Life is Strange: Episode 1 - Chrysalis

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Jim SterlingJan 29, 2015
Life Is Strange is, itself, quite a strange little item. Its dialog makes me wince, but I will confess to being more amused by the awfulness than upset by it, at least half the time. It’s embarrassing and hella lame for totes, but there’s something almost charming about it.
Dean JamesFeb 01, 2015
While obviously taking some cues from the existing games in the graphic adventure genre, Life is Strange kicks things off in a mostly reticent fashion that manages to provide the players with a proper introduction to this odd world. There are many compelling characters introduced with the psyche of a few even being delved into throughout this relatively short episode, allowing players to get emotionally invested in the story that is merely beginning.
Mike WilliamsFeb 02, 2015
Episode 1 is all intro, giving you a look at Max's powers and her supporting cast, but not much else. There's hints of bigger things on the horizon, but neither issue is immediate within Episode 1. I'm intrigued, but Episode 2 needs to give me a stronger reason to finish all five episodes.
KimFeb 02, 2015
If you’re looking for a high-intensity action packed game, you won’t find it here, but what you will find is impeccable graphics, excellent voice acting and a very engaging story. The closest thing we have to compare this to is of course, the episodic games by Telltale. And sorry Telltale fans, Dontnod’s first effort at anything like this completely blows anything else out of the water.
Graham BanasFeb 01, 2012
There's enough ground work laid here to pave the way for future instalments, but a lot of the good is undone by lip sync issues and some of the most mind-bogglingly bad dialogue that we've heard in recent memory. While some of this is inadvertently hilarious, it does end up hurting the product at points. There's definitely still hope for this season, but the jury's out right now.
Megan FarokhmaneshJan 29, 2015
Despite its shortcomings, there's a powerful kind of nostalgia I draw from its characters and world. The time travel aspect is cool, no doubt, but I'm down with the little things. I've enjoyed spending time in the complicated life of a teenage girl, because it reminds me of what it was like to be one. It's the first game I've ever played where I felt that my life was represented on screen - even at its weakest points. Life is Strange uses the ordinary in a way that is extraordinary.
Judi AzmandFeb 06, 2015
Life is Strange holds something unique – a sort of nostalgia and reflection of reality. While at times the stereotypical teen life is overplayed in the dialogue, the characters and Max’s world grew on me. Even in a short span of an episode, I felt the pains, struggles, and happiness of the characters and inevitably wanted to learn more about them.
Nick TanJan 29, 2015
Life Is Strange offers a fresh take on video game storytelling, presenting the typically loaded concept of time travel in a more naturalistic light and exploring the labyrinthine choices of an unlikely everyday hero.
Geoff ThewJan 29, 2015
It’s very tempting to dismiss Life is Strange out of hand as the same pretentious pabulum that it emulates, but the affectations of hipster cinema prove essential to its narrative goals. DONTNOD’s sophomore effort aims to capture the voice of today’s youth, and outside of a few heavy-handed moments it succeeds. Anyone who went through high school in the last decade is likely to find themselves overcome with nostalgia as they play.
Evan KillhamJan 29, 2015
Chapter 1 of this five-part series is off to a promising, if timid, start. It presents a lot of ideas and mechanics just to show you what you’ll be doing later, but it’s pretty clear that the really interesting bits are yet to come. Still, this is a game worth checking out if you can handle the unavoidable alerts and iffy art choices.
Luke BrownJan 29, 2015
Life is Strange appears to have a lot to offer, but just one episode in we barely get a taste. The episode serves as a nice introduction to Max’s world and powers, but it also feels very introductory. Few narrative risks were taken to entice players into wanting or needing to know what comes next, which is a bit of a shame. There’s definitely something here, we just haven’t been able to see Life is Strange’s full potential yet.
Ryan MeitzlerFeb 01, 2015
The title of Dontnod and Square Enix’s latest game is definitely apt: life is strange, unrelenting, and often cruel in the situations it gives to us. But, by the end of Episode 1 of Life is Strange, the game at the very least also proves that life is filled with rewarding challenges and beautiful moments, even if they fade like a weathered old photograph.
Richard WalkerJan 30, 2015
Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis is an engaging and enjoyable first instalment in what promises to be a compelling adventure series. If subsequent episodes can live up to what Dontnod has started, we're in for a treat.
Mark LabbeJan 29, 2015
In the end, the only thing I can truly say is that Life is Strange is a must-buy. With its artsy graphics and music, relatable and realistic characters, and numerous mysteries and choices, the episodic adventure easily sucked me in and had me wishing I could dive directly into Episode 2. If the future episodes are anything like this first one, then I think Life is Strange is set to be one of the best games of the year, if not the best one.
Ashley ReedOct 22, 2015
Life is Strange fails to execute in critical spots, but its beautiful world, fun time-reversal, and honest look at adolescence makes it a game worth remembering. A diamond in the rough.
Kevin VanOrdJan 29, 2015
The rich frat boy with a gun, the smug school administrator, the stepdad in need of anger management skills--these and other characters have plenty to hide, though it’s impossible to guess what all their secrets might be. The looming tornado and the inconsistent time mechanic seem almost unnecessary as a result, for Life is Strange’s most important drama is the one developing in Max’s own mind.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioFeb 02, 2015
It shows a lot of promise as an episodic game, but there are certain mechanics that leave me feeling a bit skeptical for this franchise’s future. I think Episode 1 is worth a play through, but whether or not this becomes a fantastic multi-episode game will depend on the choices the developers make from here on out. Considering the game’s subject matter, that seems entirely appropriate.
Mike StubbsyJan 30, 2015
The first episode of Life is Strange does a good job of setting up what could turn out to be a thrilling and interesting story, but at the same time gives little away about what is coming next. The ending, which I wont spoil here, offers up a glimpse of where the story will eventually head, but there is still a lot that needs to be covered. The rewind mechanic certainly makes it a lot more interesting to play and totally changes the puzzle elements.
Bengt LemneJan 30, 2015
Life is Strange offers something different and unusual. Not only is the protagonist a young female, but central to the story is her friendship with Chloe. But we found that rather than experiencing something strange and exotic, we are dealing with themes that are universal. We've all struggled to fit in at one point or another. We've all had that one childhood friend that we drifted apart from and lost contact with.
David LovatoFeb 12, 2015
Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis is a good introduction to the game world and story. There's a clear direction, setting, and tone Dontnod is going for, but splitting the game into episodes means a lot of waiting to see if it can carry it through to the end. There's a lot of potential here, both for success and failure, but at the very least Episode 1 provides a great experience full of exploration and intrigue. The cliff-hanger ending serves the episodic nature well enough, but separating chapters by several weeks could prove to be the game's downfall.
Michael HarradenceJan 29, 2015
Life is Strange, Episode One: Chrysalis is a joyous, gripping adventure that has laid down a strong foundation for the rest of the series. Its time-travelling mechanic is a great spin on traditional narrative, choice-heavy video games of similar fashion, and is backed up by brilliant characterization and superb storytelling. It may not be perfect, but there's absolutely no way you'll want to miss out on Max's adventures.
Reid McCarterFeb 02, 2015
Chrysalis succeeds as an introduction to Life Is Strange as a whole by firmly establishing a tone and thematic intent that, with its magical realist bent and high school setting, is as original as it is engaging. The inaugural episode isn’t without its faults, but as the first act of a serialized game it succeeds admirably in introducing its fiction while simultaneously creating the type of investment that should make players excited for future instalments.
Baz MacdonaldFeb 02, 2015
The first episode of Life Is Strange is a mixed bag – the dialogue grates and inspecting items is a bore, but there is promise elsewhere. With the story's foundations laid down, the next episode could be a standout. Downs Item inspection is dull. Some of the dialogue feels forced.
Javi AndrésJan 30, 2015
Solo inglés y francés de momento, un desacierto que nos parece inadmisible en obras de 2015 y con tanta importancia del argumento. Este primer episodio de cinco, también, tiene el handicap de perder tiempo en presentaciones y pasos básicos. La acción de rebobinar el tiempo o los puzles podrían dar mucho más de sí, quedan por ahora algo desaprovechados. Aún así, si éres un ávido de aventuras gráficas que dejen huella, aquí hay un nuevo invento que, si sigue bien, dará que hablar.
Juan RubioJan 31, 2015
El primer capítulo de Life is Strange nos ha gustado mucho. Dontnod no sólo toma prestadas mecánicas de juegos de Telltale y Quantic Dream –de hecho tiene hasta exdesarrolladores del estudio francés en sus filas–, sino que además introduce elementos propios que lo hacen diferente, y que lo convierten en una nueva historia que seguir.
Álvaro AlonsoJan 30, 2015
En definitiva, Chrysalis consigue sentar las bases para el gran viaje que está llamado a ser Life Is Strange. No es un juego largo (aunque siempre podéis buscar coleccionables, en este caso en forma de momentos a fotografiar) ni excesivamente complicado, pero compensa con creces gracias a una historia que mantienen en tensión, estilo único y las originales mecánicas temporales.
Benjamin SchmädigFeb 02, 2015
Manche Rätsel sind zwar übertrieben leicht und das Kennenlernen der zahlreichen Personen nimmt zu viel Platz ein. Dennoch habe ich jede Minute dieses Wohlfühl-Abenteuers in vollen Zügen genossen und bin gespannt darauf, wie es im März weiter geht!
Gianni MolinaroFeb 01, 2015
Le premier épisode de Life is Strange expose son univers, ses personnages, le pouvoir de son héroïne avec une grande application. On a indéniablement un vrai coup de coeur, peut-être naïf, pour ce qu'il propose, ce malgré quelques défauts, comme sa technique et quelques clichés un peu grossiers, qui pourraient, en se répétant, devenir agaçants.
PanthaaFeb 02, 2015
La réalisation est correcte pour un format épisodique et la mise en scène réussit même à étonner le joueur, notamment au tout début de l'aventure avec « le passage des écouteurs ». La BO, très folk, sert parfaitement l'ambiance et rend le tout aussi singulier qu'attachant. Clairement, on a envie d'en savoir plus !
Carl BrännströmJan 30, 2015
Här läggs en fin grund för något som kan bli riktigt bra. Jag diggar atmosfären, musiken, detaljerna och förankringen i verkligheten, med karaktärer som känns som vanliga människor som snackar film och musik och relationer. Visst, många roller porträtteras rätt klyschigt och jag har svårt att köpa hur snabbt Max accepterar sina nyvunna tidskrafter, men sett till helheten är jag nöjd.