Life is Strange: Episode 2 - Out of Time

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Angelo M. D'ArgenioMar 25, 2015
Episode Two of Life is Strange really hooked me. I still want to know more about this world. I want to know why Max has her powers. I want to know why teenage girls are mysteriously disappearing. I want to know how the rich kids' families destroyed the town. I want to know how Max could possibly save the town from the impending tornado she keeps having visions of. I want to know more, because the game tugged at my heart strings, even though it simultaneously pressed my anger buttons. I supposed I could deal with a couple more hours of Bottle Finder 3000 if it means I get to see what happens next.
Dean JamesMar 30, 2015
Life is Strange: Episode 2 – Out of Time manages to reel back and provide another rather restrained outing after the gripping cliffhanger to the first episode, which works to serve up another beautifully crafted episode. ...Still seemingly setting the table for future events, Life is Strange: Episode 2 – Out of Time is another quality outing from Dontnod that is full of decisions that range from simplistic to downright heartbreaking in outcome, making the wait for the next episode all the more difficult.
Mark LabbeMar 26, 2015
Despite some completely out of place and unrealistic reactions to things, many of the characters still had that indie movie charm and relatability about them. The core gameplay, filled with tough choices, Max’s snarky comments, and artsy music and visuals stays the same, which sits just perfectly with me. While Episode 2 doesn’t feature that same magical feeling that the first episode exuded, it’s still a must-buy.
Geoff ThewMar 27, 2015
People are going to talk a lot about the big plot points in Life is Strange, and the second episode will give them plenty to dig into. While these big events are well-designed and impactful, however, the game’s heart lies in the small, quiet scenes between them. Through peerless cinematography and sound design, Dontnod imbues everyday moments like waking up or riding the bus with profundity.
KimMar 31, 2015
Life is Strange episode 2 is a great follow up to the first episode. We’re getting more into the meat of the story now, and episode two has begun to set the scene for many exciting things to come in future episodes. Story wise, it is just as strong as episode 1 – if not more so. But after spending more time in the game – and perhaps more under a microscope than with episode 1, minor flaws have come to the surface.
Luke BrownApr 01, 2015
Even though Life is Strange's second episode didn't further very many existing storylines (that we could tell), it expanded on character and motivations for many of the role players we've been spending time with, and will likely see more of again in the future.
Ryan MeitzlerApr 07, 2015
Though “Out of Time” still has plenty of its awkward moments and growing pains, it continues to show the promise of its compelling original story and how the episodic format is lending itself beautifully to its tender, heartbreaking story. Complimented by an incredibly powerful ending that could have worked on its own as the season finale, even in only its second episode the tides are turning. Dark forces are on the horizon and new threats are appearing, yet Life is Strange is only growing brighter.
Alexa Ray CorrieaMar 26, 2015
Life is Strange still has problems with its dialogue and pacing, but Episode Two reaches emotional heights that are worth the journey. Your choices as Max are finally beginning to take on meaning, and the trajectory of her role in this messy story is more unclear than ever. But that's a good thing; stories about people with infallible power are boring.
Kimberley WallaceMar 23, 2015
Life is Strange has plenty of potential left, and Dontnod is making choices matter. However, characters and circumstances need be more natural and plausible for me to buy into this world. So much is too overblown. Life is Strange is at its best when it dials it down and just focuses on the simple things, like coping through the hard times or repairing a broken friendship. These are the moments that keep me invested.
Mike WilliamsMar 27, 2015
Life is Strange slows down in Episode 2 as is attempts to flesh out the relationships of our heroine and those around her. The pacing is off, featuring some scenes with high emotional tension and others with boring meandering. It feels stronger than Episode 1 because you're beginning to care about the cast, but Dontnod needs to work on not killing the story's momentum.
Stefan LMar 24, 2015
Life Is Strange promised to explore mature and realistic themes from the start, and this second episode continues to do so even amidst the sci-fi trappings of time manipulation. Aside from a few miscued points here and there with pacing or the game’s general presentation, this builds upon the first episode and draws you further into its tangled web of mystery.
Graham BanasMar 27, 2015
Life Is Strange: Episode 2 – Out of Time has an excellent ending, but it's letdown by pacing issues that make the events leading up to that point feel inconsequential. There are a lot of interesting and engaging elements working in this release's favour, but it's yet to really pull them all together in a fulfilling manner. In some ways, this is an improvement – the dialogue's better for a start – but it really needs to step up soon. To use a tired baseball analogy, it's had two strikes now – one more and it's out.
Mike StubbsyMar 24, 2015
Out of Time is a triumph. For the most part, things are well paced and never really become boring or feel like you are waiting for something to happen. The interactions feel as natural and real as they did in the opening episode and, again, the conversations between Max and Chloe are a real highlight. The odd issue here and there can easily be overlooked due to how great the last few sections are, and just how much of an impact they had. There was even one shot in the reflective montage at the end of the episode that almost brought a tear to my eye.
Reid McCarterMar 30, 2015
Life Is Strange’s second episode, Out of Time, is able to devote itself more fully to progressing its plot and thematic goals.
Michael HarradenceMar 28, 2015
While the action sags a bit in the middle due to some tiresome puzzle sequences, the plot, character development, and sumptuous art direction make this an enjoyable second romp in Arcadia Bay, with an emotional climax that is not to be missed.
Baz MacdonaldMar 26, 2015
It's an improvement on episode one, but there's too much inane padding in Out of Time for it to warrant a hearty recommendation. Filler both banal and malignant is holding the series back.
Cesar OteroMar 24, 2015
El segundo episodio de Life is Strange nos demuestra que las decisiones que ya hemos tomado, que tomamos y que tomaremos sí que tienen peso, que no es cuestión de escoger una u otra cosa y ya está. ...Life is Strange no va tanto de desafíos jugables como de hacernos sentir cosas. Y ahí sí que estamos ante un juego que merece una oportunidad si estamos saturados de tanta acción, tiros, set-pieces imposibles y escenas de climax constante desde el prólogo.
Jose AltozanoMar 25, 2015
Out of Time es una señal de mejora. La historia está mejor alineada, sus personajes provistos de una mayor profundidad, el drama se intensifica y las decisiones empiezan a demostrar su importancia, pero al mismo tiempo es un ascenso desde una base que necesitaba muchas correcciones. Está de camino y aún hay mucho por hacer, pero nos subimos a bordo en este coche. Queremos ver dónde nos llevará la historia de Maxine Caulfield.
Álvaro AlonsoMar 24, 2015
Pero en definitiva, Out of Time nos ha convencido incluso más de lo que ya lo hizo Chrysalis. Si os gustan las buenas historias, las mecánicas temporales y las aventuras que entran por los ojos no por gráficos, sino por gozar de un estilo artístico único, entonces dadle una oportunidad. ...'Out of Time' es ligeramente superior a 'Chrysalis', lo que significa que es una gran experiencia que no deberías perderte si te gustó el primer capítulo.
Juan RubioMar 24, 2015
Además, dándonos la opción de poder rebobinar en el tiempo para cambiar la mayoría de nuestras acciones si así lo deseamos, por lo que deja claro que, incluso aunque sepamos lo que va a pasar a corto plazo, no todo es tan sencillo, y mucho menos, a largo plazo. Con o sin superpoderes, Life is Strange nos deja claro que la vida es algo extraño.
Robert HähnelMar 25, 2015
Life is Strange ist nach zwei Episoden ein schwieriges Spiel. Es hat viele Schwächen, ganz besonders, wenn es um Dialoge und Charaktere geht, die es doch eigentlich tragen sollten. Life is Strange schafft es aber immer wieder auch in kleinen Momenten und Details zu glänzen. Leider wollten sich diese beiden Enden des Spektrums in Out of Time nicht so recht die Waage halten, aber mit dem großartigen Finale hat es Life is Strange immerhin geschafft, dass ich auf die nächste Folge gespannt bin.
Gianni MolinaroMar 24, 2015
Dontnod continue sur la bonne lancée du premier chapitre et parvient à rendre l'aventure de Maxine toujours plus envoûtante. Et impossible à lâcher. En deux heures environ, on passe un moment plus qu'agréable durant lequel on ne pense finalement que très peu aux problèmes de synchro labiale pour se concentrer sur une chouette galerie de personnages et des mécaniques de jeu qui parviennent à nous surprendre autant qu'un scénario dont on attend les prochains soubresauts avec impatience.
Furkan SakoğluApr 08, 2015
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