Insane Robots for PlayStation 4

Insane Robots

Jul 10, 2018
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Developer: Playniac
Content Rating: Everyone


Fight to the DEATH in this unique card battler. Compete in intense one-on-one duels. Lead a riotous robot rebellion through randomly generated survival arenas. Overthrow a malevolent robot despot in the epic 15+ hour single-player campaign. Insane Robots is card battling... HACKED! Master the 22 token battle deck and develop your strategies in super-accessible local two-player, online two-player, and single-player robotic skirmishes. Deploy HACKS and GLITCHES in the heat of battle. Use all your cunning to terminate the competition. Climb the leaderboards and conquer the robot world! Battle with a collection of 46+ deliciously diverse robots in five hostile environments. Augment the devious droids as you go, to become increasingly formidable. Embark on an epic journey filled with peril and twists as a decaying robot dystopia reveals itself over eight replayable tournaments. Trade cutting, robotic insults as you fight. Obliterate the competition in relentless overkill!

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Matt AdcockJul 16, 2018
Insane Robots is a classy and fun new spin on a tried and tested concept. It runs like a dream on the PS4, looks nice, and is entertaining both solo or in local multiplayer.
Dylan BishopJul 16, 2018
All in all, Insane Robots’ character and map designs are cute, and the grid overworld meta keeps the downtime interesting. The wide smattering of augments are a neat way to differentiate each fight. It’s hard to ignore that the experience is marred by a trove of RNG dependencies. It feels a little too random at times, bordering less on “cool card game” and more on “Pengu1n of D00M.”
Scott SullivanJul 21, 2018
There are things to like about the game though, and its clear that Playniac has put effort into the game as a whole based on the overall package. It just feels like the effort was misdirected, as the combat, for a game that is so focused on it, bored me to proverbial tears at points. For those who enjoy card battlers, you may find something to enjoy with Insane Robots, but if you’re looking for a little more depth, you may want to look elsewhere.

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