Life is Strange: Episode 5 - Polarized

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Adnan RiazOct 26, 2015
Life Is Strange deserves every ounce of recognition it receives; it offers a compelling story that’s heartwarming, poignant and powerful, but some people may also look back on it and remember it as the sleeper hit of 2015. Memorable characters, fantastic acting, unique visuals and a well-executed story are among the few things that have solidified Life Is Strange as not only one of the best titles of 2015, but also one of the video games that everyone must experience for themselves.
Evan KillhamOct 27, 2015
Life Is Strange’s conclusion is as effective and powerful an ending as we could hope for. It’s been an emotional, haunting, and often ridiculous time following Max and her friends on their timey-wimey quest, and I’m going to miss them.
Ozzie MejiaOct 25, 2015
I'm fine with the endings for Max, Chloe, and everyone else. It disappoints because of the path the game took in getting there. The ultimate result is a letdown and it leaves a sense that Life is Strange could have been such a more memorable experience than it was.
Judi AzmandOct 30, 2015
Life is Strange has closed its curtains after giving us a marvellous show. While the ending is satisfying, Life is Strange Episode 5 “Polarized” isn’t the strongest episode of the entire series. It does; however, offer a nice close to a worthy adventure. Life is Strange is, without a doubt, one of the most unique episodic choice-based games to date. Anyone who enjoys the genre should give a try. On the other hand, if you simply just want to rewind time and see where that brings you, Life is Strange is your chance to do so.
Dean JamesOct 23, 2015
Life is Strange may have released with little fanfare earlier this year, but there is no doubt it has left its mark from beginning to end. The final episode concludes the story of Max Caulfield in a somewhat predictable, though still beautifully written way. Time rewinding may not be as important, but time travel adds new layers to the character interactions throughout that conclude with a final choice for the ages. Episode 5 is truly a culmination of the Life is Strange journey that provides a very satisfying ending to this really special game that must not be overlooked.
Mike WilliamsOct 23, 2015
Life is Strange comes to its ultimate conclusion by asking players what's more important: one person or an entire town? This is an emotionally strong episode that's unfortunately padded out by sequences that justify its overall running time and reinforce that you're playing a game. Life is Strange was great as a whole, but there are missteps in this episode.
Kimberley WallaceOct 21, 2015
Despite all its supernatural elements, Life is Strange is relatable, and that's what gives its ending the biggest punch. It makes you reexamine everything you've done up until that point. Sure, the project has had its share of missteps, but it's also been full of powerful moments that surpass your average experience with a video game.
Mark LabbeOct 22, 2015
It’s a great ending to a great game, and might possibly be called the best episode of the bunch. Episode 5 is the reason why you should buy Life is Strange if you haven’t already, and it’s the reason why you should hurry up and finish it if you already own it.
David LovatoOct 22, 2015
Gameplay is simple, but used in a variety of ways that keep each episode fresh and exciting. This is an example of what video games can do that no other medium can; it wouldn't work to see these things happen on a screen or read them on a page—Life is Strange draws its power from putting choices in players' hands, and while it may not amount to a perfect experience, it is one that they are never going to forget.
Graham BanasOct 22, 2015
Dating back to January of this year, Max's adventure has been quite a ride. After a couple of episodes that were pretty shaky, the French developer righted itself and delivered three consecutive home runs that absolutely blew us away, and this has culminated in a finale that delivers on everything that we could have possibly dreamed of.
gamesTMDec 14, 2015
You play it to see how you’ve changed everyone’s lives as Max, this meandering chaotic element, this self-obsessed teenager. But you don’t hold it against her, because it’s her journey, it’s her right to be self-obsessed as the game studies what it is to be a victim of circumstance. This episode might not be the strongest ending we could have asked for, but overall this series is essential.
Nick Gillham Oct 20, 2015
This is it, then. It’s over. A masterpiece delivered over the course of the last nine months. It came out of the blue, but DONTNOD have given me what is without a doubt my favourite game of 2015. In a way, I am sad that it’s over, but I am very happy I’ve been allowed to experience it and to be part of the story of Chloe and Max.
Stefan LOct 21, 2015
The fifth and final episode of Life Is Strange is a satisfying ending to what has been one of the best examples of modern storytelling within games. The elements of time travel have ben a fascinating and interesting hook that has allowed Dontnod to explore several characters and relationships, to the backdrop of a college campus that’s steeped in mystery. It has its weaknesses and flaws as a game, but this is a deeply impactful game that shouldn’t be missed.
Reid McCarterOct 26, 2015
As this aspect of Life Is Strange wraps up, it becomes clear that it’s the lone element of the game that wasn’t fully considered.
Michael HarradenceOct 25, 2015
Despite some minor setbacks, Polarized is a fantastic conclusion to Life is Strange and cements Dontnod's teen drama as a serious contender for Game of the Year.
Cesar OteroOct 23, 2015
Uno empieza Polarized con ganas de saber al fin cómo terminará, pero como todo final de temporada, con miedo y ganas de que al mismo tiempo no llegue el final, porque una vez se termina todo se acabó. Es el episodio más intenso, en el que más nos movemos, y en el que llega un climax que no nos suelta una bomba y listo, sino que nos sueltan la bomba y nos dicen “venga, ahora a elegir”.
JuanemOct 29, 2015
Sin temor a equivocarme puedo comentar que Life Is Strange es la mejor experiencia del género este año por lo que logra, después de episodios donde decisiones realmente cambiaron el curso de los eventos y un final sumamente emotivo nos conmovió, debemos aplaudir lo logrado por el estudio francés Dontnod Entertainment que que se coloca al lado o incluso supera los trabajos de otros estudios que crean experiencias similares.
Jorge CanoOct 21, 2015
Si habéis llegado hasta aquí, no os podéis perder Life is Strange - Episode 5: Polarized. Si estabais esperando que el juego llegara hasta aquí, creemos que Life is Strange se merece una oportunidad. Es una fórmula conocida y nueva a la vez, y si bien no se trata de una historia que vayamos a recordar de por vida, nos ha encantado vivirla. De hecho, estamos deseando saber si Max manipulará el tiempo para volver a nuestras consolas.
Benjamin SchmädigOct 22, 2015
Bevor Max endlich am Leuchtturm ihrer Vorhersehung ankommt, jagt Life is Strange seine Protagonistin schließlich durch ein faszinierendes Labyrinth zwischen dem wirklich Erlebten und den Irrungen eines Zeitwanderers, gefühlvolle Pausen und viele bodenständige Erlebnisse erden den Mystery-Krimi als glaubhaftes, sehr persönliches Drama. Das ganz große Abenteuer mag Dontnod nicht gelungen sein. Dennoch erzählt Life is Strange eine bemerkenswerte Geschichte mit einer starken, ganz alltäglichen Heldin.
Lorenzo MosnaNov 23, 2015
Siamo dunque contenti che Square Enix abbia deciso di ripubblicare il gioco in un’edizione integrale, da collezione e (soprattutto) con la traduzione in italiano. Ci vorrà ancora qualche mese, ma quando il gioco arriverà in questa versione nei negozi, nessuno avrà più una scusa per non provare Life is Strange. Questo gioco è capace di prendere a cazzotti il vostro cuore e di lasciarvi con qualche cicatrice, ma sa anche restarvi dentro per sempre.
Mohammad FahmiOct 25, 2015
Life is Strange adalah sebuah game kaku yang penuh dengan kekurangan dari segi teknis dan juga masalah minor di bagian penulisan dialog. Meskipun begitu, game ini berhasil menyampaikan cerita yang begitu spesial dan dapat membangkitkan empati pemainnya melalui hal-hal yang sering tidak kita anggap seperti kamera dan pemilihan musik.
Rox van der HelmOct 22, 2015
Een goed teken, want je leeft niet alleen met Max mee, maar ook met Chloe. Life is Strange Episode 5 is een prachtig slotstuk die je meevoert naar bekende locaties en daarnaast veel surrealistische momenten met puzzels bevat. Daarmee is het beste deel voor het laatst bewaard gebleven, hoera!