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Chris "Atom" DeAngelusJun 24, 2019
All in all, Judgment is a solid addition to the franchise. Like Yakuza 0, it is kind of a back-to-basics offering, and it's self-contained in a good way. It contains pretty much everything you'd expect from a Yakuza title. It's well designed and easy to play, and that makes it a boatload of fun. If you like Yakuza, then you'll like Judgment and if you've never played a Yakuza game, then this is a great place to start. Additionally, you get a free copy of Virtua Fighter 5 in-game, and who can complain about that?
A.J. MaciejewskiJun 20, 2019
Out of all the Yakuza games that I've played, Judgment offers the most amount of fun and variety while also containing a gripping story that'll keep you guessing until the end. I highly recommend it.
Chris CarterJun 20, 2019
I appreciate that the Yakuza studio wanted to try something different with Judgment, even if the biggest deviations are the absence of the bankable character Kazuma Kiryu and the addition of some detective busywork. Given that said work is typically brief, this is an easy one to recommend to Ryu Ga Gotoku acolytes and folks with patience.
Anthony John AgnelloJun 20, 2019
Judgment is, like the Yakuza games that came before it and all true cities, intimidatingly permeable. From the outside, it will seem strange and forbidding, something you’ll never truly be a part of. But like city life, all it takes is a willingness to step outside and join the arterial flow of its citizens going back and forth, waiting for their dates outside the beer garden, or waving hello to someone they’re seen before but whose name they don’t even know. I’m from Kamurocho at this point, but even if you’re not, Judgment welcomes you.
Dave AubreyJul 08, 2019
Judgment is an excellent Japanese adventure that feels incredibly familiar, yet engrossing all the same. With Judgment, RGG Studio has managed to create an excellent entry point for the Yakuza series, and a fantastic standalone adventure. While it's familiar to myself and Yakuza fans, if you're new to the series this might just be the very best place to start. A wonderful, though sometimes slow, adventure from beginning to end.
Phil NeymanJun 20, 2019
Judgement is a fresh take on an old series. Fans of Yakuza will absolutely eat this game up. Even if you’ve never touched a game in the Yakuza series, you’ll find yourself having an absolute blast with this game. Though not without faults, it’s a fun blend of Yakuza, Phoenix Wright and L.A. Noire. If any of those games interest you, even in the slightest, you need to play Judgment. Check the game out for yourself when it launches on June 25th in North America.
Bradley RussellJun 20, 2019
Despite the fantastic story, Judgment stops short of being a must-play thanks to its shallow and unfulfilling crime-solving gameplay.
Ethan WillardJul 12, 2019
Judgment is a whirlwind. Though I experienced some unfortunate lows, I also had extreme, memorable highs. It’s a game that comes off as hyper-violent but is actually a deep, offbeat, and interesting meditation on what this medium can be if it’s willing to give into its weirder side. Despite the clunky controls and at times disappointing writing, I came away enamored by its atmosphere. Just like when I moved to Philly, I started off as a stranger in Kamurocho and ended up as something else. Maybe not a local, but a happy resident falling in love with a place more and more.
Jae LeeJul 03, 2019
Judgment tells a compelling story of a disgraced defense attorney turned detective and his obsessive search for the truth. Unfortunately, the half baked nature of the investigative mechanics as well as a slew of pacing issues holds it back from escaping from the Dragon’s shadow.
Shubhankar ParijatJun 20, 2019
Simultaneously fresh and familiar, Judgment is an excellent first step forward for the Yakuza universe after the conclusion of Kazuma Kiryu's story.
Tristan OgilvieJun 20, 2019
Although I wish there was more depth to its detective work, Judgment’s smooth and spectacular street fighting, eclectic array of side activities, and suspenseful serial killer-based plot makes for the best original Yakuza game of this console generation. With its high-quality English-language dub and all-new cast of characters, it’s also the most approachable for newcomers. Provided you’re happy to serve justice with the swing of a sledgehammer rather than the knock of a gavel, Judgment is well worth investigating.
Jason FaulknerJun 25, 2019
Judgment is still an excellent game, despite some of the issues I have. Unfortunately, this is a title that is somewhat held back by its lustrous pedigree, but it has one of the best stories in the franchise, and there’s still a ton of things it has going in its favor.
Ben MooreJun 26, 2019
Logan MooreJun 20, 2019
Judgment is much greater than the sum of its parts. Getting lost in the city of Kamurocho as you solve cases, make friends, and punch thugs into oblivion never stopped being fun even if the missions you sometimes have to do aren’t that engaging. It was easy to overlook most of the issues that I may have had with Judgment just because of how much consistent fun I was having over the course of my experience. While Judgment was my first foray into this world of Yakuza, it most certainly won’t be my last.
Nick CowenJul 31, 2019
Whether you’re a long-time Yakuza fan or just coming to this series, Judgment is well worth the investment. Boasting a cracking story, oodles of content and a fantastic fighting system, this spin-off can keep you glued for days… possibly months.
Kazuma HashimotoJun 20, 2019
Judgment is perhaps, in my opinion, one of the best titles Ryu ga Gotoku Studio has to offer. If you’re interested in a narrative-heavy game that involves similar elements to many Japanese paralegal or noir films and dramas, this is absolutely for you. And for those that are familiar with the Yakuza franchise I would also heavily consider giving Judgment a shot as it retains all of the character and drama-heavy stories you’re already familiar with. While it does have its weaknesses and combat can be fatiguing at times, Judgment stands atop as perhaps one of the best narrative experiences yet to release this year.
Caty McCarthyJun 20, 2019
Judgment is very much a Yakuza game in detective clothing, but with some clever twists and a killer mystery at the center, it ends up feeling surprisingly distinct. While some of the detective-specific mechanical additions are a drag, everything else vibes really well with the familiar Kamurocho setting. It's easily the best of the recent line of Dragon Engine-developed games in the series—even without Kiryu Kazuma at the center, and even without a karaoke minigame.
RobotsFightingDinosaursJun 20, 2019
You still feel like you're unraveling the case yourself, but since the story is so deep and intertwined with itself, you miss a few of those "I knew the killer all along!" moments. Having said that, as a video game adaptation of a crime procedural, I can find very little on which to fault Judgment. It's packed with content, adding 50 "Friend Events" to the requisite 50 side missions, insanely stylish, and a promising start to Ryu Ga Gotoku's future without Kazuma Kiryu.
Chris McJun 20, 2019
Judgment is more than “more Yakuza”; it’s a markedly different beast that, despite using assets from Yakuza 6, re-introduces you to Kamurocho through a new set of eyes. Tak is brasher, smarter, and more inclined to use brains than brawn, and the characters he goes up against are surprisingly grounded. Altogether, it’s a thoroughly delightful detective adventure. If this is the start of Tak Yagami’s journey then I’m happy to be along for the ride. Now, if I can just get to the Puyo Puyo machine past this pile of corpses…
Nick MeekhamJun 24, 2019
While mechanically flawed, Judgment bridges the gap between new and old Yakuza fans marvellously and points towards a confident future for a new franchise. Court adjourned.
Robert RamseyJun 20, 2019
Judgment may be a Yakuza spin-off, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best games in SEGA's series. Barring some gimmicky gameplay additions and some unnecessary story padding, it's an absolutely ace detective thriller. As we've come to expect of Yakuza Studio, Judgment's writing and characters are top notch, and it's arguably a perfect place to start if you're looking to explore the streets of Kamurocho for the first time. Another great showing from a developer that's at the top of its game.
Jeff CorkJun 26, 2019
Even though I wasn’t in love with all of Yagami’s investigatory tools, I had a great time seeing the Yakuza formula from a fresh perspective. Judgment tells a sprawling, action-packed story that veers dangerously close to melodrama without falling apart. It has some genuinely shocking moments, and proves that you don’t need Kiryu or Majima as tour guides to have a great time in Kamurocho.
Richard WalkerJun 20, 2019
If you're a Yakuza fan, you've probably already bought Judgment in your head. If you're not, then this is a great place to start, Yagami's hardboiled crime saga a remarkably engaging, surprising, and rousing journey from beginning to end.
Mollie L PattersonJun 20, 2019
Making a spin-off to a beloved niche series that then drops its most popular character seemed like a crazy idea at first, but Judgment is a success beyond what I could have expected. Though it never quite escapes the shadow of its older siblings, this tale of a fallen lawyer and his refusal to let go of the truth provides an experience that has a lot to offer both Yakuza fans and newcomers alike.
Colm AhernJun 20, 2019
Judgment tinkers with the Yakuza template enough that it provides something for fans, as well as those who have always thought about visiting Kamurocho.
Edmond TranJun 21, 2019
It's disappointing to realize that Judgment is at its best when it veers closer to the mold that it came from. Even though the game's familiar fighting and side activities will happily keep you occupied, it's a shame that the most intriguing and unique additions are also the dullest things about Judgment, because the new roster of characters have been wonderfully crafted otherwise.
Amy DavidsonJun 20, 2019
That Judgment drops the Yakuza moniker from the title is surprising, as the game feels like a Yakuza game through and through, with the signature sprawling open world of Kamurocho, combo-based brawling combat, and kooky sidequests. Yagami’s new detective abilities add some enjoyable variety into the mix, but the title would have comfortably fit into the main franchise. That being said, Judgment stands out as one of the very best in the series and serves as a perfect entry point for anyone curious about the Yakuza games.
Jordan HelmJun 26, 2019
Fans of the Yakuza series may be quick to filter out what’s genuinely new from everything else, but for a game as packed and as entertaining as this, what it may lack in pure originality, Judgment more than makes up for with a game that is as fun to engage with as it is to just sit back and watch as the now-commonly bizarre antics of Kamurocho play out to delightful and convincing effect.
Scott SullivanJun 28, 2019
I do feel like one of Judgment’s biggest flaws is people may complain that this is just Yakuza all over again, and they could be right, but I beg to differ. Kamurocho is the same, the yakuza clans are the same ones we know and love from past games, but this actually gives the city a much deeper feeling of authenticity.
GameCentralJun 20, 2019
A fun spin-off that takes some of the best parts of Yakuza and weaves a story that’s at least as compelling – even if a lot of gameplay elements are becoming overfamiliar at this point.
Kieran HarrisJun 20, 2019
Ultimately, we found Yagami's path to redemption to be a gripping ride filled with plenty of unexpected twists and turns, and we felt the detective style gameplay really complemented what we have come to expect from the main Yakuza series. We loved that the trademark silliness remained intact here despite the narrative's darker tone and the fact that the story this time featured full voice work in English, making it more accessible for western players.
Evan NorrisJun 20, 2019
By combining the legal proceedings of Ace Attorney with the visceral combat and open-world hijinks of Yakuza, developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has turned in a new, but familiar property. Some of the novel gameplay elements like tailing missions and crime scene investigation are dull, but outstanding production values, flashy fighting, and a stellar urban sandbox make this legal drama a hit.
Chris WhiteJun 20, 2019
Judgment is a solid game let down by some of the investigations, but the combat is great, with an interesting story set in an almost-alternate reality of Kamurocho we’ve never seen before. The new Twitter-like app is great, and allows you to find people of interest whilst checking their feeds, and the bubbles of information that pop up over people’s heads are rather amusing too. Some of the side missions are a little silly, especially the weird sex-related ones, but despite all that, it’s not a bad way for the Yakuza developers to go now their flagship franchise is no more.
Drew HurleyJun 22, 2019
Best of all, there's more to this than just the story. The gameplay is massively fun, and there is a positively absurd amount of things to do. For Yakuza fans this is a must buy. For those new to the franchise, this is the perfect opportunity to jump in.
Aran SuddiJun 20, 2019
Judgment is another great Japanese crime drama that will grab your attention as the stakes get bigger and bigger, but it's not quite on par with the Yakuza series. Some of the private detective busywork could make way for more of RGG Studio's trademark goofiness to cut through the seriousness of the main story, but anyone who has any interest in Far East crime dramas or the Yakuza series should pick Judgment up. Judgment has been judged and has been found worth playing.
Preston DozsaJun 20, 2019
Judgment may be linked to Yakuza’s legacy, but it still provides a great reason to explore Kamurocho once again.
John-Paul JonesJun 20, 2019
A sizeably riotous spin-off to Sega's Yakuza franchise, Judgment combines the series penchant for balancing seriousness and absurdity with a hyper-engaging central protagonist whose deeply charismatic persona freshens the whole affair up massively. Judgment is a toweringly good offering then, and one that we hope leads to its own series with leading man Yagami at the forefront.
Kosta AndreadisJun 24, 2019
Judgment has the aura of an epic crime drama – one that feels even more interesting due to its Japanese setting. The location of Kamurocho, although mostly static is a joy to explore, and Takayuki Yagami is a wonderful protagonist that is easy to get behind. Lengthy and full of twists and turns, even though Judgment offers up the most basic of detective sequences there’s still plenty to love about the world depicted. Twisted Trio included.
chiconuclearJun 20, 2019
Muchos videojuegos tienen introducción, nudo y desenlace; los Yakuza, y en eso Judgment no es distinto, son de esos que nunca se acaban, que se quedan latentes en quien los juega: dicho de otro modo, y como si fuera uno de esos anuncios que podrían encajar en una pausa de esta soap opera televisiva, cuando haces pop (o pum, o clac, o kapow) no hay stop.
Alejandro PascualJun 20, 2019
Judgment es un digno sucesor de la serie Yakuza, añadiendo algunas mecánicas y características propias para nuestro papel de detective. Sigue contando con una cantidad ingente de minijuegos, actividades y misiones secundarias que en ocasiones roban el protagonismo a la campaña principal. Nagoshi y su equipo ofrecen una visión más comprometida y satírica de la sociedad japonesa, pero también han tenido que realizar sacrificios por el camino, reduciendo la escala del juego y con un combate que, aun satisfactorio, no es el mejor que hemos visto en su saga hermana.
DededeJun 20, 2019
Construido sobre la base de la franquicia Yakuza pero con grandes novedades y marcadas diferencias, completamente traducido al español, con una historia memorable y una enorme cantidad de contenido, se perdona algunos pasos atrás respecto a la saga principal del estudio. Judgment es una perfecta puerta de entrada para aquellos a los que la temática o la falta de localización de Yakuza les ha impedido dar hasta ahora el paso de animarse a conocer el trabajo de Ryu ga Gotoku Studio.
Javi AndrésJun 20, 2019
A los que vengáis de los últimos Yakuza, Judgment quizá llega demasiado pronto y no ha dado tiempo a echar de menos sus mecánicas. Sin embargo, pasadas las horas encontraréis un juego bastante diferente y con un segmento final que deja sin aliento, bien contado y puesto en escena, como siempre, pero que plantea nuevos temas morales que la saga central de Kazuma Kiryu no había tocado. A los que nunca hayáis jugado a un Yakuza, empezad por aquí, es probablemente el más variado, rico y profundo de todos.
Carlos LeivaJun 20, 2019
Los creadores de Yakuza vuelven a demostrar su talento con una nueva aventura apasionante y repleta de contenidos de calidad.
Benjamin SchmädigJun 20, 2019
Judgment baut erfolgreich einen neuen Protagonisten auf, modernisiert behutsam das spielerische Umfeld - entfernt sich aber zu wenig von den Yakuza-Wurzeln. Es übernimmt sogar manche Schwächen und fügt eigene hinzu.”
Silent_JayJun 20, 2019
Judgment les invite à (re)découvrir l’univers de la saga Yakuza de la meilleure manière qui soit et en explorer un pan méconnu. Ce spin-off déroule un scénario complexe inspiré du 7e Art et incarné par des personnages haut en couleurs. La dimension polar et les nouvelles mécaniques de gameplay soufflent un vent de renouveau sur la série. De plus, les combats demeurent intenses et épiques au coeur d’un quartier de Kamurocho plus vrai que nature. La présence de sous-titres en français joue le rôle de cerise sur un gâteau fort appétissant.
Rudy Jean-FrançoisFeb 15, 2019
Judge Eyes est une très belle surprise qui ravira à coup sûr aussi bien les fans de la série Yakuza que les nouveaux arrivants. Les premiers retrouveront rapidement leurs marques dans le Kamurocho qu'ils ont appris à aimer, tandis que les seconds seront émerveillés devant le spectacle que Shinjuku a à leur offrir.
Laurely BirbaJun 25, 2019
Alors oui, certaines animations sont rigides, on aurait aimé une météo (enfin) dynamique, la foule ne se comporte pas tout le temps de manière cohérente ; mais se focaliser dessus reviendrait à passer à côté de tout le savoir-faire de Yakuza Studio. Enfin, et ça fera plaisir aux anglophobes, Judgment bénéficie de sous-titres en français en plus d'être armé d'une B.O. de feu. On s'est régalé.
Daniel AndreyevJan 01, 2019
Imaginez un avocat qui abandonne son confortable bureau pour affronter la vie côté bitume. Judge Eyes, ou Judgment en Occident, n’est pas tout à fait un jeu de la série des Yakuza mais il est rempli de mafieux japonais quand même. Dans le même monde ouvert que d’habitude, à savoir un quartier de sept pâtés de maison, son héros a troqué le costard Armani pour mener l’enquête en perfecto. Attention, ce soir, c’est “Faites entrer l’accusé version kung-fu”. Et c’est Sega qui régale.
Danilo DellafranaJun 20, 2019
Judgment si conferma come l’ennesimo successo per un team che non riesce proprio a mancare il bersaglio. Lo sviluppo guidato e coreografato con cui la trama viene sapientemente raccontata cede il passo a un numero notevole di attività secondarie con cui vivere quel caratteristico spaccato di vita giapponese liberamente, alzando la longevità ben oltre i livelli di guardia per tutti i completisti lì fuori. Magari, però, organizziamo una bella gita al di fuori di Kamurocho la prossima volta, Nagoshi-San.
Alessandra BorgonovoJun 20, 2019
Nonostante i difetti risultino proprio in quelli che sarebbe dovuti essere i punti di maggior distacco da Yakuza, Judgment offre un'esperienza pari se non addirittura più coinvolgente di alcuni titoli della serie. Il passaggio da malavitoso a investigatore privato consente maggiore sinergia con le vicende che si susseguono nel corso di un vero e proprio thriller.
Giuseppe CarrabbaJun 20, 2019
In ultima analisi Judgment è un titolo solido, forte di un comparto narrativo di assoluto spessore e di un pool di nuovi volti assolutamente convincente. Il dipanarsi dell’intreccio potrà anche prendersi i suoi tempi ma credeteci quando vi diciamo che la storia di Yagami saprà catturarvi. In ambito puramente ludico invece l’opera del Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio vive di luci e ombre, ottenendo degli ottimi risultati sul fronte del combat system e dell’offerta secondaria ma - al contempo - trattando con superficialità le meccaniche investigative.
DottorKillexJun 20, 2019
Sembra quasi un affronto al “nostro” Kazuma Kiryu affermarlo, eppure Judgment rappresenta il miglior prodotto del Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio da diversi anni a questa parte, per ritmo, scrittura e diversificazione delle meccaniche di gioco.Il cambio di prospettiva, da uno yakuza dal cuore tenero ad un avvocato in disgrazia, ha giovato alla narrativa, concedendo maggiori libertà creative al team di sviluppo, che si sono riflesse in personaggi secondari molto ben caratterizzati e in nuove dinamiche di gioco perlopiù riuscite, ad eccezione dei pedinamenti.
Tommaso PuglieseJun 20, 2019
Judgment raggiunge il verdetto superando la maggior parte delle perplessità che ne avevano accompagnato lo sviluppo: i nuovi elementi investigativi non rivoluzionano il gameplay e restano legati a specifiche situazioni, ma riescono nell'intento di mischiare le carte in tavola e differenziare l'esperienza rispetto ai vari episodi di Yakuza.
Сергей ЦилюрикJun 20, 2019
В целом же Judgment ближе всего к Yakuza 6: там серия перешла на новый движок, на котором ощущала себя странновато, тут — пытается открыть для себя новые механики, которые работают не то чтобы хорошо. Обе игры вытаскивают сценарий и побочные задания — это все еще не уровень блистательной Yakuza 0, но все равно очень достойно. Обеим я бы дал 7.5, но в этом случае округлю все же в меньшую сторону. Когда-нибудь игры Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio смогут эволюционировать и в плане геймплея, но не сегодня.
Denis KoshelevJul 04, 2019
Judgment – монументальная игра, прохождение которой займёт у вас не один десяток часов. Её можно назвать идеальной стартовой точкой не только для тех, кто не знает, с какой стороны подойти к серии Yakuza, но и для тех, кто в принципе с недоверием относится новинкам из Японии. Как детектив, она весьма поверхностна, но это не умаляет других её достоинств. Ещё один тайтл в копилку шедевров от Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.
Ahmet ÖzçilingirJul 08, 2019
Judgment çok keyifli dövüş mekanikleri ve film tadında ilerleyen hikayesi, Kamurocho'da yapabileceğiniz tuhaf ama eğlenceli etkinliklerle öne çıkan bir oyun. Hikaye odaklı oyunları sevenler için güzel bir alternatif olabilir. Yakuza serisini sevmeyen oyuncuların ise uzak durmasında fayda var.
Rox van der HelmJul 03, 2019
Onderaan de streep blijft een sterk product staan. Judgment heeft een spannend verhaal, toffe personages en een fijne mix van gameplay-elementen. Het ene moment praat je met iemand, het andere moment onderzoek je iets om vervolgens met vijanden te vechten alsof je leven er van af hangt. Judgment is nooit saai. Het is alleen jammer dat baanbrekende gameplay-elementen ontbreken en Judgment daardoor soms aanvoelt als een project dat tĂŠ makkelijk is afgerond, terwijl er zoveel meer in had gezeten.
Rick OttenJun 25, 2019
Wellicht het het grootste compliment dat ik Judgment kan geven, is dat ik gedurende het verhaal die oprechte goedzak van een Kiryu nauwelijks miste. Tuurlijk, Tak heeft niet direct de charme van onze vriendelijke reus. Wel biedt zijn meer gegronde persoonlijkheid, en zijn rol als privé detective een frisse nieuwe invalshoek - zonder écht van de Yakuza formule te wijken. Het mag dan een ander naampje hebben, maar Judgment behoort absoluut in het rijtje betere Yakuza-games.
سینا گلاب‌ زادهJun 27, 2019
در قالب بازی Judgment، تلاش شده تا با ایجاد تغییراتی در نحوه روایت داستان و افزودن قسمت‌های جدید به گیم‌پلی، صورت جدیدی از سری یاکوزا و شهر کاموروچو به بازیکنان نشان داده شود و خوشبختانه سازندگان در این راه اثری استاندارد و قابل قبول را ارائه داده‌اند. Judgment برای طرفداران همیشگی سری یاکوزا حتی بدون قهرمان محبوب و همیشگی، تجربه‌ای خوشایند خواهد بود و برای کسانی که به دلایل مختلفی سالها به سراغ این سری نرفته‌اند، می‌تواند شروع خوبی باشد تا برای تجربه سری جدید یاکوزا با قهرمانی جدید آماده شوند.
Gam_erJun 28, 2019
Som naozaj smutný, že tu stále nemáme pokračovanie Sleeping Dogs, ktorého sa zrejme už nedočkáme. Práve to bola totiž japonská záležitosť podľa môjho gusta. Ak niečo podobné hľadáte v Judgment, určite sa hre oblúkom vyhnite. Ak však fandíte Yakuze, z veľkej časti viete, čo by ste mohli očakávať a štúdio Ryu Ga Gotoku vás nesklame. Dostanete silný a veľmi kvalitný príbeh doplnený známou hrateľnosťou a novinkami, ktoré so sebou prináša detektívne vyšetrovanie prípadov.