Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 for PlayStation 4

Life is Strange 2: Episode 2

Jan 24, 2019
This is an episodic game. You will need to get the base game and all succeeding episodes to experience it as designed.

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The two brothers continue their journey on the road into the winter months & struggle against the cold. As Daniel gradually falls ill, Sean’s concern for his younger brother increases and decides the pair of them must make their way to their distant grandparent’s house to recover and seek shelter. During their stay, they encounter next-door neighbour Chris, a young boy the same age as Daniel who believes he is a super-hero by the name of Captain Spirit. As Daniel and Chris begin to form a friendship, Sean insists on Daniel following a set of rules around his power. Will Daniel keep his power concealed or break the rules in a time of need?

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Jess McDonellJan 22, 2019
One minor issue is the meta-knowledge that the Diaz brothers are two episodes into a five-episode journey, so you have an acute awareness that no matter how positively things are going, you're never too far from it all unraveling. However, even if you can see where things are going, there's a joy in taking each new step of the adventure and in managing the careful balance between being a guardian and a friend to Daniel.
Elise FavisJan 22, 2019
While this episode brings interesting themes of its own, I was disappointed at how racial tensions and politics weren't built upon further, and that many consequences didn't tie over in meaningful ways from the previous episode. Instead, Rules feels like a turn in the wrong direction, with choices that never quite hit their mark. Hopefully the Diaz brothers carve a new and more interesting path as their journey continues.
Lillian KingFeb 01, 2019
Episode 2 might be a slower entry in the episodic series, but it gave me enough meaningful content and satisfying gameplay to enjoy playing throughout. Life is Strange 2 isn’t about Daniel’s telekinesis. It’s about the relationship between Sean and Daniel, two brothers who’ve been torn from their normal lives by unforeseeable circumstances. While the supernatural enhances the story, it never drives the emotional connections.

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