Kingdom Under Fire II for PlayStation 4

Kingdom Under Fire II


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Developer: Blueside
Content Rating: Rating pending


Create your hero and lead your troops on the battlefields of Bersia! Kingdom Under Fire 2 is an action-packed MMORPG/RTS hybrid. Choose one of five heroes, explore a fantasy world and hone your skills until you and your troops are ready for the epic-scale battles of this colossal war!

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Chris WrayNov 24, 2019
Kingdom Under Fire II is one of the most internally divisive games I've ever played. Some parts are genuinely fantastic while others are mind-numbingly horrible. The third-person character combat is up there as one of, if not the best I've ever encountered in an MMO. On top of that is a fun and engaging strategy element, one where you can seamlessly move between commanding your troops and yourself, to fighting on the front lines with them.
Robin BairdDec 13, 2019
Kingdom Under Fire 2 has gotten off to a solid start, and I honestly had a ton of fun playing. Unfortunately, for me, the gender locked classes are a pretty big deal, and having issues with finding groups to do things can be frustrating. One problem is currently it’s easy to knock out the dailies, which is nice because we aren’t endlessly grinding our faces on, but once people get their dailies done, the server can feel a bit like a ghost town. They do have a December patch planned and new content is on the way, so hopefully, they’ll be able to reach a good state of equilibrium.
Sascha PenzhornJan 03, 2020
Die actionreichen Kämpfe sind eine Weile recht unterhaltsam, doch Story, Quests und der gesamte MMO-Teil des Spiels schläfern ein.

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