Life Goes On: Done to Death

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Chris ShiveMay 16, 2016
The fun gameplay and sense of humor make this suicidal mission enjoyable enough to not be bothered by the fact thousands of men are being killed so that one may attain immoral immortality. This is a game where you literally step over the dead bodies of your companions to reach a goal and doing so has never been so much fun.
Erin CastilloMay 16, 2016
The graphics and sound adds to the morbidly comical feel to Life Goes On and while neither one largely impacts the game, they both add to the enjoyability of the game. A flick of an analogue stick, the press of the X button and a mind geared towards strategy is all it takes to master this game. Simple and comical, Life Goes On: Done to Death captures the best parts of a platform puzzler.
William LoweryMay 28, 2016
Though at times frustrating and stressful, Life Goes On: Done to Death is an equally rewarding experience. The cutesy art style and humorous deaths mislead those who choose to play the game, but at the same time, it also entices them into playing through and figuring out what clicks about it. The deaths may be numerous and quite brutal, yet a strong sense of accomplishment fills the players with joy and relief, once a tricky section has been beaten.
Theo WeberMay 28, 2016
Life Goes On: Done to Death biedt genoeg levels om je hersenen op te kraken, maar de uitdaging hierin schommelt nogal. Het concept is leuk en is erg grappig uitgewerkt. Alleen weet de game nergens echt uit te blinken. Echt memorabel is de game dan ook niet. Desalniettemin is Life Goes On absoluut een game om eens tussendoor te proberen.