Metal Max Xeno for PlayStation 4

Metal Max Xeno

Sep 25, 2018
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Developer: Kadokawa Games
Content Rating: Teen


Humanity is on the brink of extinction. Half a century ago, a mother computer known as NOA became sentient and almost destroyed humankind. NOA's destructive reach has even reduced Asia's largest metropolis, Tokio, to rubble. Explore this desolate wasteland as Talis, a casualty in this conflict, as he searches for allies and hope in a vengeance-charged war against machines.

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Jordan BoydSep 20, 2018
In a year filled to the brim with triple-A game releases, there’s no doubt some of the smaller games will be lost in the fray. I hope that Metal Max Xeno isn’t one of those games. While it may seem like I had a lot more to complain about than praise, I actually did really enjoy my time with the title, and it was a nice surprise considering how unfamiliar I am with the series. At $40, Metal Max Xeno is a worthy addition to any JRPG-lover’s library, I hope you’ll consider it.
Kai PowellSep 26, 2018
Metal Max Xeno is one of the most average RPG's I've played in a long while. It's almost a comfort food in a strange way: warm and familiar but without any spice.
Lucas WhiteSep 20, 2018
Ultimately, this is a game about having a billion options dumped in front of you, and the joy of diving into that pile and making cool stuff out of it. There’s lots of menu-fiddling, number-crunching, and ingredient-gathering, but at the end of that grind is comeuppance for evil, jerk murder-bots as your painstakingly-curated ordnance tears them to shreds, and it’s hard to get more satisfying than that. Metal Max Xeno is a strange, janky, ugly mess of a game, but one I was glued to every minute of.

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