Ling: A Road Alone. for PlayStation 4

Ling: A Road Alone.

Oct 2, 2019
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Developer: Winking Entertainment
Content Rating: Teen


Ling: A Road Alone. is a top-down hack and slash game, the role of player will start a journey of finding his true self from snow mountain to sand dune. Following the call of inner heart, the young man starts another journey of adventure. Faced with tough enemies and fierce fights, it is not certain whether the young man can reach the “final”. The only choice is moving forward with determination and clenched fists swinging great sword. “LING” is the pronunciation of the Chinese character “泠”. The world of “LING” tries to create an environment with coldness, wither, and cool, which are also the meanings of the character “泠” under different situations.

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Mark SteighnerOct 16, 2019
Not all games that focus on a few, selected mechanics are bad, of course, but any game that narrows its focus to such a small set of moves had better make sure those are brilliant or that there are other, supporting pleasures, like an interesting narrative to fill out the experience. The developers seem to think that minimalist presentation, limited mechanics and high, often unfair difficulty and repetitive combat are enough to distinguish Ling: A Road Alone from other hack-and-slash games. Come to think of it, they’re right.
Thom ComptonDec 23, 2019
There is clearly an audience for Ling: A Road Alone. It's the kind of gamer who does Final Fantasy runs with level one characters, or who plays Dark Souls with a Dance Dance Revolution gamepad. That is to say, Ling: A Road Alone is absurdly difficult for the sake of being absurdly difficult. If that's your kind of thing, the kind that is often unfair or sadistic in its difficulty, then Ling: A Road Alone is a must play. Otherwise, there's not much here that can be recommended.

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