King's Quest: Chapter Two - Rubble Without a Cause for PlayStation 4

King's Quest: Chapter Two - Rubble Without a Cause

Dec 15, 2015

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Content Rating: Everyone10+


In this latest adventure, King Graham takes players back to his first test as ruler of Daventry. When a mischievous horde of goblins takes his kingdom hostage, a newly crowned and woefully unprepared Graham must rise up to free his people and prove himself the leader he was destined to become.

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Leif JohnsonJan 07, 2016
Shorter and far less focused on exploration than its preceding episode, King’s Quest: Rubble Without a Cause still usually manages to deliver smaller doses of the art style and writing that made the series premiere so appealing. There are plenty of fun puzzles in store along with a timer mechanic, but the cramped, dark setting and lack of visual variety tends to rob these elements of the charm they could have.
Nicholas PlouffeDec 28, 2015
In my opinion, chapter 3 is going to make or break this series. The Odd Gentleman still has my curiosity and attention for now, but unless something really exciting happens soon then they’re going to lose not only myself but I think many others as well. King’s Quest is a classic, and I was weary of this pseudo-reboot at first but A Knight to Remember changed my mind.
Jason BohnDec 20, 2015
Overall, Rubble Without A Cause is a disappointment. The first chapter was great, but the tonal shift and structure found here just doesn’t hit the right notes. Continuing Graham’s story is still a worthwhile use of time, but one can’t help but feel a tad… let down. In the end, the series has not soured, though. The closing scene sets up future events that should be intriguing. It just tripped on the rubble.