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Angelo M. D'ArgenioAug 26, 2015
Madden 16 feels like it is geared around simplicity. None of the systems from other Madden games were taken out, but the core of the game has been shifted toward simple mechanics interacting with other simple mechanics. This is a breath of fresh air to me. It makes Madden NFL 16 a fantastic place to start playing Madden, as well as being different enough to warrant a follow up buy after 15.
Mike MitchellAug 24, 2015
Simply put, Madden NFL 16 changes the way you play the game. The risk vs. reward aspect of the new passing and defending mechanics adds a level of realism the franchise has never seen. You can catch and throw the ball pretty much exactly how you want, and it feels great when you can pull a big play because of it. On top of that, Draft Champions might be the new game mode we’ve been waiting for.
Matthew KatoAug 24, 2015
The rest of the modes are largely unchanged. The new Draft Champions mode is cool because it's a relatively quick experience that exposes you to different types of team builds. On the downside, it's hard to become endeared to your team since the players you choose from are random and you might not even understand your team's play style. ...After years of fitful progress, Madden 16 finally puts its gameplay pieces together and delivers a truly dynamic on-the-field experience.
Alex NavarroSep 10, 2015
In Madden NFL 16, EA has built upon last year's far-better-than-average game in meaningful and useful ways. It's an approachable game of football, still complex in myriad ways, but better at communicating those complexities than ever before. ...The new additions all come with their share of issues, but those additions nonetheless feel meaningful to the core game, like ideal fits into what is often feels like a monolithic, largely unchanging franchise. And where Madden has chosen to scale back, it ultimately feels better for it.
Steven HansenAug 24, 2015
There are some neat presentation additions and the menus are well laid out, though they are also pretty slow. Load times, too, are still a bit of a problem. The insistence towards microtransaction-laden Ultimate Team and the new fantasy football-cribbed Draft Champions modes is useless. Throwing, catching, and defending throws have seen some welcomed, long-ignored additions that get a couple yards closer to faithful simulation. You can decide if that's enough.
Steve HannleyAug 25, 2015
Draft Champions is an expertly designed addition that proves to be refreshing in an era of sports game complexity. Taking the elements that make fantasy football so addictive and applying them to Madden whilst making the whole mode great for casual players and hardcore alike, it will likely see the bulk of most player’s game time this year. Add that to improvements on the field, impressive tweaks to Madden Ultimate Team and Connected Franchise as well as the triumphant return of a licensed soundtrack and Madden NFL 16 is a clear winner.
Mike SuszekSep 24, 2015
The developer’s decision to gift players more receiving controls was met with issues in how those new mechanics played out, and the benefits of those fresh aspects of the on-field play don’t balance out the woes of Franchise mode’s shortcomings in its progression system. Even enjoyment from the best part of Madden 16 in Draft Champions dries up after a few trips through the mode. Madden NFL 16 is a good transitional entry in the series, introducing promising features that are either incomplete or weighed down by bugs.
Owen S. GoodAug 25, 2015
Of course, it could also be said that Madden NFL 16 is prodding the player to use all the components of the defense, instead of leaning on a crutch. ...But Madden NFL 16 has taken unused and long-forsaken parts of the series' gameplay and given them meaning, delivering a truly consistent, understandable and enjoyable game after a decade in the wilderness. Madden NFL 16 is noticeably more challenging, but successes that feel earned are much more satisfying.
Louis EdwardsAug 25, 2015
This is a gorgeous game with lifelike animations for everything from diving for a touchdown to a spectacular catch. Stadiums are true to life with crowds that look alive and are varied enough that they don’t look like cardboard cut outs filling the stands, with time and weather variations that add to the overall look and feel of the game. Madden NFL 16 truly is more than just a roster update as EA added enough new features to kick the game up a notch to another level.
Chris SannerAug 27, 2015
On the field, Madden plays the most complete and most authentic game of football we’ve ever gotten to play. There are gripes you can still levy on the gameplay, but those gripes have quickly gone from basic elements of the game not being right to very specific and football oriented complaints on the field. Real progress has been made and there are no truly overly weak spots on the field sans special teams.
Kat BaileyAug 25, 2015
Madden NFL 16 takes another clear step forward this year, featuring some fantastic additions to the passing game and an excellent new mode. After being maligned for so many years, Madden now has a clear sense of momentum that should carry it through the rest of the generation. Absent the bugs and balance issues, which should be addressed soon via patch, this is the best Madden I've played in a decade.
Lee AbrahamsAug 30, 2015
A few new gameplay mechanics and the Fantasy Draft mode might not seem like enough to make you part with your cash, but the subtle changes are enough to make every game feel like a new challenge. Every catch can be game changing, every defensive counter move pivotal. It’s great that a simple tweak can shift the dynamic so much, and it’s enough to make Madden NFL 16 a more authentic experience for long time players and newcomers alike.
Rich GrishamAug 25, 2015
With a focus on the fundamentals and an eye for simulation-style football, Madden NFL 16 maintains the franchise’s upward trajectory. Football fans have a solid title in their hands this season.
Miguel ConcepcionAug 25, 2015
There’s a good deal of thoughtfulness in Madden NFL 16. Devoid of any throwaway modes or game types that rely on nostalgia, Madden NFL 16 is both sensible and forward thinking. Its developers could have made a bigger deal about Super Bowl 50 or relied more heavily on the appeal of Hall of Fame players (who are available in Ultimate Team). Instead, EA Tiburon has focused more on fans’ diverse play tastes as well as making this one of the most welcoming Madden games in recent memory.
Michael HuberAug 24, 2015
Madden continues to improve upon its solid foundation with worthwhile additions like Draft Champions. Most importantly the offensive changes bring more strategy and depth to the core gameplay that makes this one of the more engaging Maddens in recent years.
gamesTMOct 21, 2015
Throw in some fun new modes, such as Draft Champions, which has you pick players for a fast three-and-out contest with rewards feeding back into Madden Ultimate Team, and you have an improved package as well as improved play on the field. It’s a nice mix of team building, draft tactics and instant gratification that shows off some of the best side of this area of the game.
Dominic LeightonSep 02, 2015
Online play is relatively solid, though it has stutters at times and there seems to be some input lag when performing field goal attempts or punting the ball. ...Overall there are still improvements to be made, which will hopefully be picked up swiftly, but it remains playable despite these imperfections. ...Madden 16 builds on last year’s fantastic entry in the franchise, and while there’s more refinement here than revolution the improvements are meaningful, with the addition of Draft Champions a huge success.
Mike StubbsySep 11, 2015
There are issues in Madden 16, but ultimately the on-pitch action and the game modes on offer present what is easily the best Madden package of this generation so far. Draft Champions is not only a great mode on its own, but also removes the first irritating hours from MUT, which itself is still going strong. The changes to franchise mode make it easier to play and not the database crawl that it once was, and the new goals system offers more depth. The important thing is that Madden 16 is great fun and not at all frustrating to play.
Sam BrookeSep 08, 2015
Madden NFL 16 is a fine addition to the series that started way back in 1989. Draft Champions adds a lot of replayability to a game already jam-packed with content, the new in-match mechanics give you a greater sense of control than ever before, and Madden Ultimate Team is steadily growing bigger and better. Sure, loading times are long, but the presentation and the way that the crowd reacts to every move is well worth it. All in all, it seems as though Madden as a series won't be deflating any time soon.
Timothy NunesAug 28, 2015
Madden 16 has now begun to reflect on how the NFL has evolved, and despite its growing pains, the positives outweigh the negatives in this strong outing. Madden NFL 16 is a necessity for returning fans.
Toby BergerSep 02, 2015
Madden 16 is the definitive Madden experience, boasting new gameplay mechanics and features that change the game for the better. New and returning players will easily find something to love about this year’s iteration.
Mathias OertelAug 27, 2015
Die Verbesserungen an der Connected Franchise und dem Ultimate-Team-Modus sind ebenso sinnvoll wie die mechanischen Erweiterungen, verblassen aber neben dem ebenso kurzweiligen wie langfristig motivierenden Draft Champions, der in einer ähnlichen Form auch in FIFA 16 auftauchen wird. Verbesserte KI und Physik, die aber trotz Optimierung gelegentlich Aussetzer zeigen, runden ein gelungenes Spielerlebnis ab. Wer bislang mit Madden auf den aktuellen Systemen gezögert hat, hat alles richtig gemacht und bekommt dieses Jahr die bislang ausgereifteste virtuelle Variante des amerikanischen Publikumsmagneten.
Olivier CortinovisSep 08, 2015
Autrement plus fun que ces prédécesseurs, cet opus affiche une vraie volonté de renouveler le gameplay de la franchise en apportant d'autres options tactiques à sa palette de mouvements. Attaquants comme receveurs n'ont pas été lésés par les développeurs mais c'est surtout vous, mordu de foot US, qui avait été gâté puisque cette nouvelle façon de jouer est accompagnée par une immersion graphique plus soignée et un contenu enrichi.
plax_memorycardAug 31, 2015
Avec cet épisode 2016, EA Sports apporte suffisamment de nouveautés à sa simulation de football américain pour justifier l’investissement. S’il est coutume de dire dans ce sport que c’est la défense qui fait gagner les matchs, c’est bien l’attaque qui est mise en avant cette année. Plus beau, plus complet et plus fun que son prédécesseur, Madden 16 est définitivement une valeur sure.
Ramon HagenbeukOct 25, 2015
EA Sports heeft met Madden NFL 16 de fans een hart onder de riem gestoken. Geweldige nieuwe features op het veld zorgen ervoor dat het oude vertrouwde concept van Madden versterkt wordt. Voor nieuwe Madden gamers kan het overkomen als een bom met informatie en knoppen combinaties, maar gelukkig heeft de game genoeg opties om je te helpen.
Jeroen Van TrierumSep 27, 2015
Deze Madden doet alles wat een Football-game moet doen en doet dit op een aantal punten zelfs beter dan zijn voorgangers. Een mooi moment om in te stappen bij deze bijzondere sport. Zet al je vooroordelen aan de kant en beleef de wereld van digitaal American Football. In het begin beslist niet makkelijk, maar als je de basis onder de knie hebt, fantastisch. Daarnaast is dit grafisch in een woord fantastisch!