Lapis x Labyrinth for PlayStation 4

Lapis x Labyrinth

May 28, 2019
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Developer: NIS America
Content Rating: Everyone10+


When a struggling village falls on hard times and is desperate need of wealth, there's only one solution: gather your comrades, venture into the Labyrinth below the Golden Forest, and claim the piles of gold and treasures hidden within. You will need all your courage and wits to survive the dangers ahead, but the treasures that await you are well worth it. Customize your team with over 4,000 unique combinations, then use the creative stacking mechanic to perform synchronized attacks. When you've racked up enough destruction, unleash the explosive power of Fever Mode to really make the cash flow. With 8 different character classes, engaging monster encounters, and stylish, over-the-top visuals, this adventure has everything you need to make it rain.

Critic Reviews

6 Reviews
Aidan SimondsMay 21, 2019
This is a game where I could plug a few minutes in, try to make some kind of progress, and gain experience either way. There may not be a ton of complexity to be had, but what it offers is plenty of variety, fast-paced action, and a desire to push forward. While the labyrinth is full of dangers, the rewards can be great.
Tomas FranzeseMay 21, 2019
Even with these issues that weakened the game as it went on, Lapis x Labyrinth was still able to maintain an addicting grip on me. While some might point to the game’s flashiness as being what drew me in again and again, I’d say it was the fun RPG gameplay loop featuring a lot of customization that is at its core. Though it is likely a better fit for Nintendo Switch, if you typically are turned off by more repetitive games but appreciate an enjoyable RPG, you will have a good time with Lapis x Labyrinth.
A.J. MaciejewskiMay 22, 2019
If you want a simple 2D hack and slash action RPG then Lapis x Labyrinth is definitely a good game to wind down with after a long day. Just don't expect it to be particularly engaging, especially once the repetition starts to sink in.

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