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Chandler WoodJul 27, 2015
Journey is minimalist to allow you to fill in those gaps with your own emotion and experience — to apply your personal situation and make the story your own. It’s a simple beauty, but one that shines brightly and now has the opportunity to be played by millions more thanks to its stunning upgrade to PS4, with beautiful lighting and environments that impress.
Peter ParasAug 03, 2015
I played Journey a number of times when it was released on PS3. I even watched others play. And it was no less engaging to see how such a seemingly straightforward adventure always felt different, with every playthrough. Playing again on the PS4 was, is, and continues to be just as remarkable as it was three years ago. Oh, and if you purchased it on the PS3, you now own it on the PS4. Hazaa!
Jim SterlingJul 22, 2015
Journey is a defiant bridge between art and game, managing to emotionally connect without being cloying, and succeeding in being mysterious without becoming pretentiously vague and obfuscating. Journey’s interactive, visual, and aural elements work together, rather than fight with each other, in order to provide a flowing, seamless, influential, and utterly exhilarating experience.
Marty SlivaJul 23, 2015
With strong environmental storytelling, powerful music, and an emotional ending, it is absolutely a classic of the modern adventure genre. If you missed it on PS3, do yourself a favor and experience it on PS4. If you did play on PS3, you now own it on PS4, so this minimal graphical update is an excellent excuse to revisit it.
Matt WhittakerJul 23, 2015
Out of all the shiny coats of paint last generation’s titles have received on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this is the title that demonstrates why visual upgrades can be important. Because Journey is a title whose art design weighs so heavily on the deeply emotional response it elicits from its players, making that art even stronger serves to underline its purpose. Those who haven’t taken the two-hour journey to the mountain top yet should stop what they’re doing and dive in. Journey really is that good.
Kevin VanOrdJul 23, 2015
It is simply a beautiful game with a glorious soundtrack, grounded by a wistful cello melody later threaded through a warm quilt of winds and strings. The chance you might be swept away, however, makes it worth plunging your feet into the warm sand. If you are returning to Journey, a higher resolution and a higher frame rate are your ostensible rewards for returning--a return that doesn't cost you anything if you already own the game on the PlayStation 3.
William SchwartzJul 21, 2015
Whether you judge Journey on its satisfying palette of beautiful art, it’s mold breaking twist on multiplayer, or its unique method or story telling, you’ll be hard pressed to find many faults with Jenova Chen’s latest vision. It might be That Game Company’s best targeted game for the core gaming audience, but with that said, it does come in a tad on the short side when speaking to the game’s length.
Gillen McAllisterAug 02, 2015
In return journeys, we've had people working with us to solve puzzles, point out secrets or just sit and wait on us as we finished a trawl through each area. It heightens the climax of the adventure, as characters who previously leant into each other to charge their scarves now come together for basic body warmth. In the era of competitive multiplayer, it's an experience still unique and worth savouring.
gamesTMSep 24, 2015
Journey is an essential game for any PS4 owner. It’s as much a part of the PlayStation legacy as Ico is, as Shadow Of The Colossus is. Its place in PlayStation legend goes beyond its similar presentation and taps into something more sublime, something more exhilarating. It’s a game built of small touches, of small ideas that feed into something much larger than the sum of its parts. It’s a game that oozes spirit, and intelligence. It’s a game that you absolutely should play.
Thom ComptonMar 13, 2017
Journey is a masterpiece, one that still holds up well years after it came out. It's indicative of the industry that there still doesn't feel like there's anything else like it. Many could call it the original walking simulator, but in reality, it was a game that proved that what we perceive as a game or not may be wildly wrong. It's hard to find an experience that can make being wrong so enjoyable.
Robert RamseyJul 22, 2015
A sumptuous art style and a stunning soundtrack fuse to create an experience that's flawless from start to finish. Its story never utters a word, yet it has more to say than most scripts, and its handling of social interaction eschews tradition in favour of eye-opening anonymous bonding. Enhanced visuals and a silky smooth framerate made possible courtesy of the PS4's power make this the definitive edition of the release, and put simply, Journey is still one of the greatest games ever made.
Neil BoltJul 22, 2015
Whether you played and enjoyed Journey before or are curious to see what the fuss is all about, the PS4 version provides a great excuse to experience one of PSN's greatest titles for a first or second time.
Hannah DouglassJul 27, 2015
Most appropriately – and perhaps most impressively – the game conveys this without a uttering a single word. It's a calming yet thought-provoking title with a unified aesthetic and a unique style, so an expedition in its striking world is strongly encouraged.
Ramón VarelaJul 22, 2015
No podemos negar que todo lo que rodea a este título de thatgamecompany gira sobre la subjetividad y no tanto de analizar el diseño de niveles, su control, la profundidad de acciones o las horas frente a la pantalla. Journey tiene otras pretensiones y, como concluimos en el primer análisis, es bueno que se exploren nuevas ideas alejadas de la corriente comercial. Hay suficiente catálogo para contentar a todos los jugadores.
Alberto LloretJul 22, 2015
Tampoco podíamos dejar de rememorar su banda sonora, a cargo de Austin Wintory, que no necesita remasterización y sigue siendo el broche perfecto para el juego. Es el complemento perfecto para un juego minimalista en lo visual y lo sonoro, que echa el resto con unas composiciones de las que tocan, emocionan y pueden hacer llorar en conjunción con el mensaje del juego y lo que pasa en pantalla. Un logro que muy pocos juegos son capaces de alcanzar. Ah, y como en PS3, también contará con edición física, que llegará en septiembre.
Pablo González TaboadaJul 22, 2015
Con otros juegos, habríamos dicho que más contenido habría sido de agradecer; pero Journey está bien tal cual es, sabiendo eso sí lo que vais a jugar: un título sin acción alocada o salvaje; sin regeneración de salud, criaturas del averno o escenarios fotorrealistas. Esto es una experiencia que puede gustar más, o menos, pero que merece ser al menos probada una vez por cualquier persona que diga disfrutar con esto de los videojuegos.
Alberto PastorJul 23, 2015
Sin novedades más allá de las pertinentes mejoras gráficas, Journey en PlayStation 4 continúa siendo la gran obra maestra que nos cautivó en el año 2012. Hablamos de un sorprendente viaje a los confines de la imaginación, un periplo breve pero de una intensidad audiovisual irrepetible. Si no lo disfrutaste en PS3, ni lo dudes. Pocos videojuegos te emocionarán del modo en el que lo hace Journey.
Juan GarciaJul 27, 2015
Corto pero intenso y, sobre todo, memorable. No se puede decir que Journey explote las capacidades técnicas de PS4, ni que tampoco thatgamecompany se haya roto la cabeza a la hora de añadir mejoras o modificaciones al original, pero aún con esas, seguimos estando ante una de esas experiencias que todo jugón debería experimentar una vez en la vida.
Jörg LuiblJul 28, 2015
Hier hat eine ungewöhnliche Idee ein komplettes Design bestimmt. Man spürt in jeder Sekunde die künstlerische Vision, wird Teil einer Komposition aus Musik und Monumentalität. Man staunt wie ein Kind, wenn man über die feinsandigen Dünen surft oder mit Stoffdrachen zur nächsten Ruine fliegt. Hoffentlich kann thatgamecompany irgendwann nochmal daran anknüpfen.
Florian HuvierJul 22, 2015
Envoûtant, presque hypnotisant, Journey est une expérience colorée tout droit sortie du cerveau inventif de thatgamecompany...De la musique aux graphismes, revus pour le portage sur next-gen, tout est réuni pour faire de Journey l'un des plus beaux jeux de la PS4, s'il n'avait pas la malheureuse tare d'être bien trop court pour nous faire profiter à fond d'une aventure qui aurait pu s'annoncer émouvante s'il elle durait plus longtemps.
Julien HubertJul 21, 2015
Journey est un véritable chef d'oeuvre. Une sublime expérience poétique dans laquelle tous les éléments vidéoludiques se conjuguent à la perfection pour créer un voyage inoubliable. Cette version PS4 ajoute une résoltion 1080p et un frame rate de 60 images/seconde, ce qui est appréciable mais reste un détail tant l'oeuvre originelle tutoie la perfection. Un jeu éternellement splendide à mettre entre toutes les mains, hier, aujourd'hui et demain.
Matthieu HurelMar 07, 2012
Pur spectacle limitant au minimum les interactions et les indications, le titre de thatgamecompany sera trop court et trop simple pour certains ou parfaitement rythmé et immédiatement accessible pour d'autres, mais sa beauté formelle et tous ses passages étincelants ne laisseront pas grand monde indifférent.
la_redactionJul 23, 2015
Thatgamecompany conclut son incursion exclusive sur le PSN de la plus belle des manières, en nous offrant Journey, un nouvel ovni vidéoludique au charme ravageur. En utilisant encore une fois des mécanismes simples et accessibles à tous, les développeurs renouvellent leur prouesse, délivrant ainsi une expérience poétique menée de main de maître. Le voyage est certes court, mais la réussite est totale, le jeu vous immergeant directement en plein cœur de son univers chiadé, porté par des graphismes somptueux et une musique enchanteresse.
André HenriquesJul 30, 2015
Poderoso e encantador, Journey é um título que todos deveriam vivenciar, independentemente da sua idade e apreciação por videojogos. Mais que um jogo, é uma experiência, algo que nos marca e nos faz recordar a capacidade que o entretenimento tem de nos comover. Caso não tenham tido oportunidade de jogar em 2012, então está é a altura ideal para embarcar num jogo comporto por bastantes "detalhes".
Nicolas SangalliJul 21, 2015
Nonostante il tempo Journey affascina e conquista come la prima volta, tornando oggi su PlayStation 4 con una riedizione splendida che ci ricorda il motivo del successo al suo debutto originale. Una "ristampa" eccellente che dà nuova vita al fascino immutato dell’avventura del nostro viaggiatore preferito.
Antonio FucitoJul 21, 2015
Journey è un viaggio che va a colpire i sensi, ammalia e rapisce perché propone un'atmosfera e un impianto artistico raramente visti in un videogioco, riesce a trasmettere a chi lo gioca la "fatica" del protagonista principale nel raggiungere la sua agognata meta. Il vento, la sabbia, le luci e i colori sono proposti con una morbidezza e un senso estetico fuori dal comune, che assieme ad una colonna sonora azzeccata ed evocativa completano un contesto che non può far altro che portarci a consigliare caldamente un'esperienza del genere.
Mohammad FahmiAug 12, 2015
Journey merupakan sebuah game singkat yang tidak diciptakan untuk dimainkan sekali saja. Game ini merupakan sebuah pengalaman yang sangat cocok untuk kamu ulangi di waktu-waktu tertentu. Bahkan memulai hari dengan bermain Journey bisa menjadi sebuah motivasi yang baik untukmu. Jika kamu khawatir tidak bisa bermain Journey dengan lancar karena internet yang buruk. Kamu tidak perlu takut karena dengan koneksi yang sangat pas-pasan sekalipun, Journey tetap bisa dimainkan dengan lancar bersama pemain lain di luar sana.
Emin ÇıtakJul 27, 2015
Bunca güzel sözün ardından istemeye istemeye oyunun tek kötü yönünü ele almak zorunda kalıyorum. Bu büyük bir sır değil: Journey kısa. Hani öyle böyle değil, kısacık. Bekli öyle olması gerekiyordu, belki uzun olsa bunca duyguyu bize yaşatamayacaktı ama kısa işte… İnsan en azından birkaç saat daha sürsün istiyor, hiç bitmesin istiyor.Özetle, eğer daha önce hiç oynamadıysanız ve bu macerayı merak ediyorsanız PlayStation 4 için ufak geliştirmelerle gelen Journey’i gözünüz kapalı satın alabilirsiniz.
Lars PaymansJul 29, 2015
Of het nu het unieke coöperatieve aspect is, de waanzinnig mooie omgevingen, de muziek die naadloos aansluit op de gameplay of een combinatie van dit alles, we kunnen je geen warmere aanbeveling geven dan om een avondje vrij te maken voor Journey. Zet je telefoon uit, doe de gordijnen dicht en zet een koptelefoon op en laat jezelf onderdompelen in deze unieke videogame, die je simpelweg een keer gespeeld moet hebben.
Marc De HaasJul 23, 2015
Hoewel Journey niet voor iedereen is weggelegd, is een erg bijzondere ervaring die je niet vaak tegenkomt. Waar het de fantasie van de speler op het gebied van verhaal zelf veel laat invullen, begeleidt de muziek en de grafische pracht en praal jou op je reis door de eenzame woestijn.
David GrundströmJul 22, 2015
Med en underbar stämning som pulserar i varenda vrå av spelet - från dess utseende tills dess läte - är det svårt att inte rekommendera det för samtliga ägare av en Playstation 3 eller 4. Det finns ingenting nytt med nyutgåvan som ger dig en anledning att spela om det på Playstation 4 - annat än att få vandra igen. Men för vissa kan det tänkas ta magin ifrån den originella resan. Utöver lite pacing-problem, speciellt framåt slutet, är Journey väldigt nära en fullpoängare.