Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2

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Kevin TuckerJul 24, 2018
Ultimately, both Mega Man X Legacy Collections 1 and 2 nail exactly what modern-era collections of retro video game titles should be: a compendium of everything the series has to offer, including the base games, fresh new tweaks, added bonuses, trivia, trailers, and more. There's really no stone left unturned with either Mega Man X Legacy Collection, making them perfect for longtime series fans or for gamers new to the Mega Man X formula.
Steve WattsJul 24, 2018
In a way, the entire collection itself is the museum--an entire series, with all its beauty and its blemishes, on display for its audience to judge and assess years later. Parts of this legacy have aged horribly, but they’re still undeniably a piece of Mega Man X history. We’ve been told that the upcoming Mega Man 11 was greenlit thanks in part to fan interest in the original Mega Man Legacy Collection.
PramathJul 24, 2018
The titles hold up well, especially, paradoxically enough, the earlier games, and remain some of the best games Capcom as ever made to this day. The games look great, sound fantastic, control like a dream, and the collections capture and recreate that amazingly well, with some great extras thrown in to boot as well. If you are a fan of Mega Man, the Mega Man X legacy collections are an unhesitant yes.
Evan SleadJul 24, 2018
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 are the perfect way for returning fans to revisit the entire X franchise. The classic 2D and 3D platforming games are just as addictive as ever, and the new X Challenges bring a new set of trials for seasoned players to tackle. Newcomers are also welcome with the Rookie Hunter mode, making these collections the definitive way to experience the franchise.
James PaleyJul 24, 2018
Mega Man doesn’t represent my childhood in any meaningful way. While I knew of these games, I hardly touched them until I was an adult. Any nostalgic shine they have for me is tangential. They look like the games of my youth, but for the most part they aren’t the games of my youth. So believe me when I say that these are (mostly) excellent titles.
Jason FaulknerJul 24, 2018
Even X7, which I really remember disliking, wasn’t absolutely horrible. This is another retro collection that does an excellent job of preserving a classic franchise in an accessible form on current-gen platforms and is worth your attention whether you’re a long-time fan or someone who’s looking to get into the Mega Man X series for the first time.
Dylan BishopJul 24, 2018
The X Collection disappoints on that front, but it’s still Mega Man X at heart. It’s undeniably entertaining to explore every level, backtrack for new upgrades, and go toe-to-toe with themed bosses. I miss the save functionality and don’t see the point of having two separate games, but the Mega Man X Legacy Collections are fully worth a play.
Allen ReynoldsJul 24, 2018
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 are must- plays for fans. With its new features, galleries, and tweaks, even total newcomers who have never experienced this groundbreaking series will feel welcome. A lot of love and care has been poured into this collection, allowing players of all skill levels to jump right in and enjoy. So get out there, dash and blast, and track down those mavericks, hunter.
Nick Gillham Jul 24, 2018
If you’re new to Mega Man this is probably the best place to start, excellent games and a great system to ease you into what can be something very unforgiving, while series veterans will really appreciate having a full collection at their fingertips that looks great on a large TV without sacrificing the nostalgia (the 16bit titles even have regular slow down moments). Here’s hoping that these collections pave the way for a brand new Mega Man game. Wouldn’t that be something?
Garri BagdasarovJul 24, 2018
A great collection of some of the hardest and most enjoyable titles in the past twenty years. The Mega Man X Legacy Collection features plenty of great content not just with the titles included but also the extra content that Capcom have lovingly packed into it.
Mike ReyesJul 30, 2018
¿Te gusta Mega Man X? Entonces ve corriendo a comprar la Mega Man X Legacy Collection. Por otro lado y si nunca haz jugado una entrega de la saga, puede que ésta (o al menos el primer paquete de la colección) te haga darte cuenta de las razones por las que muchos gamers atesoran estos juegos.
Nacho Requena MolinaJul 30, 2018
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 y 2 son dos notables recopilatorios de los juegos de la gama X. Más de una década de producciones condensada en dos packs que reflejan el sabor original de esas obras, aunque también se echan en falta algunos cambios que podrían haber elevado la calidad de las mismas. De nostálgicos para nostálgicos.
Jesús BellaJul 26, 2018
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 supone una excelente oportunidad para rememorar (o descubrir) la historia de una serie que empezó de forma explosiva, y se fue diluyendo con las últimas entregas. A pesar de ello, es historia viva del videojuego, y Capcom la ha respetado y plasmado tal cual en esta colección, que emula a la perfección lo que vivimos tanto en su época de SNES como PlayStation.
Maximilien CagnardAug 02, 2018
Enfin, les traditionnels trophées et succès viendront ajouter une véritable plus-value à la durée de vie, déjà très conséquente : il y a donc de quoi s’occuper pendant des dizaines et des dizaines d’heures… et avec du très bon comme du plus moyen.
Nicolas VerletJul 24, 2018
Attention, le joli chiffre que vous voyez ci-contre sanctifie les deux Legacy Collection dans leur ensemble, pour ceux qui voudraient s'offrir les deux volumes en une seule fois. Parce que dans les faits, seule la première vaut vraiment le détour, avec les trois épisodes Super Nintendo et Mega Man X4 réunis en un seul et même endroit, soit quatre des meilleurs jeux d'action / plates-formes des années 90, quoi qu'on en dise.
Gianluca ArenaJul 26, 2018
Se doveste avere solamente venti euro da spendere, propendete per la prima delle due, ovviamente, ma anche la seconda ha il suo perché. Il gran numero di extra e chicche inedite incluse, poi, accresce il valore della raccolta anche dal punto di vista collezionistico, castrato solamente dalla mancanza di una versione fisica per l'Europa.
Christian ColliJul 27, 2018
Al di là dell'offerta e della qualità dei titoli in esame, la compilation soffre purtroppo di una serie di problematiche tecniche che speriamo Capcom decida di risolvere il più presto possibile con un aggiornamento: nel caso in cui decidiate di optare per la versione Switch, vi consigliamo anche di giocare soprattutto in modalità portatile.
Rick OttenJul 25, 2018
De Mega Man-games, of het nou de originele reeks is of X, zijn terecht tijdloze klassiekers. Als je ze nog niet hebt gespeeld, ben je het jezelf haast verplicht deze collecties in huis te halen. Veel beter dan dit wordt het namelijk niet. Verwacht alleen geen denderende extra’s om die fantastische spellen bij te staan: het zijn goeie spellen, in een matige bundel. Behalve X 7 dan. Vermijd die als de pest.