KOI for PlayStation 4


Apr 19, 2016

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Developer: Dotoyou Games
Content Rating: Everyone


KOI is an adventure game in which the player takes control over a lone koi fish on a journey to return home. Explore 8 artfully rendered levels, alternating from the bright unexplored world found above the waters to the dark, ominous deep sea located beneath the surface.

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Matt WhittakerApr 19, 2016
It’s easy to see what could have been with a more unified vision and the fact that its issues lie more in its additions rather than technical follies is nothing short of disappointing. When a game falls around the two-hour mark, there has to be complete conceptual unity, otherwise the end result is going to feel like a scattering of neat ideas that feel shoehorned in rather than elements making up a cohesive whole.
Sidd MasandApr 24, 2016
Koi is a really short game. You can complete the game’s story in about an hour or so. Aside from the story there are puzzles pieces that can be collected in each level and there are also different character skins you can play with. There isn’t much else beyond that. Koi’s simplistic approach is ultimately its downfall. The game offers little to no challenge, is fairly shallow and is way too short even by today’s standards. It feels like so much more could have been done with this game.
Kyle MacGregorApr 26, 2016
Koi has an alluring exterior, but is ultimately a shallow puzzle game lacking in both focus and direction. As someone with an interest in Chinese culture, who has been following the reintroduction of foreign consoles into that market with great interest, this is a disappointment.

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