Metal Gear Survive for PlayStation 4

Metal Gear Survive

Feb 20, 2018
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Game Info


About this game

Developer: Konami
Content Rating: Mature


METAL GEAR SURVIVE is a survival action game in an alternative universe. In a struggle to survive and understand this new environment, players engage in both single player and connected co-op. In the battle for survival scavenged materials must be wrought into usable items, gear and weapons if you are to have any hope of making it home.

Critic Reviews

46 Reviews
Paul SullivanFeb 27, 2018
You’ll be used to some of the artwork that looks like it’s in the foreground but is actually in the background. You’ll be used to challenges that feel more like traps and gotcha moments than actual fair fights. When you’re used to all of that and know what to expect from each mission, Riftstar Raiders becomes an absolute blast to play. It just might take you a bit of time to get there.
Mike WilliamsFeb 24, 2018
Metal Gear Survive isn't a great game, but it is a fun game. Journeying into the Dust to find resources and survivors is a legitimately tense experience and your progress through the game feels satisfying. Unfortunately, hunger and thirst drop a bit too quickly, leaving you diving into menus for upkeep far too much of the time. With some tweaks and changes, Survive could be great, but as it stands, it's just good.
Samuel GuglielmoMar 16, 2018
So this is it. We officially live in a post-Kojima Metal Gear world. Konami has given us Metal Gear Survive and I found it… much better than I would have expected. The survival elements are a little harsh, but I found them fun to manage and work around. Combat is fun, besides a few enemies that never got above being annoying.


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