Life is Strange 2: Episode 1

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Ryan MeitzlerSep 27, 2018
Compared to some of the “growing pains” that the first season of Life is Strange went through in its early episodes–especially its infamous reliance on “hella” cliched-sounding teen lingo–Life is Strange 2‘s first episode is a confident and engaging piece of storytelling, and seeing how Sean and Daniel’s relationship develops over the course of the first episode already has me excited to see the rest of the long road ahead.
Phil NeymanJan 09, 2019
Fans of the original and anyone with empathy for the human condition will line up to check out the sequel and fall in love with an all new cast of characters. The writers at Dontnod are masters of their craft and will make you care about Sean and Daniel in the same way that you cared about Max and Chloe.
Callum WilliamsOct 08, 2018
Life Is Strange 2 is everything a good sequel should be: It builds on what makes the first game great, establishes a thrilling new storyline and, ultimately, is far more comfortable taking risks. It still retains the first game’s issues, but this is ultimately a bold new step for Dontnod’s beloved franchise.
Dylan SieglerSep 26, 2018
The new power in this season doesn’t act in nearly the same way, and doesn’t even make many appearances in this first episode. However, without spoiling anything, I can see potential for this power to work in some very interesting ways later in the season, so I think I’ll have to wait and see how it fully manifests itself before judging it one way or the other.
Calum MarshSep 26, 2018
Though its social criticisms feel broad and rather clumsy so far, its core story of brotherhood and fraternity between two believable characters is already enormously touching. Like the original, Life is Strange 2 Episode 1 makes time for small details and quiet moments, and when it does it’s capable of a beauty we rarely see in video games.
Sammy BarkerSep 28, 2018
Life Is Strange 2: Episode 1 – Roads has the same je ne sais quoi as its predecessor, but it’s a different kind of game. This isn’t a series about teenage angst anymore – it’s about survival in a contemporary United States that’s more hostile than it’d like to think it is. Larger, more detailed environments and inconclusive moral decisions that have a direct influence on key cast members make for an impressive, brave opening.
Amanda BowerOct 02, 2018
Life is Strange 2 excels on many levels but also has its evident flaws. Following the Diaz brothers through traumatic and unnecessary events will have you empathizing with their circumstances. However, Daniel's supernatural powers are a whole other conundrum.
Adnan RiazSep 28, 2018
Episode 1: Roads is undoubtedly the best opener in episodic gaming to date and also Dontnod’s finest hour with the Life Is Strange series so far.
Charles BladesSep 26, 2018
It seems like a minor gripe, but in such a story-heavy game, every little detail matters -- and every little detail affects the gravitas behind the narrative. If Life is Strange 2 can improve upon that as the season progresses, and not lean too heavily on its political underpinnings as set dressing, it has the potential to equal the veracity of the original.
Andrew KingSep 27, 2018
Dontnod is capturing the mood of a powerful country in the midst of a crisis of identity. If they can stick the landing, Life is Strange 2 has the potential to be a masterpiece. That’s a big if. The butterfly may have flown away from the loading screen, but we still feel its influence. Small decisions now will result in huge consequences a few months from now when Life is Strange 2 draws to its conclusion.
Andry HartupSep 25, 2018
Overall, it’s a disappointing and slow start to the new season of Life is Strange. While the story has some incredibly powerful and well-constructed moments, it doesn’t hang together particularly well. And the lack of actual gameplay, combined with inconsistent consequences and choices, is a worry.
KiwiSep 27, 2018
So much so I'm diving back in to play it again as soon as I am done writing this to make different decisions and experience the outcome. There is no rewind function nor any date when Episode Two will become available to play but I am so ready to continue so Sean and Daniel are surrounded by love and care again. That will be the happy ending, right?
Lillian KingSep 26, 2018
Overall, Life is Strange 2 was not only better than I expected, but I believe it would have been a hit even if no one had ever heard of the first game. It was beautiful, with the mechanics all improved on the original and the choices more meaningful than ever. I was disappointed with the ending of the first Life is Strange—the plot felt like it got away from itself, as though the game hadn’t been fully planned out when the first chapter was released.
Michael LeriSep 26, 2018
Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 is a decent introduction this new season. It stumbles and succeeds in the same areas as its predecessor, but those stumbles are a bit less severe and those victories are a tad more successful. Those heartfelt scenes and solid setup give the upcoming episodes a good foundation to stand on even if the dialogue sometimes tries its best to sabotage that goodwill.
Bengt LemneSep 26, 2018
We've seen it before in episodic releases, the first episode is rarely the highlight even if it might be the most important in terms of our overall enjoyment of the season thanks to how it sets the rest up. It's going to be interesting to see what challenges Sean and Daniel face, who they'll meet, and what sort of America they'll see along the way as they edge down the coast towards Mexico.
Az EliasOct 26, 2018
Episode 1: Roads sets Life is Strange 2 up for potentially great things, but the entertaining moments are extremely fleeting in what is clearly intended to be an emotionally-driven adventure that works to set the tone for what is to come, with particular value placed on the story of brotherhood. The supernatural element at play as the main plot device is interesting, but it again only works to serve as a teaser for what is lying further down the road for the brothers.
Nick Gillham Sep 27, 2018
It’s not going to be known quite yet if Life is Strange is essential, but early signs are that this sequel is going to be as good as season one was.
Kenneth ShepardSep 26, 2018
It was easy to extrapolate and speculate what was coming next. With Life is Strange 2, Sean and Daniel have a long way to go between Seattle and Mexico, and what awaits them is less clear. But I know now that I’m eager to see it through. “Roads” deviates from what we’ve come to know about Life is Strange in a lot of ways, but as a whole, it seems to be on the right track to creating something special in its own right.
Laddie SimcoSep 26, 2018
A solid start! Episode One of Life Is Strange 2 takes us out of the Bay and introduces us to new characters but retains the emotion and beautiful narrative of the first game. Gameplay and graphics are improved, however, it's too soon to tell if the brothers Diaz are the perfect spiritual successors to Max and Chloe, but I can't wait to find out.
Elisabeth LópezSep 28, 2018
El primer capítulo de Life is Strange 2 sorprende para bien. No solo mantiene la esencia de la saga, sino que es capaz de aportar su granito de arena con un universo mucho más dinámico y natural. Tenemos dudas que resolver como la importancia del poder de Daniel, pero el viaje de los hermanos Díaz es prometedor.
Marta TriviSep 28, 2018
«Todo es política, Sean, absolutamente todo», les dice a los protagonistas el único personaje que no resulta ser despreciable. Como los guionistas, lo dice con convicción. Dontnod habla desde el corazón y en este primer episodio ya se han posicionado abiertamente. Sean y Daniel Díaz son jóvenes latinos en un país de racistas. Y van a contar su historia con todas sus consecuencias.
Juan RubioSep 27, 2018
Dontnot Entertainment demuestra que siguen teniendo mucho talento para crear personajes de los que nos preocupamos y fusionar lo humano y lo sobrenatural, aunque no esperéis las posibilidades y la variedad que ofrecía la fórmula original. No sabemos si esto va a cambiar en el futuro pero, si no, vamos a perder esa ambición que separaba Life is Strange de otros juegos similares.
PAMELASep 30, 2018
Que este primer episodio se titule Roads también nos habla de un estudio más enfocado en los simbolismos pues, cuando el camino podría lucir muy claro, varios elementos te cuestionarán si vas en la decisión correcta, cómo quieres llegar o si vale la pena replantearse el viaje y cambiar de ruta. Life is Strange 2 es una grata y bonita sorpresa que podría tocar fibras sensibles, pero si lo hace, reivindicará al videojuego como un hermoso y peculiar medio para contar historias.
PanthaaSep 26, 2018
Life is Strange 2, à travers son premier épisode, métamorphose la formule de la première saison. Nous passons donc à une fuite en avant survivaliste, intimiste, dans laquelle le joueur doit avant tout se sentir adulte et responsable du petit Daniel, ce qui n’est pas toujours évident. Les possibilités sont ainsi théoriquement bien plus vastes mais, en réalité, l’aventure n’a jamais été aussi linéaire.
Fabien PellegriniOct 16, 2018
Simple et efficace, la recette Life is Strange est de retour ! L'arrivée de personnages totalement inédits apporte du sang frais à la licence, qui peut ainsi embarquer de tout nouveaux joueurs à son bord. Ces derniers ne doivent d'ailleurs pas hésiter à installer The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, un jeu gratuit qui permet de se faire une bonne idée du gameplay de Life is Strange 2.
Gianni MolinaroSep 26, 2018
En présentant d'emblée les mêmes qualités que son aîné en termes d'écriture des dialogues et personnages, d'acting, de mise en scène et de difficulté dans les décisions, pour une histoire très différente mais déjà captivante, cette nouvelle aventure expose son potentiel, énorme, aux yeux de toutes et de toutes. Puisse DONTNOD réussir à l'atteindre pleinement avec un voyage qu'on espère inoubliable.
Simone PettineSep 27, 2018
Life is Strange 2 - Roads è soltanto l'inizio di quella che potrebbe rivelarsi un'avventura dai risvolti e dalle tematiche molto più profonde di quelle di Max e Chloe, o comunque un viaggio dalla stessa elevatissima qualità. Potrebbe anche darsi che invece vada tutto ad annegare in un fiume di luoghi comuni e di trovate troppo sensazionalistiche (ancora una volta, date un'occhiata alla scena dopo i titoli di coda).
Valentino CinefraSep 27, 2018
Roads è l’inizio speranzoso che ci aspettavamo da Life is Strange 2. Tecnicamente il gioco ha fatto passi da gigante, anche da quanto visto in Captain Spirit. Maggiore fluidità, maggior dettaglio poligonale, animazioni più morbide e realistiche, il tutto a sorreggere un impianto narrativo che ha decisamente cambiato marcia per tematiche e regia.
WojtiniOct 01, 2018
Fani Life is Strange z pewnością dostrzegą powiązanie z całym uniwersum, w którym swego czasu pojawiły się Chloe i Max. Jeszcze przed rozpoczęciem rozgrywki zostaniemy zapytani jaką decyzję podjęliśmy na końcu pierwszej części Life is Strange. Nasza odpowiedź wpłynie na wydarzenia, których będziemy świadkami w pierwszym epizodzie Life is Strange 2.