Monkey King: Hero Is Back for PlayStation 4

Monkey King: Hero Is Back

Oct 17, 2019
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Developer: Hexa Drive
Content Rating: Teen


A new, never-before-seen chapter in the Chinese legend of Journey to the West is about to unfold! Based on the 2015 Chinese box office record-shattering CG animated film MONKEY KING: HERO IS BACK, this adaptation pits the Great Sage himself, Sun Wukong, newly freed after 500 years of imprisonment, with Liuer, a young boy who looks up to the Monkey King in a journey that brings them close together. Featuring new episodes not portrayed in the original film, this game combines epic, larger than life Chinese mythology with flashy and funny kung fu action for a delightful, pulse-pounding action adventure!

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Samuel GuglielmoOct 23, 2019
Honestly, I don’t regret the time I spent with Monkey King: Hero is Back. Is it a great game? No, not really. I’d struggle to even call it good at times. However, it’s a bizarre and sort of charming throwback title that seems to have been made in a completely different era. In a way, I found myself nostalgic for it even when I wasn’t totally enjoying the experience. If you’re looking for that kind of game, then you may actually find something worth checking out here. Just keep your expectations in check.
Ashley BatesOct 16, 2019
Monkey King: Hero Is Back isn’t the high-water mark for gaming in 2019, as its flaws are clearly evident. There’s a decent beat ‘em up nestled in there somewhere, but the weak storyline, bad voice acting and the constant repetition serve to undercut the game’s values.
Chris BowmanOct 17, 2019
Overall, I like this adaptation of the Chinese story of the Monkey King. It plays smoothly and without any type of lag that I saw. Combat flowed smoothly, and the combat system was simple enough for even a young kid to learn. For $39.99 USD you get a good story which is important for games. We don’t get enough games with a good story nowadays, and I am glad this is one of them.