 2018
From the gorgeous visuals to the design in its monsters and ecosystems, Capcom has made the best Monster Hunter game yet. It's just a shame it doesn't help with its complex systems and occasionally poor explanations of them.
Glen FoxJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter: World is easily the finest entry in the franchise to date. The move to PS4 has only done it favours, with stunning visuals and environments that you'll want to get lost in. Flashy, satisfying combat will lead to many water cooler chats, and vastly improved online features make it a breeze to find help. It's a real shame that Capcom still hasn't found an ideal way to welcome new players, but if you are able to sink your teeth into World, you'll discover an incredible action RPG experience.
Kieran HarrisJan 25, 2018
The environment also plays a huge role in combat and can be used to your advantage. As you're hunting, monsters that grudgingly share the same territory will often break out into a turf war; tearing off each other scales and essentially doing your dirty work for you. You can also climb vines to jump on monsters riding them like a rodeo bull as they viciously struggle to knock you towards the ground.
Owen ChanJun 21, 2018
Honestly, if the Low and High Rank portions wasn’t as polished and an incredible experience to go through. This score would be 7/8 margin just because compared to previous games, the rotating event quests, RNG investigations for RNG loot, reduced weapon and quest pool, and less challenging solo player end game. But, with the incredibly constructed world, incredible combat experience, and cohesive experience. The downpoints are more just demands for more content.
Cole WatsonJan 29, 2018
Monster Hunter World is a fantastic action RPG that players can enjoy for hundreds, if not thousands of hours due to its sheer amount of quality content to experience.
Matthew ZimmariJan 25, 2018
For all its flaws, Monster Hunter: World is a game that manages to balance the expectations of newcomers while not straying too far from its roots. It is clear Capcom have tried their best to make it as accessible as they can without breaking tradition. This might frustrate new players who are expecting to have their hand held throughout the beginning, but if a newbie like me can pick it up in no time then it shouldn’t be too difficult for you.
AdrianHaasFeb 13, 2018
After 60+ hours and having just recently finished the bulk of the main story and hitting High Rank, there's still so much more I've yet to see. For the sake of getting this review out before Christmas 2142 all you need to know is that Monster Hunter World is an amazing, complex, and beautifully realised evolution of the franchise. It's been made extremely accessible to new hunters, whilst also being an enjoyable and thoroughly rewarding game for existing fans.
Javi AndrésJan 25, 2018
Pese a las dudas que existían sobre un salto tan importante, por fin a sistemas de sobremesa de tecnología a la última, Capcom ha cumplido con creces y ha hecho desarrollarse a la veterana saga de cacerías y Felynes. Monster Hunter World es, en términos de números, tamaño, profundidad y posibilidades, la mejor entrega jamás creada y un exquisito ejercicio de renacimiento que ya quisieran otras marcas obligadas a renacer o adaptarse a las nuevas consolas.
David MartínezJan 25, 2018
La caza nunca había sido tan épica, profunda y espectacular como en Monster Hunter World. Más de 40 horas (si sólo vamos a pasar la historia) de explorar entornos sorprendentes y estudiar criaturas que parecen "vivas". Y con un modo online cooperativo muy ajustado.
DefaJan 25, 2018
Por supuesto que no se salva de defectos muy claros que debíamos resaltar, pero en general estamos frente a un gran producto que rápidamente se posiciona como uno de los juegos que seguro no deberemos de perder de vista cuando se revise lo mejor que nos haya dejado 2018. Una sensacional puerta de entrada para los nuevos que estén dispuestos a probar las mieles de cazar monstruos, y otra gran razón para regresar a las andadas para quienes ya lleven tiempo en el negocio.
Jesús BellaJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter emprende sus cacerías en la nueva generación de consolas con éxito. Es un título muy respetuoso con sus claves, pero que entiende la necesidad de renovarse. Básicamente, es un juego más ágil y satisfactorio, el cual se ha liberado de unas cadenas que impedían a la serie mostrar todo su esplendor. Mantiene y potencia ciertos aspectos, con algunas novedades, pero manteniendo las tradiciones, con un conservadurismo que tal vez suponga su mayor punto criticable.
chiconuclearJan 25, 2018
Mucha gente llegará a Monster Hunter World sin haber tenido ningún contacto previo con la serie; la grandeza del juego de Capcom es que esta vez no solo es esa gente la que asiste boquiabierta a las muchas maravillas que esperan en los mundos que visitas siguiendo el rastro de Zorah Magdaros. No sé si lo conseguirán algún día, pero no será porque lo intenten: jamás ha habido un Monster Hunter tan rotundo y abierto, tan accesible y robusto, tan fascinante tanto para quienes lleguen de primeras como para los que llevan unos cuantos años cazando monstruos.
Carlos LeivaJan 25, 2018
Todos los cambios que se han realizado nos han parecido para bien, jugablemente es una auténtica delicia, los combates contra los monstruos son épicos como ellos solos, tiene contenidos para tenernos entretenidos durante semanas y que se ampliarán de forma gratuita, su multijugador es de lo mejor que hay en consolas actuales y a nivel audiovisual es bonito y espectacular como pocos. Así pues, y sabiendo que estamos ante uno de los grandes del año, solo nos queda una pregunta por haceros: ¿Estáis listos para adentraros en el Nuevo Mundo?
Juan Emilio ReyesFeb 02, 2018
Los puntos que Capcom mejoró de una franquicia que no era popular en todo el mundo y que por primera vez tiene un lanzamiento simultáneo global nos ofrecen una de las experiencias más cómodas de la serie sin que se pierda la magia que la hizo triunfar en Occidente. Variedad, jugabilidad bien pulida y motivación constante para regresar son los elementos clave de esta nueva entrega.
Sergio C. GonzálezJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter World supone en la saga lo que muchas en su día al dar el salto a las tres dimensiones, por cambiar la forma de entenderlas e interpretarlas. Aquí todo se mantiene, pero también todo cambia. Es una puerta de entrada para millones de jugadores que, o bien no se atrevieron o bien se vieron abrumados, pero que en definitiva no se vieron atraídos por el potencial de lo que puede ser un fenómeno también en Occidente. Religión en Japón, esta entrega pone todos los puntos sobre las íes; no da puntada sin hilo.
Alexander SchneiderJan 25, 2018
Nach der Beta zu Monster Hunter World war ich eher abgeschreckt. Mit der Vollversion des Spiels hat mich Capcom aber überzeugt. Grund dafür ist die langsame Einführung aller Features, sodass ich mich in Ruhe mit dem Spielprinzip der Monster Hunter-Reihe vertraut machen kann. Dass die Handlung dabei nicht gerade spannend ist, kann ich World verzeihen. Im Mittelpunkt steht sowieso der Online-Multiplayer mit Freunden und anderen Spielern.
PuyoJan 25, 2018
Comme un carnassier affamé à qui on aurait retiré la muselière, Monster Hunter World déboule la bave aux lèvres, avec l'envie de tout bouffer, sans le moindre respect pour ses propres plates-bandes. Après des années passées à le peaufiner, Capcom transfigure ici son propre concept du jeu de chasse, en offrant des terrains de jeu luxuriants d'une richesse visuelle inouïe, pour y planter un bestiaire aussi impressionnant que redoutable.
Jonathan BushleJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter World est le véritable reboot d'une des séries phares de Capcom. Tout en gardant les bases et l'essence même de la série, à savoir des combats en équipe, difficiles et techniques, contre de gigantesques monstres, permettant de se fabriquer de nouveaux équipements à partir de récompenses lootées sur les cadavres de nos ennemis, les développeurs d'Osaka envoient balader d'un coup d'un seul toute la rigidité des anciens épisodes pour entrer dans une nouvelle ère, avec des mécaniques bien plus ergonomiques et d'actualité.
MrderivJan 25, 2018
Le double pari est donc réussi pour Capcom qui propose avec Monster Hunter World un épisode aux mécaniques en partie retravaillées, doté de très solides arguments capables d’attirer aussi bien les chasseurs vétérans que les joueurs débutants. Cet opus du renouveau dispose de solides arguments pour vous convaincre : de vastes zones bourrées à ras-bord d'interactions, un casting de nouveaux monstres très convaincant, un mode multi à l’accès enfin intuitif, une jouabilité jouissive et sans faille et, pour couronner le tout, la promesse d’ajouts de contenus réguliers et gratuits de la part des développeurs.
Benjamin BetauxJan 25, 2018
Souvent considérée comme un produit de niche en Europe, la licence Monster Hunter vient de se trouver un porte-étendard avec Monster Hunter World. Ce nouvel opus donne un coup de pied dans la fourmillière et réveille une licence qui se reposait sur ses lauriers depuis quelques années. Si le contenu est un peu plus maigre que les précédents épisodes de la série, Monster Hunter World arrive avec une vision plus moderne de la chasse aux monstres. Fini les temps de chargement à répétition et les combats jugés trop lourds à l’époque.
André HenriquesFeb 08, 2018
Monster Hunter World é aquilo que tanto se pretendia da série, uma iteração que melhora erros do passado e aperfeiçoa mecânicas para uma experiência única, tudo, sem loadings entre áreas e ao longo de mundos recheados de vida e coisas para interagir. Os imponentes golias revelam-se mais marcantes que nunca face ao upgrade visual, um salto que tem tanto de genial como de arriscado em todos os sentidos, fazendo que World inaugure uma nova era na série, um autêntico marco que dita que daqui para a frente, apenas pode melhorar.
Gianluca LoggiaJan 25, 2018
Perché Monster Hunter World, alla fine, è esattamente come uno dei mostri che lo caratterizzano. Inizialmente spaventoso e apparentemente inaccessibile, diventa man mano sempre più malleabile, sempre più domabile. Graficamente non eccezionale, ma neanche brutto, ha dalla sua un monster design strepitoso. Se riuscite a entrarci, difficilmente lo mollerete e finirete col dedicargli probabilmente anche diverse centinaia di ore di gioco.
Christian ColliJan 25, 2018
Riassumendo, possiamo dire che Monster Hunter: World è riuscito a catturare pienamente lo spirito della serie, proiettandolo finalmente in un contesto moderno, sia sul fronte tecnologico, sia su quello del gameplay. Per i nuovi giocatori, e per quelli meno avvezzi a certe tortuosità decisamente nipponiche, la nuova fatica Capcom rappresenta il punto di partenza ideale per innamorarsi di questo brand.
Денис МайоровFeb 08, 2018
Есть и взрывные эпизоды — попытка поймать гигантского монстра размером с каньон, например, со стрельбой из пушек и забегам по спине колосса. Но это исключение из правил. Пока. Что там будет в сюжете дальше я не знаю (прохожу все-все сайды, поэтому по истории двигаюсь не очень быстро), а потому и окончательных выводов не делаю. А впереди еще и расхваленный западными рецензентами хардкорный эндгейм — есть что поизучать, прежде чем поставить игре финальную оценку!
Furkan SakoğluJan 25, 2018
Uzun lafın kısası Monster Hunter: World, sizi aylarca başında tutacak ve sıkmayacak içeriği, detaylı ve eğlenceli oynanış yapısı, co-op imkanı, evreni ve dünyası ile 2018 yılının en başarılı oyunlarından biri olacak gibi gözüküyor. Ufak tefek performans sorunları da güncellemeler ile giderilirse, bizlerin yüzlerce saatini alabilecek bir oyun var karşımızda. Eğer siz de şöyle arkadaşlarımla oynayabileceğim, hem sıkmayacak hem de kalteli bir RPG oyunum olsun diyorsanız, Monster Hunter World sizin için biçilmiş kaftan.
Rick OttenJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter World bevat nu al tientallen - zoniet honderden - uren aan complexe maar bevredigende actie, ongeacht je speelstijl en ervaring. Het sturende verhaal leert nieuwe spelers de diepgaande gameplay op een aangenaam tempo kennen, en biedt veteranen de context die in eerdere delen ontbrak. De bergen aan ‘quality of life-verbeteringen’ leggen de focus nog meer op het jagen zelf, en maken het nog makkelijker om opgeslokt te worden in de nieuwe wereld.
DanteveliJan 25, 2018
Dotychczas spędziłem z grą Monster Hunter: World około 18 godzin. W tym czasie ubiłem masę potworów, przetestowałem większość typów broni i zjadłem kilka obfitych posiłków. W najbliższych dniach będę mordować kolejne stwory, by jak najszybciej móc wystawić temu tytułowi finalną ocenę. Jeśli chodzi o moje doświadczenie z tym gatunkiem, to grałem zarówno w poprzednie odsłony cyklu Monster Hunter, jak i gry zainspirowane serią Capcomu, takie jak Toukiden, God Eater, Freedom Wars i niedocenione Soul Sacrifice.