Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time for PS4

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time (PS4)

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time for PS4
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Genre: ActionRPGSingle Player
Content Rating: Mature


The protagonist and her friends have to discover the reason behind a series of strange events in the academy. The gameplay is divided into two parts. In the exploration part, you walk around the 3D world, talk to NPCs, complete quests, and develop relationships with other students. The quests resemble battle games, in which you move to the right side of the screen and fight hordes of enemies in an arcade-like system, using a wide range of attacks and spells.
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Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is a disappointment. You can see the brilliance of its world, characters and heart shining through like a star. You can even see the skeleton of a genuinely deep RPG title. But the game fights your efforts to enjoy yourself at every opportunity, be it via bad design choices, repetitious gameplay or infuriating technical problems. Also, fifty bucks. The brand deserves better, if only we could turn back the clock so easily.

Chris Moyse May 15, 2018

Hardcore Gamer


While not without some criticism, Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is an enjoyable experience. The time spent running to random points of the academy in order to advance the story could have benefited by being more streamlined to feel less monotonous and the map system could use some tweaking, but the game is entertaining past those shortcomings.

Chris Shive May 15, 2018


If you're a Little Witch Academia fan, you may enjoy it even if for the nostalgia. If not, I'm not too sure you'll enjoy it much. I find it pretty hard to think platform fighter fans would jump into this game and find it fun. It's very aimed at the fans of the anime and I can see that the developers hoped that simple fact would draw in the sales numbers.

JATOBI May 31, 2018

Attack of the Fanboy


That said, this is still a game utilizing the “Little Witch Academia” IP, so while fans will be left spellbound, those unreceptive to the format will likely pass this up. To them, all I can say is that this is still a good beat ‘em up. If you’ve been looking forward to a new age beat ‘em up and refuse to pick up Dragon’s Crown Pro, then why not try out this pretty little number? You might just become a fan yourself.

Jelani James May 15, 2018



Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time has its fair share of issues, but overall it's quite an enjoyable adventure. Exploring Luna Nova Academy can sometimes be frustrating until you're able to fast travel throughout it, and trying to complete events can often feel like an uphill struggle against the clock.

Richard Seagrave May 15, 2018

PS Lifestyle


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is probably a safe pick up for diehard fans, a gamble for those with a little bit of familiarity like myself, and a dangerous choice for anyone outside of those two categories. For a title based on a world filled with magic, the game itself has very little of it to be found.

Cody Gravelle May 15, 2018

Push Square


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time manages to capture the essence of the anime brilliantly. There’s plenty of fun to be had exploring Luna Nova as well as all the various dungeons. Some slow story pacing and frame rate drops let things down slightly, but if you’re a fan of the series, you should definitely pick this up.

Jenny Jones May 15, 2018

Game Reactor


So how much fun you have with the game depends on your expectations, then. When it comes to fan service, A+ Games and Studio Trigger have done almost everything right and even someone like who, like us, was previously unfamiliar with the franchise will find a relaxing rhythm develops after a short amount of time. Sure there are some issues, but for the most part Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is lots of fun and a great tie-in to the series.

Anne Zarnecke May 19, 2018



Fans of Little Witch Academia will find something to do here in Chamber of Time. There's an original story from TRIGGER that is genuinely enjoyable and the interactions between the likeable cast are all great. It's just a shame that every element of gameplay is so massively flawed in so many ways. The groundhog day style repeating story was so promising and yet it has been produced in such a terrible fashion.

Drew Hurley Jun 07, 2018

PS Universe


The love for the series is on show in so many small ways, then half-measures are applied everywhere else, creating a disparate blend of sadness and longing for that little bit extra. If the game world had been that bit more interactive instead of a glorified timewaster, then it would be a lot easier to forgive the rather shallow overall package.

Neil Bolt May 15, 2018



Entre las virtudes del juego está todo lo relacionado con el apartado sonoro, desde la música hasta las voces, las originales de la serie, que llenan de calidez un juego que olvida que tener «Little Witch Academia» en su cabecera no es solo un reclamo publicitario, también es una promesa, una responsabilidad.

Marta Trivi May 22, 2018



Hemos visto peores adaptaciones del anime o manga a videojuegos –recientemente el fallido The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia-, y la verdad es que Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time pretende ser un poco más ambicioso que otros lanzamientos, pero al final lo mejor que podemos decir es que únicamente los fans incondicionales de Akko se lo van a pasar bien con la parte aventurera.

Ramón Varela May 15, 2018

3D Juegos


La serie de animación que tiene lugar en Luna Nueva ha sido trasladada a PS4 y PC de manera bastante fiel a la creación original, ofreciendo un sistema de juego en el que se dan la mano ingredientes como la exploración, los diálogos y las batallas. Desafortunadamente ninguno de ellos ha sido bien plasmado, siendo uno de esos títulos que con algo más de tino en su vertiente jugable hubiera ganado bastantes enteros, dado que buenas intenciones sí que posee.

Sergio Martín May 17, 2018



Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time es un juego únicamente destinado a los amantes más fervientes de su anime y a aquellos capaces de aceptar y justificar muchos problemas con tal de recibir una nueva y pequeña porción del anime.

Carlos G. Gurpegui May 21, 2018



"Little Witch Academia" es un título que aportará más interés a los fans de la serie de anime puesto que es un juego que se presta, aunque no es obligatorio, a que se haya visto la misma para entender los pequeños detalles a los que se hace referencia a aquella. Su gameplay en cuanto a combates es interesante ante el uso de diferentes combinaciones de personajes con estilos y ataques especiales diversificados.

Aaron Rodriguez May 31, 2018

Game Kult


Little Witch Academia : Chamber of Time aurait pu éviter le redoublement avec un meilleur équilibre entre partie jeu et partie aventure. Malheureusement, entre son concept d'agenda étiré sur des dizaines de quêtes annexes sans véritable intérêt et ses phases de beat-them-up beaucoup trop compartimentées et pour tout dire assez ratées, cette adaptation de la série tourne trop souvent à vide pour obtenir les encouragements.

Puyo May 16, 2018


Little Witch Academia essaie de s'attaquer à deux genres différents sans jamais exceller dans aucun d'entre eux. La partie side-scrolling manque de challenge et se voit sclérosée par des problèmes d'I.A. tandis que la partie d'exploration sent bon le conformisme.

Rudy Jean-François May 16, 2018


Ce Little Witch Academia : Chamber of Time nous laisse un arrière goût de déception. Pourtant très fidèle à la série lorsqu'il s'agit de dépeindre son casting haut en couleur de sorcières et de péripéties magiques, le titre peine en revanche à convaincre sur ses aspects purement ludiques.

Mrderiv May 23, 2018


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time è pensato naturalmente per i fan della serie, ma si mostra adatto anche per tutti i nuovi arrivati. Le sue meccaniche si incontrano tra il JRPG e il picchiaduro a scorrimento, in un mix semplificato e raramente in grado di proporre sfide interessanti, ma comunque fresco, immediato e divertente.

Simone Pettine May 15, 2018

Spazio Games


Abbiamo trovato Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time un titolo davvero complesso da valutare: se da un lato non possiamo non apprezzare la cura riposta da Studio Trigger nel raccontare la storia e per l'utilizzo di cutscene animate soprattutto per chi è appassionato della serie, dall’altro non ci è possibile però ignorare il gameplay davvero rozzo del titolo ed i suoi evidenti limiti, che avrebbero meritato sicuramente una maggiore attenzione da parte degli sviluppatori.

Francesco Corica May 15, 2018