Masters of Anima for PlayStation 4

Masters of Anima

Apr 10, 2018
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Developer: Passtech Games
Content Rating: Mature


Anima is a magical, chaotic force that fuels the world of Spark. In its natural state, Anima is wild and primal - when it is found in large concentrations, it can even spawn a Golem. In the ancient times of Spark, the Shapers and Builders tamed the Anima to give the world its current form. After the Shapers defeated the Golems, the Builders constructed the Heart Shield in the center of Mount Spark, erecting Wonders that channel the source of Anima for a better purpose.

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Paulmichael ContrerasApr 09, 2018
Masters of Anima is for those who love to multitask. Ordering various groups of guardians to attack multiple groups of enemies while also moving around, dodging attacks and performing combos can make for a very hectic game. But for those who live for the thrill of a job well done amidst a bunch of chaos, Masters of Anima was made for them.
Tomas FranzeseApr 09, 2018
While the game may have benefitted from more puzzles, the combat focus of Masters of Anima shows that there is still room to expand and be unique in this segment of the genre. If you are looking for a new strategy game to tide you over until a genuine Pikmin 4 comes out, I definitely recommend Masters of Anima.
Rosh KellyApr 11, 2018
A beautiful game with a simple, engrossing theme running throughout it all. You might think you've seen something like Masters of Anima before, but it has more to offer than it would seem at first glance.