Jamestown+ for PlayStation 4


Mar 17, 2015
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Developer: Final Form Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Mars is waiting... bring your friends.

Brave the hostile Martian frontier armed with 1619's finest steampunk weaponry, where only those with fast reflexes will endure. Join a crack team where your survival hinges on your fellow players - as long as one of you lives, your squad can be brought back to life.

With new ships and levels, this is the definitive version of a co-op classic. Win or lose, your team will do it together.

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Ramesh Berkhout

Ramesh Berkhout

Jan 17, 2022

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Erren VanDuineMar 24, 2015
Jamestown+ is fairly straightforward though, all things considered. The game does offer local multiplayer up to four people which adds a fun cooperative play element to the mix when you consider the story mode is actually quite short. Even with the added content in this new version you’ll find yourself clearing through rather quickly. ...If anything, it’s a fun little distraction calling back to the classic games of yesteryear. Fans of bullet hell certainly won’t be disappointed.
KimMar 25, 2015
Despite not being able to play through all the levels on “normal” mode, it didn’t detract from any of the enjoyment of Jamestown+. It may not have snazzy next-gen graphics, and there may not be many levels, but the high replayability factor of this game is perhaps in its simplicity. With its responsive controls and addictive arcade gameplay, the game is good at making you want to play again and again, encouraging you to unlock the next upgrade or beat your last score.
Ryan OehrliApr 13, 2015
Jamestown+ has a great foundation in that it's an extremely addictive and equally challenging shmup, whether you're playing alone or with friends. The inclusion of a store and some forced backtracking does take away from the experience, but at the end of the day, blowing stuff up is just so satisfying. Those who are able to get past its occasionally tedious attitude will find bullet hell bliss.

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