Lost Sphear for PlayStation 4

Lost Sphear

Jan 23, 2018

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Content Rating: Everyone10+


In the remote town of Elgarthe, a young man named Kanata awakens from a devastating dream to find his village is disappearing. Facing an ominous power that threatens the fabric of reality, Kanata and his friends set out on an adventure to use the power of Memory to save the world from being Lost forever!

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Kyle JohnsonFeb 01, 2018
Poor pacing, boring characters, and an unoriginal story sink a great battle system, and I’m not sure where Tokyo RPG Factory goes next. Clearly, heading back to the well isn’t working. Diehard fans of classic RPGs might find something to like here, but for the rest of us, you’re better off playing something else.
Jen GlennonJan 25, 2018
Lost Sphear is a mixed bag that will appeal to some RPG fans more than others. Combat is challenging and fun, but the story feels lacking and derivative for much of the game.
Kevin TuckerJan 31, 2018
Lost Sphear is a game that seems to fall victim to its own ambition. It presents plenty of classic JRPG elements that fans of the genre will enjoy, but its efforts to follow a nostalgic form result in something that ultimately feels insincere. The foundation is solid, particularly with regard to its battle system, skill customization, and overall presentation, but the soul of the experience just isn't there. Lost Sphear is meant to feel like a proper return to a traditional form, but its lackluster dialog and underwhelming plot development instead result in a game that simply can't stand up to the classics it's inspired by.

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