Life is Strange 2: Episode 4

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Jess McDonellAug 27, 2019
Whether you're heading into the final episode in much the same place you were at the beginning--or under the chilling implications of a certain late game choice--watching Daniel wrap his arms around Sean in either circumstance exemplifies what makes the series work so well. Your Sean can be kind or standoffish, thieving or righteous, but your actions don't change the love and adoration between the Diaz brothers--and that love is still the heart and soul of Life Is Strange 2.
Callum WilliamsAug 30, 2019
A disappointing third act and weak moral choices aside, Faith is the best episode since Life Is Strange 2’s debut. It unravels Sean’s character in interesting ways, has some expansive areas to visit and delves into the more mature aspects of the sequel’s world to create some deeply poignant moments. With the finale right around the corner, the Diaz brothers’ last chapter has all the ingredients to be a doozy.
Eric HallSep 01, 2019
Faith is a tough, methodically paced episode of Life is Strange 2. While the chapter could have used a little more direction, excellent character development sets the sequel on track for a strong finish.
Rosh KellySep 02, 2019
Episode 4 has some of the most exciting, challenging and emotional moments seen in Life is Strange so far. It connects with the player in a way that other episodes haven't without losing the signature style and pace of the stellar series.
Adnan RiazAug 23, 2019
While there might be some time to wait before Episode 5’s release in December, Episode 4: Faith delivers a fantastic story-focused episode and sets up the perfect springboard for the Diaz brothers’ next stop of Puerto Lobos. Sean might have been battered, bruised and forever wounded by his scars, but Life Is Strange 2 charges to the finishing line with significant momentum behind it.
Laddie SimcoAug 29, 2019
Life Is Strange 2 Episode 4: Faith brings back all the feels of the first episode in this compelling instalment that introduces you to the boys' mother and an evil cult that wants to exploit Daniel’s powers. Despite its short length, Faith does an excellent job in preparing for a phenomenal conclusion of the series.
Kenneth ShepardAug 27, 2019
Life is Strange 2’s depiction of religion feels in keeping with everything it’s done so far, and saving Daniel from its clutches was the full circle closure of four episodes of conflict I needed. Despite some major developments I thought might open up new possibilities for the Diaz brothers, it sounds like the finale due out in December will finally bring the two to Mexico as they planned what feels like a lifetime ago. After everything I’ve seen them go through, I’m more than happy to finally take them there.
Roberto TurriniAug 28, 2019
Arrivati al quarto episodio di Life is Strange 2 è ora di tirare le somme: non ci siamo. La storia è splendida; lo sono le musiche, lo è la fotografia… ma già sulle texture, i modelli e le animazioni siamo lontani dalla sufficienza. Se aggiungiamo all’insieme un gameplay inestitente – in Faith questa lacuna è particolarmente evidente – e a un sistema di scelte morali che non cambia assolutamente nulla nel mondo di gioco ci troviamo davanti a un prodotto incostitente.
Valentino CinefraAug 28, 2019
Faith riprende fiato e si concede il tempo di preparare l’umore per il finale di Life is Strange 2 del quale, curiosamente, è difficile anticiparne lo svolgimento. Non c’è quindi la grande sorpresa del finale, né uno svolgimento che lasci il giocatore in punta di sedia, ma invece una grande attenzione per dialoghi, approfondimento di alcuni personaggi ed inserimento di alcuni nuovi. Un episodio di passaggio, che non vuole sconvolgere lo status quo della narrazione, ma invece arricchirlo con nuove sfumature di racconti e scene, alcune delle quali valgono da sole il prezzo del biglietto.
Theo WeberSep 21, 2019
Episode 4 is vooral door het wat laat versnellen van het verhaal niet de sterkste aflevering uit Life is Strange 2. Die titel ligt nog steeds bij de tweede aflevering. Met wat weinig onderscheidende onderdelen en een wat matige eerste helft blijft 'Faith' achter bij alle andere afleveringen. Wat episode 4 wel doet is de weg vrijmaken voor een ijzersterke finale in de komende aflevering. Daarin komt het verhaal tenslotte tot een einde en voor oplettende spelers mag aan het einde van deze aflevering duidelijk zijn dat die een must have is.