Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels

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Chris MoyseSep 12, 2019
Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels is light on action and heavy on narrative, but will please dedicated Metro fans with its gripping, even unnerving, lore. While its smart story succeeds in engaging the player dramatically, the lack of extended gameplay sequences may leave some feeling like they're watching an interactive movie, rather than playing a new chapter of an action-adventure title. A short journey, yes, but still a trip worth taking.
Shubhankar ParijatSep 18, 2019
I enjoyed the story and the way it was told, and going into it with prior knowledge from the base game of what happens to the metro settlement made for a tragic tale. Sadly, actually playing through the DLC was boring at worst, and completely unremarkable at worst, not to mention the fact that it was over far too quickly for any of it to make any sort of impact. Fans of the series and the base game will probably enjoy what’s on offer here, but even so, I wouldn’t recommend The Two Colonels with much enthusiasm.
Liam CroftSep 10, 2019
Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels is adequate in every sense of the word - it doesn't do anything impressively well nor insultingly bad. It's just okay, and while that might be enough to convince fans of the series to take a short trip underground, it's something that anyone else can safely skip.
DefaSep 11, 2019
Entiendo que la idea de un FPS hecho en Ucrania basado en una novela rusa pueda no ser lo más atractivo del mundo, pero créeme cuando te digo que estamos frente a una de las franquicias modernas con más personalidad y esencia de todo el medio y, justamente, The Two Colonels me ha recordado por qué es que pienso esto.