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Chandler WoodOct 23, 2018
Embracing Peter’s human side as he swings through the city was always a strong point of Marvel’s Spider-Man, but I had hoped the DLC episodes would begin to improve on some of the weaknesses in the main game. Instead, The Heist makes them more apparent than ever. Perhaps the complete The City That Never Sleeps arc should have been released as single robust expansion, rather than three piecemeal episodes that are just giving us more Spidey at a trickle.
Glen FoxOct 25, 2018
Marvel's Spider-Man: The Heist DLC is more of the same. All of the content feels recycled from a main game you're probably already burnt out on anyway. It doesn't help that the few new bits – suits and an enemy type – feel lazy and uninspired. The only reason to grab this DLC is for more of the story, which is as well done as ever, if a bit short – clocking in at around three hours max. If you're patient, grab it in a future sale just so you can see what happens next.
Dan HodgesNov 07, 2018
Ultimately, The Heist provides Black Cat with a memorable introduction, doing her character justice. Some exciting potential is set up for the two remaining pieces of DLC, but the surrounding content is thin and largely recycled. The formula at the core of Spider-Man is a quality one, but Insomniac need to try some new stuff if they want the appeal to last. Another DLC comprised of the same gameplay doesn’t sound very interesting.
Joseph OcasioOct 31, 2018
Overall, Spider-Man: The Heist adds enough new content to justify its price. The story is short but sweet and, once you wrap up the main quest, you can unlock 3 new costumes that you can use in New Game+.
Jonathon DornbushOct 24, 2018
Should the upcoming Turf Wars and Silver Lining DLCs live up to what’s established in The Heist, some of its weaker elements will be easier to overlook — new gameplay ideas are intriguing, others frustrating, but none are put into practice long enough to make much of an impression. But it’s still more of what I loved about Spider-Man, making the quick return to his world a joyful one.
Chris CarterOct 22, 2018
Black Cat's DNA was already spliced into side activities in Spider-Man so her appearance makes sense, even if the "to be continued" ending is a bummer (I guess that re-confirms that the DLCs won't be standalone). It's not the most explosive beginning, but it does feel like more of a natural extension rather than a tacked-on thing. As does the possible baby mamma drama.
Michael LeriOct 24, 2018
The Heist channels those positive traits wholesale, resulting in a familiar experience but one that excels because of its new character progression and well-written dialogue. The cast evolves in a way the gameplay doesn’t, which is acceptable but not entirely exciting. But even despite those relatively minor shortcomings The Heist, through successfully adding to and expanding upon the root game’s narrative, steals the show.
Léon Othenin-GirardNov 08, 2018
Don’t expect a massive adventure with the Heist DLC as it’s fairly short, even despite adding a new series of side-missions. The main story comes with one fairly large-scale beginning mission and a few smaller missions as it goes on, some of which even mainly serve to introduce the side-missions. It still has the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man feeling you know and love, but at the same time, it doesn’t really feel like it does enough to live up to the main game.
Haley PerryNov 01, 2018
I loved the idea of pursuing Black Cat’s storyline, and while I don’t need much excuse to play more Spider-Man, I didn’t feel like this DLC offered much in the way of excitement or variety. I felt this chapter was unimaginative in its features, and for $10 a pop, I didn’t feel compelled enough to want more. If you’ve platinumed the game and crave a few more hours of gameplay, The Heist does the job just fine.
Kevin LukacsOct 24, 2018
Overall, The Heist is a solid DLC, and a promising start to The City That Never Sleeps DLC suite. The bar for post-launch content had been set pretty high over the years, but for the price-point, Insomniac Games has delivered something well worth your time and money. Plus, the short, but satisfying nature of the content ensures that players can crank this out quickly, and be ready for what ever fall game is up next on the roster. Handsome Phantom recommends.
Ricardo C. EstevesOct 23, 2018
The fact that it ended so abruptly was a disappointment, but if the other expansions maintain the same quality, or even raise it, it seems to us that the price is justified. The second expansion, Turf Wars, arrives in November, while the latter, Silver Lining, will be released in December. We'll circle back once the story concludes and let you know what we think of the whole thing. Until then...
John-Paul JonesOct 23, 2018
That said, the real bounty that this expansion offers is one that is most richly enshrined in its writing and character development, as The Heist fleshes out Peter Parker and the characters around him to such an extent that comic book and video game fans alike will find themselves very well served by this essential continuation to one of the best games of the year.
A.J. MaciejewskiOct 25, 2018
Finally, I want to mention one annoying segment of The Heist that drove me nuts. At one point, you have to control a Spider-Bot to defuse bombs within a small area. In order to do so, you have to listen to quiet beeps and basically locate the bombs with your ears. I turned the volume way up and still had difficulty finding them all. Thankfully, you can memorize where they are so you can defuse the known ones immediately to get them out of the way but after that, it can turn into a wild goose chase.
Dan GraysonNov 08, 2018
Black Cat and Spider-Man interactions are a fun new twist. Gameplay still feels perfect. More of the same Spider-Man. Spider-Man: The Heist feels like a condensed version of the main game. The new story is immediately intriguing and Black Cat makes for a wonderful addition to the cast. If you enjoyed Spider-Man at launch, you need to check out 'The Heist'.
ClaudioOct 26, 2018
Si buscas más acción en Marvel’s Spiderman, The Heist es un buen pretexto para regresar que te costará algo caro. Estar detrás de Black Cat constantemente resulta ser interesante y algo genial hubiera sido tener la oportunidad de jugar con ella al control pero no es así. Obviamente te recomiendo que primero termines Marvels Spiderman antes de jugar The Heist.
Juan GarciaOct 24, 2018
El Atraco es una nueva historia para el universo de Spider-Man creado por Insomniac, que amplia la mitología del personaje, pero no aporta demasiado en lo jugable, y tampoco ofrece una gran cantidad de contenido. Sin embargo, sigue siendo tan divertido como el título principal, y poder volver a esta Nueva York siempre es una buena noticia, sobre todo cuando se mantiene el mismo grado de atención al detalle y buen gusto.
KaarajOct 24, 2018
Malgré quelques nouveautés corsant la difficulté ou augmentant la variété des défis proposés, “Le casse” nous laisse légèrement sur notre faim, que ce soit en terme de contenu annexe ou principal. Son histoire bénéficie toujours des qualités de mise en scène de l’opus original, introduisant une nouvelle intrigue autour de Black Cat plaisante, mais s’avère malheureusement très prévisible et se conclut sur une fin abrupt teasant clairement une suite.
ValthielOct 24, 2018
Considerando la durata e il prezzo a cui viene venduto l’intero pacchetto, comprensivo di Territori Contesi e Silver Lining, l’impressione è che Sony e Insomniac avrebbero potuto tranquillamente farlo debuttare nel mercato in un’unica soluzione, senza dover sottostare a una natura episodica che rischia di indebolire la forza con cui arriva al pubblico.
Дмитрий ПетренкоOct 26, 2018
The Heist — хорошее дополнение к отличной игре, которое, может и не предлагает ничего нового, зато выглядит как прекрасная затравка к потрясающей истории. Если от сюжетных миссий «Человека-Паука» вы получали искреннее удовольствие, смело покупайте — история Черной Кошки мало чем уступает сюжетным аркам оригинала, а концовка здесь такая, что вам захочется, чтобы декабрь наступил как можно раньше.
Luuc ten VeldeOct 30, 2018
Al met al is de Spider-Man DLC The Heist het meer dan waard, ondanks dat de lengte niet bij iedereen in de smaak zal vallen. Het verhaal is een goed begin waardoor je niet kan wachten op wat er komen gaat, maar wat er ook voor zorgt dat de DLC niet op zichzelf staat. Je wilt weten hoe het verder gaat door de dynamiek tussen Spidey en Black Cat, want het is duidelijk dat er een geschiedenis is tussen de twee.