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Rosh KellyJan 16, 2018
Wonderfully inventive, InnerSpace is a very interesting game. Although it is regrettably missing something to keep the players coming back, it is a lovely, gentle, and relaxing game.
Alexander ThomasJan 16, 2018
InnerSpace is a minimalist flight exploration game that sets out to tell a big story with almost no words at all. With an intriguing art style, easy to use flight controls, and an overall memorable experience, InnerSpace is a relaxing departure from the usual “run-n-gun” games we play about high speed/high stakes content.
Matthew ArrojasJan 26, 2018
InnerSpace is a difficult game to recommend. It’s infuriatingly frustrating at times. If I hadn’t been reviewing it, I probably would have stopped playing long before the end. However, there are a few small things that almost made the extreme lows bearable. The controls are hard to get used to at first, but once you do it’s an absolute joy to fly around the world of InnerSpace.
Liam CroftJan 16, 2018
InnerSpace feels like it rewards players more as a relaxation tool than as a game that grows and evolves through core progress. Indeed, its story is stimulating, the gameplay itself is serviceable, and the presentation is mesmerising, but it just feels a little too lacking as a full package. InnerSpace is worth a look if you find yourself intrigued, but be prepared for an experience that doesn’t quite feel fully realised.
Blake GrundmanJan 16, 2018
Before wrapping up, I’d be remise if I didn’t show some love to the game’s soundtrack. It does a fantastic job of augmenting the moment-to-moment gameplay. The closer a ship gets to an artifact or key environmental obstacle, the more the music creeps into the foreground. Each stage is in its own musical key that helps define the overall tone and continuously adds layers of complexity as it nears completion.
Nicola Ardron Jan 18, 2018
InnerSpace is a visually stunning game that ultimately fails to connect. It wants the player to explore and uncover its secrets, but places them in an environment that is deliberately confusing to the point of frustration.
OfisilFeb 15, 2019
InnerSpace is beautiful... and that's all there is to say about it, because, as much as exploration games go, there are far better alternatives out there - with none of them feeling as disorienting as this one.
Sergio MartínJan 22, 2018
Es una lástima que los desarrolladores no hayan sido capaces de afinar un poco más con la propuesta jugable que presenta esta obra porque, de haberlo hecho, estaríamos hablando de un título que podría mirar a la cara a obras como el citado Journey o Abzu. Una estética tan bonita y una concepción de juego tan brillante merecían una mejor ejecución.
Benjamin SchmädigJan 16, 2018
Dass das Abenteuer nicht besonders lang oder vielseitig ist und man nicht immer die volle Kontrolle über den eigenen Flieger hat, ist natürlich schade. Das kann dem Entdecken der teils wunderschönen Höhlen aber weniger anhaben als es vielleicht klingt. Denn unterm Strich habe ich die Zeit in dieser einzigartigen Welt genossen. Denn das Schweben und Tauchen, das Verbessern der Flugzeuge sowie das Entdecken erzählerischer Stichpunkte beim Drehen und Wenden der Fundstücke verleiht InnerSpace eine ebenso einzigartige wie vereinnahmende Eleganz.
KaarajJan 17, 2018
Avec son univers paisible, non punitif et incitant à l'exploration et la découverte, InnerSpace est une aventure pleine de bonnes intentions taillée pour les joueurs en recherche d'expériences reposantes et d'univers dévoilant leurs mystères à pas feutrés. Il peine toutefois à captiver à cause du manque de clarté de ses objectifs qui vous obligera régulièrement à tourner en rond, quitte à explorer jusqu'à l’écœurement une map que vous pensiez pourtant déjà avoir écumée en long, en large et en travers.
Nicolò BicegoFeb 19, 2018
Innerspace non è certamente un gioco per tutti: punta tutto su un'esplorazione pura e cruda, senza mappe o sostituti ad aiutare il giocatore, rendendo quindi facile perdersi o non capire dove andare o cosa fare. Alcune persone potrebbero essere affascinate da questa premessa; probabilmente, invece, la maggior parte dei giocatori ne sarà spaventata. Per coloro che oseranno dargli una possibilità, però, Innerspace li porterà in un mondo visivamente impressionante, dove colori sgargianti e vivaci li condurranno per mano in una storia onirica e surreale.


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