Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

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Michael ChowDec 20, 2018
Overall, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom met my expectations and exceeded them in certain aspects. While the game does get off to a bit of a slow start, the various puzzles, bosses, platforming sequences, transformations, and much more eventually tie together into an exquisite title. The game is both technically and artistically crafted to provide a focused experience to players quite unlike many other games that captivated me this year.
Andrew KingDec 12, 2018
That’s what Monster Boy’s final hours feel like. They’re a clunky conclusion clogging up an otherwise slimy sleek progression. Usually in Metroidvanias, your progress stops because you’re missing something you need. In Monster Boy, progress slows because The Game Atelier and FDG Entertainment have given you far too much.
Alexander PanDec 10, 2018
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom not only pays faithful homage to Wonder Boy, particularly The Dragon's Trap, but by refining the solid foundations of its spiritual predecessors with modern affordances, it becomes a rich platforming adventure in its own right. With a well-realized world filled to the brim with secrets and excellent platforming mechanics that always keeps things interesting, the Cursed Kingdom is a place you will want to discover every corner of.
Jason ColesDec 18, 2018
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is one of those brilliant retro throwbacks that captures how games used to feel, but without any of the nonsense that arises from how they actually were. It’s consistently entertaining and a blast to play. If you want something to sink your teeth into – human or otherwise – then this is a great choice for sure.
Chris WhiteDec 18, 2018
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom has everything you could want from a platformer. It oozes charm and offers copious unique challenges, all wrapped up in a stunning visual style serenaded by a magical score. If you loved Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap and want a game that far surpasses what it offered, look no further than this; you won’t be disappointed.
Drew HurleyJan 11, 2019
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom perfectly bridges the gap between old and new, delivering the same style and charm of games from the Master System and Mega Drive, but including the same style of platforming and puzzle solving that have made modern indie titles stand out from the crowd. Essentially, it has captured the heart and soul of the original, and given it a breath of fresh life.
GameCentralDec 14, 2018
Overall though this is a dream come true for Wonder Boy fans and one of the best platform games of the year. Wonder Boy is rarely mentioned alongside greats like Castlevania and Metroid but this makes a convincing argument that the whole series deserves a revaluation. It certainly doesn’t deserve to go back into hibernation and we hope this will secure the franchise a wonderful future for a long time to come.
Garri BagdasarovDec 04, 2018
A great spiritual successor to Wonder Boy. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom does everything right and leaves you without wanting or needing it too do more.
A.J. MaciejewskiDec 04, 2018
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a phenomenal game and one of the best Metroidvanias ever made. The amount of challenging fun packed into its massive and enjoyable world makes every moment of gameplay an absolute joy.
Ricardo Fernández AndrésFeb 12, 2019
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom es una maravilla se mire por donde se mire. Game Atelier ha sabido mejorar la fórmula de la saga añadiéndole mecánicas algo más actuales y consigue que cada paso en el juego sea aún más divertido que el anterior. Pocos peros se le pueden achacar a este fantástico homenaje a la marca creada por Ryuichi Nishizawa aunque hemos encontrado alguno, por ejemplo la traducción al castellano flojea un poco y el diseño de niveles puede pecar de clasista en algunos momentos volviéndose algo arcaico.
Jesús BellaDec 04, 2018
Un plataformas de gran variedad, considerable profundidad y elevada duración. Monster Boy y el Reino Maldito es una absoluta sorpresa, un título encantador que brilla por la capacidad de transformación de su protagonista, la cantidad de situaciones que genera y un diseño heredero del esquema metroidvania, combinado con la esencia de la mítica saga Wonder Boy. Pero no os equivoqueis, porque es mucho más que mera nostalgia.
Juan RubioDec 04, 2018
Un gran juego con mucho sabor clĂĄsico, divertido y variado, y recomendadĂ­simo para los fans de Wonder Boy y los plataformas 2D de antaĂąo.
Jan WöbbekingDec 19, 2018
Doch solche verhältnismäßig kleine Macken verblassen angesichts clever orchestrierter Bosskämpfe und der gutgelaunten Entdecker-Atmosphäre! Alles in allem ein gelungenes Action-Adventure mit rund 15 Stunden Umfang, bei dem mich vor allem die toll eingeflochtenen Umgebungs-Rätsel verblüfft haben: Ähnlich wie in Ori and the Blind Forest kam mir nach kurzem Grübeln fast immer der rettende Einfall!
CarnbeeDec 13, 2018
Dans les univers de ce Metroidvania aux couleurs chatoyantes, chaque pièce d'équipement, chaque transformation en animal mutant et chaque pouvoir composent un gameplay maîtrisé aussi bien dans les combats que lors des phases d'exploration. Avec ses puzzles variés, ce Monster Boy se paye en plus le luxe d'être parfaitement compréhensible malgré ses multiples possibilités, livrant ainsi une expérience idéalement calibrée, et rarement frustrante.
Gianni MolinaroDec 04, 2018
En toute honnêteté, on attendait Monster Boy et le Royaume Maudit comme la jolie résurrection d'une licence chère à tout une foule de joueurs, avec des larmes de nostalgie prêtes à couler, mais sans forcément espérer plus que de bonnes références et un bon mix action/exploration/plate-forme. Le résultat dépasse largement nos ce qu'on imaginait.
Christian ColliDec 06, 2018
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom è stato una piccola rivelazione: il titolo Game Atelier è un gioiellino che dà lezioni di level design ai tripla A più blasonati con una fedeltà e un rispetto per l'opera originale di Nishizawa che non deforma ma anzi arricchisce il franchise, proiettandolo nel presente senza dimenticare la tradizione. È un gioco pieno di luci, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, dove le ombre di qualche piccolo momento di frustrazione si perdono in un trionfo di colori, umorismo e fantasia.
ValthielJan 04, 2019
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom rappresenta senza ombra di dubbio il modo migliore per rivitalizzare la serie e rilanciarla in grande stile, rispettando tutto ciò che ha rappresentato in passato ed evolvendo la formula verso la direzione più corretta. Game Atelier non ha voluto rischiare eccessivamente e sono chiarissimi i rimandi ad alcuni vecchi capitoli, ma se il gioco avrà il successo che merita, i modi per andare oltre e fare ancora meglio sono molteplici.