Marvel's Spider-Man: Turf Wars

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Joseph OcasioDec 18, 2018
Turf Wars is a disappointing chapter that does little in progressing the main narrative of The City That Never Sleeps storyline. While the DLC is fully polished and Hammerhead makes for a competent villain, his lack of screen time, mixed with Watanabi's uninteresting story arc and lack of new gameplay, makes for a bit of a miss.
Joe SkrebelsNov 21, 2018
Where The Heist’s cliffhanger left me fairly certain I knew what might be going on in Turf Wars, the second DLC’s conclusion leaves me far less sure about where episode three, Silver Lining, is headed. It might not be the standout standalone pack some will want, but Turf Wars is definitely doing its job as the second of three parts by leaving us ready and waiting for a far brighter finale.
Léon Othenin-GirardNov 27, 2018
Although it’s still fun, it just doesn’t have enough to be properly compared to the base game. I hope that Silver Lining will be more satisfying in terms of plot, payoff, and gameplay because Turf Wars doesn’t live up to the main game or even the previous DLC in any of those respects, and without the strong characterization of Yuri Watanabe, the plot would fall completely flat.
Chandler WoodNov 21, 2018
As many faults as I can find with Turf Wars, it’s still a lot of fun to play. Stepping back into the Spidey suit is exhilarating, and this chapter offers up some of the toughest challenges yet. Turf Wars is more Spider-Man, and while it’s a lot of fun, it mostly retreads on things that we’ve seen or done in the main campaign without meaningful advancement.
GrayshadowNov 21, 2018
Marvel's Spider-Man's first DLC as part of The City that Never Sleeps campaign was an outstanding opening that has players teaming up with the lovely and deceptive Black Cat and ending with a bang. Now the adventure continues in Turf Wars where Hammerhead attempts to secure control over New York using whatever means possible. Turf Wars doesn't carry the same charm as The Heist but still delivers a sold penultimate finale with a shocking cliffhanger.
Dan HodgesNov 27, 2018
Ultimately, Spider-Man’s second DLC feels like filler and a whole lot of missed opportunity. It makes the choice to split the City That Never Sleeps expansion into three parts seem like a questionable one. One sizable expansion of Marvel’s Spider-Man encompassing everything from CTNS would likely make for a much more engaging and consistent experience. So far, it’s been an uneven ride leaving a lot to be desired. The third part of the trilogy has a lot of expectation riding on it.
Haley PerryNov 28, 2018
Overall, Turf Wars felt much more exciting than The Heist in terms of action and combat. The three new suits are way more badass, with the first two being heavy-duty, Iron Man-style get-ups and the third being an insanely satisfying, animated surprise that you’ll have to unlock yourself to admire. The enemies feel more dynamic, and while the content is limited, the story is short, and the plot is easy to feel indifferent towards, Turf Wars is fun and leaves us wanting more in the way of Yuri’s ominous storyline.
Chris CarterNov 20, 2018
Black Cat was a more formidable foil but Turf Wars continues to play to Spider-Man's strengths. Despite the one-note villain atmosphere the team at Insomniac managed to craft a compelling world around the conceit. With two thirds of the season pass in the bag I can honestly say that I'm invested.
Stephen TailbyNov 25, 2018
It's not the longest or most original DLC out there, but those looking for an excuse to keep playing will definitely be satisfied.
Chris WhiteNov 20, 2018
Turf Wars isn’t bad; it is Spider-Man after all. However, too much of a good thing begins to grate on your enjoyment, and you’ll find seldom new content outside the actual story. It wouldn’t be the worst idea to wait for all three pieces of DLC and play them together, that way it’ll feel more satisfying playing it through in one sitting.
John-Paul JonesNov 21, 2018
Though the thrill of being Spider-Man has barely dulled, Turf Wars simply doesn't offer enough content, new or otherwise, to keep you engaged for any decent period of time.
ClaudioNov 21, 2018
Turf Wars se siente como un contenido ligeramente más completo y dedicado que The Heist. Pero la realidad es que no cambia ni deja la sensación de ser algo realmente grandioso, en especial si estás pensando en comprar por separado cada DLC con un valor de casi diez dólares. Es un buen pretexto para regresar al juego sí, pero creo hasta el momento los dos contenidos no le están haciendo justicia al fantástico videojuego que es Marvel’s Spiderman y sus grandiosos villanos conocidos como los sinister six que vimos. Espero que el tercer y último DLC con Silver Lining termine por cumplir las altas expectativas de todos los aficionados.
Juan GarciaNov 21, 2018
Este Guerras de Territorio es un contenido descargable que acaba resultando demasiado 'cotidiano' y conformista, sin demasiadas novedades que llevarnos a la boca y una narrativa que no acaba de ser demasiado inspirada. Para más inri tampoco nos ha resaltado demasiado largo ni rejugable, con lo que este DLC no ha acabado de consquistarnos.
Álvaro AlonsoNov 20, 2018
Guerras de territorio supone un paso atrás respecto a El Atraco; la selección de tajes ha mejorado (el Iron Spider original es increíble), pero la escasa duración juega en su contra. Cruzamos los dedos para que esto sólo signifique que el tercer y último episodio cerrará por todo lo alto.
KaarajNov 23, 2018
Reste quelques bons moments portés par une mise en scène travaillée et un doublage toujours dans le ton, riche en références, qui nous donne tout de même envie de rempiler pour un dernier tour. Espérons que celui-ci saura offrir un final convaincant à cette trilogie de DLC pour l’instant correcte, mais qui peine encore à atteindre le niveau d’excellence du titre qu’elle entend prolonger.
ValthielNov 20, 2018
Territori Contesi è il tipico contenuto che funge da intermezzo tra l’inizio e la parte conclusiva, rivelandosi tra l’altro meno incisivo e interessante della mini storia dedicata a Black Cat. Anche la qualità dei contenuti non ci ha entusiasmato, poiché si nota un accento sin troppo marcato sui combattimenti e viene lasciato un po’ da parte tutto il resto, compresa una storia poco convincente e scritta con poco impegno.
Luuc ten VeldeDec 31, 2018
De Screwbal-missies zijn tekenend voor de gehele Turf Wars DLC; je zal het allemaal snel vergeten. Er is geen moment in Turf Wars dat je omver zal blazen door een verhaal dat niet speciaal of bijzonder aanvoelt, wat jammer is aangezien de lat door de makers zelf zo hoog werd gelegd. Dit tussengerecht speel je dan ook meer vanwege de gameplay die nog net zo geweldig is als altijd waardoor je al met al een uurtje of drie zoet zal zijn door de extra missies naast het verhaal.