Krinkle Krusher for PlayStation 4

Krinkle Krusher

Apr 7, 2015
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It's a special time in the kingdom, the great tree, where the castle was built around, had its first fruits! No one has ever imagined until now that it was possible, since it has never happened in centuries! Due the great amount of fruits, the kingdom decided to have a huge festival to commemorate the event and used the fruits to make a huge and delicious cake.

But it seems that something more ancient has also been awaken by this delicious fruit. Inside the magic forest, far away from the kingdom, the Krinkle King woke up desiring for that delicious fruit! Using his magic power he started to create his own krinkle army and ordered them to go to the castle and steal whatever had that delicious smell for him.

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Sophie HallidayMay 12, 2015
The bright surface presentation does little to disguise the fact that that Krinkle Krusher is a fairly poor game. It is frustrating and repetitive, with numerous gameplay issues that do little to encourage the player to continue playing. In all honesty, this is a game to avoid.
Simon FitzgeraldApr 21, 2015
Krinkle Krusher is a competent tower defence title with a colourful theme, but it's best played in short-bursts and doesn't really excel on the DualShock 4. There are some nice ideas here – we especially enjoyed the incentives to return to earlier levels once we'd powered up – but this is a straightforward experience at best, and, on the PS4 at least, it still has a few Krinkles that should have been ironed out.
Brandon LangrockNov 07, 2016
Despite its appealing visuals and playful soundtrack, Krinkle Krusher is a simplistic and generic tower defence game that is made worse by its use of its imprecise physical controls. This feels like a game that should be played on touch screen devices, and even then, the gameplay is too simple and repetitive to ever keep players’ attention or be even remotely memorable. In the end, the only thing that Krinkle Krusher krushed was my motivation to continue playing.

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