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The critically-acclaimed puzzle game is back! LUMINES REMASTERED is an HD remake of the original Lumines that debuted in 2004 on the PSP. Earning high praise and awards, it remained the top-rated title on the platform for four years and continued on to establish an action-puzzle series loved by millions of players. LUMINES REMASTERED beautifully marries the elements of sound, light and puzzle-action into one addictive, yet easy-to-play game. You’re at the center of the high-energy, block-dropping action while you groove to awesome house, trance and techno beats!
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Push Square


Lumines Remastered is a loving, wonderfully polished return of one of the best rhythm games of these past years. A couple irritating technical issues and a slightly archaic song unlock system aren’t enough to stand in the way of the wildly entertaining, timeless gameplay.

Graham Banas Jun 27, 2018



Lumines is the kind of game that temporarily rewires your brain, splicing together its ability to recognize visual patterns and audible rhythms simultaneously and forcing you to do the hard but delightful work of putting that ability to use. Having that experience so lovingly presented--and on the Switch, having Lumines handheld again for the first time in six years--is an occasion worth celebrating.

Justin Clark Jun 28, 2018


The fact that there have been so many iterations of Lumines over the years and yet so little in the way of serious advancement only points to the fact that the design was already mastered on the first try. So it’s no wonder that Lumines Remastered still feels as excitingly addictive as it ever did. A light polishing of features and presentation is very welcome, but it’s the original marriage of gameplay and music that shines the brightest.

GameCentral Jun 28, 2018



Having the original Lumines soundtrack on modern consoles is a nostalgia trip for fans of the 14-year-old PSP puzzler, but the core block-dropping gameplay hasn’t aged a day. It’s still just as addictive now as it was back then, but it’s a shame that as a remaster it ignores some of the game modes introduced in later games. As remasters go, Lumines is impeccable, but then it was always going to be.

Stefan L Jun 26, 2018



Nuestras únicas pegas las encontramos en que con un poco más de ambición podría ser más redondo. Recuperar, por ejemplo, las habilidades especiales de los avatares, añadir multijugador online –disponer únicamente de local limitará el uso de este modo para muchos jugadores- o rescatar pieles de más entregas. En definitiva, Remastered lleva el primer Lumines a plataformas actuales, pero carece de sorpresas.

Ramón Varela Jun 26, 2018

3D Juegos


Resonair resucita con Lumines Remastered a uno de los mejores juegos de puzles de los últimos tiempos para alegría de todos los que disfrutamos de la producción original de PSP… y de los títulos de esta misma naturaleza en general. Una obra en la que los puzles y la música fluyen de manera majestuosa al ritmo que Tetsuya Mizuguchi planteó hace una década y media.

Sergio Martín Jun 27, 2018


Doch wie seinerzeit auf PSP erreicht man zu früh den Punkt, an dem man die seichte Mechanik beherrscht und die sehr sanften Steigerungen des Schwierigkeitsgrad bewältigt. Immerhin wird man bei den Puzzle- sowie Missionsmodi mehr gefordert. Und die Versus-Duelle sind heute ebenso ein Quell der Schadenfreude wie damals.

Mathias Oertel Jun 26, 2018


Lumines Remastered est comme son nom l’indique une version actualisée de Lumines, ce jeu de puzzle musical pourtant loin d’être gourmand en termes de ressources nécessaires à son bon fonctionnement. Lifté mais pas coupé, il dispose des modes et des règles qui ont fait son succès. Malgré la rugosité de son système de progression et les nouveautés quasiment absentes, la production de Mizuguchi dépoussiérée par Enhance Games continue de surfer tranquillement sur ses bonnes ondes.

Carnbee Jul 13, 2018