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Chandler WoodMar 20, 2014
inFAMOUS Second Son isn’t a perfect game. ...You can feel the passion that each person at Sucker Punch has for their individual role as each element solidifies and interfaces into an extremely well made game overall. While it may not be remembered for bringing anything new to the table in terms of overall mechanics, Sucker Punch have certainly set a benchmark for how games should incorporate the power of the PS4 to fuse all elements of a game and make one strikingly solid experience.
Blair InglisMar 20, 2014
Second Son is very much an inFamous game. It doesn’t stray off the series’ beaten path too much, but there are enhancements in terms of gameplay and some stunning effects put to good use to create the PS4’s most fun and best looking game yet. While the narrative might not have the same impact as previous games, it’s somewhat more of a down-to-earth tale of an ordinary man with extraordinary powers, and that’s an exciting new direction for the series to take.
Matt WalkerMar 20, 2014
inFAMOUS: Second Son is a title you need to own. It exemplifies what is to come from next-gen while keeping the game rooted in pure simple fun. ...Second Son doesn’t scratch the surface, it blows a damn hole through it, and you will enjoy every time a new hole is made. ...Second Son paves the path for next-gen capabilities by being the best there is at what it does.
Stephen GillespieJun 04, 2014
Speaking both metaphorically and literally, inFAMOUS Second Son just lacks that spark. On one hand, everything is good but it’s lacking that special something. Examples of this include how the game is a graphical show piece, but it lacks the attention to detail and the little touches you see in other (better) open world titles – the game has everything it needs but not enough to make it truly excel.
Sammy BarkerMar 20, 2014
Bursting with more attitude than a high school hardcore band, this out-of-control excursion effortlessly nails the sensation of possessing superpowers. It may put its plot forward a little too forcefully at first, but persevere and you’ll be richly rewarded with an appetising roster of outlandish abilities. While it does little to push the open world format forward, this is still a series that’s very much in bloom.
Andrew ReinerMar 20, 2014
I like the way that Infamous Second Son splinters off from the first two entries in the series. Delsin’s conduit ability creates uncertainty in the gameplay mechanics, and the choices he makes apply similar levels of ambiguity to the narrative arc. I never really grasped what was coming next from this tale, outside of knowing that the open world activities and encounters would be repeated ad nauseam.
Danny CowanMar 20, 2014
...Second Son maintains a steady growth in difficulty throughout, allowing players to rise to the challenge by progressing through its skill tree at their own pace. ...Second Son is polished and refined enough to make previous series entries feel dated in comparison. It represents a great leap forward both in terms of gameplay and in graphical fidelity, and establishes a high standard for what players can expect from the PlayStation 4.
Mike WilliamsMar 20, 2014
Infamous: Second Son is the first real reason to jump completely into the next-generation of consoles. If you wanted to show someone what next-gen can do, this is the game to show them, with great image quality and amazing lighting/particle effects on display. A magnificently-realized Seattle is your playground and players have a host of abilities to run, fly, and fight across it. Delsin Rowe is a charismatic protagonist and the Sucker Punch has pulled out all the stops on PlayStation 4 to make his first adventure a fun one. It's not perfect, but hopefully we see him again.
Edge StaffMar 20, 2014
As an open-world game, Second Son feels emaciated. ...Approach it as an action game that just happens to be set in a nonlinear environment and it makes more sense, but its not-inconsiderable achievements take effort to uncover. By the time you’ve gained the full suite of powers, though, it’s easy to forget its shaky first steps and impossible not to share Rowe’s vocal enthusiasm each time he does something spectacular. And Sucker Punch provides plenty of opportunities to do so.
Kevin DunsmoreMar 24, 2014
inFamous: Second Son is the first next-gen game that signals we’re in a new generation of gaming. It isn’t just the amazing visuals that make inFamous: Second Son feel so good, but also the varied gameplay and rich open-world of Seattle. The story and morality system may not be up to par with the previous inFamous games, but Second Son excels at everything else it tries to do.
Jim SterlingMar 20, 2014
It should be said that Second Son is a thoroughly gorgeous game to look at. Lighting is incredible, each of the powers are brimming with spectacular special effects, and reflections on passing vehicles are particularly stunning. Despite talk of visual downgrading since its first public reveal, Second Son delivers in the visual department. The same holds true for audio, with an impressive soundtrack that kicks in at just the right moments, and that aforementioned brilliant voice cast.
PolarisMar 26, 2014
Tom Mc SheaMar 20, 2014
Second Son focuses on pure enjoyment. It communicates that through the excellent combat that forces you to concoct crazy tactics to overthrow the invading forces. ...And yet, for all of the elements in which Second Son excels, the narrative fails to carry its share of the weight. ...Instead, just laugh at the cheesy dialogue and chortle at how extreme the morality system is. Second Son is a great game that knows exactly what it is, and sucks you in with its unfiltered fun.
Daniel BischoffMar 20, 2014
Regardless, Delsin is an intensely likable character with a unique background and the ability to form bonds with the player and the characters that shape the campaign, but his journey is stronger for its unique setting and gorgeous move set. ...For fans, it really won’t matter, as Second Son feels like the start of what could be a longstanding PS4 franchise that may rival other open-world originators with the right improvements.
Glenn GordonMar 20, 2014
No game is perfect, but I have spent a lot of time trying to think of a reasonable, significant complaint to hold with Second Son. ...inFAMOUS: Second Son looks brilliant, sounds brilliant, and plays like a dream. I just finished it, and I already want to play it again. Few games have made me put down my controller at the end and say, “Now THAT was awesome.” inFAMOUS: Second Son has proven itself a rare gem by being one of those games.
Adam SesslerMar 20, 2014
Chris CarterMar 20, 2014
Second Son is by far the best inFamous yet. If you're a fan of the series, then checking this one out is a no-brainer, and if you're not, consider jumping in with Delsin. You don't need any prior knowledge of the franchise to do so, and if you have any appreciation of open-world superhero games, you'll enjoy it.
Luke BrownMar 26, 2014
Even though Sucker Punch still hasn’t evolved the moral narrative of the Infamous series, Second Son is thoroughly enjoyable game. The abilities are awe-inspiring, the combat is easy to understand and master, but most of all, it’s fun to play. ...We can only hope that next time around, we actually feel the weight of our decisions, and are compelled to choose by more than carrots at the ends of ropes.
Jeff GerstmannMar 20, 2014
Infamous: Second Son is brief, but engaging. The combat itself is interesting enough to cover for some of the repetition in the side objectives and it looks really great. If you're looking for a sprawling open-world with a billion little things to do, this isn't going to float your boat, but Second Son's tight, focused approach definitely still holds plenty of appeal.
Shawn PetraschukMar 20, 2014
I truly can’t say enough good things about inFAMOUS: Second Son. A winning combination of great gameplay, challenging combat, solid acting, gorgeous visuals and more makes it one of the PlayStation 4’s absolute must own titles. When you play games as a reviewer it is more than refreshing to actually come across a game that you can’t put down and such was the case with Second Son.
Philip KollarMar 20, 2014
It had a chance to be a superhero game about more serious issues as well as a showcase for the power of the new generation of consoles. Instead, Second Son is more of the Infamous I already loved last generation, prettier, with more powers and better writing. But Second Son still kept me excited to discover each new power set and happy to shoot fireballs at fascist thugs long into the night. Maybe it's not so bad to just let go of responsibility and blow stuff up once in a while.
Lawrence SonntagMar 23, 2014
Mitchell SaltzmanMar 20, 2014
If what you’re expecting is a much, much prettier version of Infamous 2, albeit with a frustrating mechanic of switching between your powers, then you’ll likely be happy with what you get in Second Son. If you’re thinking that a leap to a new console generation should mean more than just a leap in graphical fidelity, then I welcome you into my boat.
Hollander CooperMar 20, 2014
If you're looking for a next-gen showpiece to demonstrate the power of PlayStation 4, inFamous: Second Son will definitely do the trick--it looks great, plays well, and gives you a dozen or so hours of city to explore. The gameplay itself isn't all that revolutionary, but the stellar presentation and enjoyable characters assure you'll enjoy your trip to Seattle--even if you'll wish there was more to do there.
Tamoor HussainMar 20, 2014
InFamous Second Son inherits a lot from its predecessors but offers too little to the mix. Rowe himself holds the game together, while the satisfying traversal and combat mechanics show flashes of excellence. ...As one of the first major first-party releases for PlayStation 4, Second Son leaves a lot to be desired. Disappointingly, it's a game that clearly has one foot still planted firmly in the last-gen. This isn't the InFamous the PS4 deserves, but the one fans need right now.
Daniel BloodworthMar 20, 2014
InFamous: Second Son is visually stunning with rocking dynamic music to boot, but with its repetitive side-tasks, the finely crafted Seattle streets feel a bit lacking in things to do. Nevertheless, the game's characters and core story arc holds strong. The varied and eccentric powers give you a lot to experiment with, and you truly feel like a super-hero with the city at your fingertips.
ScrewAttack!Apr 02, 2014
Jamie TrincaMar 20, 2014
The chore of getting to activities becomes the thrill of aiming vaguely for a map marker and dive-bombing some gits in a fabulous fluorescent explosion of justice. Hundred-percenting an area no longer takes frustrated hours, but exhilarating minutes. It utterly changes the game. Arduous no more. Underwhelming no more. Fun. Joy. In InFamous. The novelty alone is worth a punt.
Steve WattsMar 20, 2014
Despite that surprise, and my reservations about borrowing liberally from previous games, I was left satisfied. This is an Infamous game through and through, and I'd like to have seen Sucker Punch venture further from its comfort zone. Still, Second Son holds its own as a fundamentally sound entry that makes great strides in presentation thanks to a new console.
Mary-Anne LeeMar 21, 2014
And it’s not just because they look great on the next-gen console. Second Son’s characters probably have the best facial expressions to ever be seen in a game so far, and they traverse a world that is huge, realistic, and impossible to digest in one sitting. No, it’s mostly because of how real the characters feel. ...And that, I believe, is really the heart of Infamous Second Son, and will be what moves the game and even more units of the Playstation 4 console.
Ken McKownMar 26, 2014
inFamous: Second Son is a gorgeous game that will definitely satiate PS4 owners starving for a new title for their collection. I still feel like it falls short of being that system-seller everyone has been waiting for, but those already invested definitely need to pick it up. Linear story and forced morality don’t tear down the otherwise fantastic experience. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of mowing down hundreds of enemies with glorious super powers?
Oli WelshMar 20, 2014
Overall, it's good clean fun - so it's a shame that Second Son suffers from a consistent failure of imagination in how it's put together. ...As pretty and playable as it is, in no sense is inFamous: Second Son a post-Grand Theft Auto 5 open-world game. It's just a tidier, shorter and shinier one. It's easy to enjoy and has a winning personality, but it's reluctant to deviate from a stale streetmap of game city. It's no rebel, then. In fact, it's a conformist.
Nick PantazisMar 24, 2014
There is no question to me that inFamous: Second Son is the best game in its franchise. The important changes to the combat system alone would make that true, and the better characters and great visuals go a long way. Unfortunately the game is held back by the same problems which have always held inFamous back. The side content is just not good at all, and the city is actually a step back from the more vibrant New Marais. If you have a PlayStation 4 and you enjoy superhero games, Second Son is a no brainer, but it's not the revolution the series really needed.
David MeiklehamMar 20, 2014
Mechanically, the game often sings, in spite of rare framerate hiccups. With such a convincing set of powers in place, the next inFamous could finally be the truly great hero you deserve. In the meantime, you’ll just have to put up with the merely very good berk in a beanie. Gorgeous, and instantly satisfying to control, inFamous: Second Son shimmers across the screen in a way that simply wasn’t possible on PS3. The core missions lack sparkle, but this sandbox yarn is heroic in full-flow.
Jonas MäkiMar 20, 2014
The story in this third Infamous title is clearly the best in the series and we find ourselves actually caring how everything ends. Coupled with the fact that Rowe becomes more powerful with the additional superpowers, we found it difficult to put the controller down and stop playing. Sure, it would have been better with more varied missions, but ultimately Infamous: Second Son lives up to and surpasses its predecessors.
Wayne SantosMar 24, 2014
Infamous: Second Son is worth the time of PS4 owners. It’s not a long game—the campaign can be wrapped up to 100% completion in 12-15 hours—and the story feels like the good campaign is the canon plot with the evil feeling less consistent. But the powers are polished and improved, the pace moves briskly, and it goes without saying that it is absolutely gorgeous.
nachosjusticeMar 28, 2014
It took me around 10 hours to knock over the main quest on a mostly undistracted play-through (with quite a few deaths), and I fully intend on sinking more hours into the beautifully rendered semi-futuristic world of Seattle. Despite the neat ending afforded by the epilogue, here’s to hoping Sucker Punch will give Delsin a sequel that addresses some of the detractors of Second Son and builds on the awesome foundation it’s laid down for the future of the series
Matt MaguireMar 25, 2014
Second Son's sky-high production values do most of the heavy lifting, but beneath the flash are solid systems and a well-acted story that's easy to recommend to franchise fans and newcomers alike. Extremely crisp, attractive visuals. Excellent face capture and voice acting. Varied, heavy-hitting combat. A very polished offering in almost all respects.
Álvaro CastellanoMar 20, 2014
Second Son funciona a muchos niveles. El nuevo inFamous es una cita muy recomendable tanto para quienes gusten del mundo abierto, como para los que adoren las historias de superhéroes y, definitivamente, también es ideal para los fans del género de acción y aventuras. Con un apartado gráfico asombroso y con una cuidada experiencia jugable, lo nuevo de Sucker Punch sí comienza a darnos las primeras pinceladas de lo que podemos esperar de la nueva generación.
Javi AndrésMar 20, 2014
Una vuelta de tuerca al mismo penetrante tornillo que eran los dos juegos anteriores al fin y al cabo, es decir, un divertidísimo.... A la última pero no vanguardista. Fantásticamente terminado pero no rompedor. Una visita a Seattle totalmente singleplayer y recomendable para jugones que durará bastantes horas y tiene casi todo lo que el fan quería ver y podría esperar.
Diego PazosMar 20, 2014
Si una vez leído todo esto os preguntáis si Infamous: Second Son es, además del mejor de la saga hasta la fecha, capaz de elevarse por sí solo hasta nuevas cotas de grandeza tengo, como se suele decir, una buena y una mala noticia. ...Una ocasión desperdiciada que seguramente todos acabaremos lamentando, aunque como escribió Kurt Cobain en lo que a la postre sería también el canto del cisne del grunge, mejor arder en un instante que consumirse lentamente.
Martin WogerMar 20, 2014
Wo dann aber die Handlung und die Figuren, die erinnerungswürdigen Neben- und Hauptmissionen einsetzen müssten, um mit diesem gelungenen Handwerkszeug etwas genuin Beeindruckendes zu entwerfen, zieht sich Second Son auf zu bekanntes Terrain zurück. Weder das „Gut oder Böse"-Spielchen noch die eigentliche Geschichte bleiben wirklich hängen. Es ist, als hätte inFamous: Second Son etwas zu früh der Mut verlassen, mehr als nur ein ebenso schöner wie schön spielbarer Titel zu sein.
Eike CramerMar 20, 2014
Sucker Punch spielt auf Sicherheit! InFamous Second Son bietet im Vergleich zum Vorgänger fast keine Weiterentwicklungen. Natürlich ist die Kulisse, trotz Rucklern hier und Clippingfehlern da, deutlich hübscher als auf der PS3 - mitunter sogar prachtvoll. ...So verpasst es Second Son, sich bei der Premiere auf PlayStation 4 nicht nur technisch, sondern auch inhaltlich vom durchschnittlichen Vorgänger abzuheben.
MiniblobMar 20, 2014
...inFAMOUS : Second Son est bien le jeu jouissif et dynamique qu'on nous avait promis. Le titre profite pleinement des capacités de la PS4 pour nous en mettre plein les yeux. Son gameplay est intuitif et confère une véritable impression de puissance au joueur qui tient le pad. La seule ombre au tableau tient à sa durée de vie un poil maigrichonne. On s'amuse tellement à contrôler Delsin qu'on aurait aimé que cette découverte de Seattle sous adrénaline dure un peu plus longtemps.
Maxime ChaoMar 21, 2014
La grandeur de la ville de Seattle apporte un sentiment de liberté et de toute puissance qui fait mouche, à laquelle s’ajoute une action frénétique où l’on assiste à une orgie d’effets lumineux et de particules en tous genres qui nous prouve bien qu’on est sur next gen’. La qualité des cinématiques et la modélisation vraiment réussie des personnages contribuent aussi à ce sentiment de satisfaction et prouve qu’inFAMOUS : Second Son n’a pas usurpé sa réputation de beau gosse de la PS4.
Thomas MéreurMar 20, 2014
Avec ce Second Son autant bourré d’énergie qu’un Balisto fourré au Red Bull, les amateurs de super-pouvoirs à la recherche d’action ébouriffante devraient immanquablement prendre leur pied. ...Néanmoins, ils sont tellement nombreux et grisants à découvrir que l’on se laisse facilement prendre au jeu. Bref, Second Son a vraiment ce qu’il faut dans ses manches pour séduire les possesseurs de PlayStation 4. Quant à vous convaincre de vous offrir la machine à lui seul, c’est une autre histoire...
Jorge LoureiroMar 20, 2014
Se o colocarmos lado a lado com o jogo anterior, a maior novidade na jogabilidade de inFamous: Second Son é a variedade de poderes que desta vez temos. A fórmula foi aprimorada, que é o que se pede sempre numa sequela, mas mais importante ainda, é a ilusão de poder criada. No final vão-se sentir como réis da cidade, intocáveis e capazes de enfrentar qualquer desafio, e num jogo que controlamos uma personagem com super-poderes, é essencial que assim o seja.
Filippo FacchettiMar 20, 2014
Nonostante i suoi difetti inFAMOUS: Second Son è un gioco capace di mettere in mostra parte di ciò che possiamo aspettarci dalla PlayStation 4. Se in futuro a un comparto grafico sontuoso e a un gameplay fluido e divertente verranno affiancate anche un'Intelligenza Artificiale all'altezza e una maggiore interattività con gli scenari ci troveremo fra le mani esperienze eccezionali.
Mattia RavanelliMar 20, 2014
inFamous: Second Son è un gran bel gioco d’azione. Di certo il capitolo più rifinito e più equilibrato della serie, a cui rimane fedelissimo per concept e sviluppo del personaggio e delle situazioni proposte. ...una resa visiva spettacolare e lo stimolo a ottenere sempre nuovi poteri da sperimentare. Rimane una certa mancanza di eleganza nelle animazioni e delle missioni secondarie che si lasciano giocare, ma che finiscono per essere quasi tutte identiche.
Sander van DalsumMar 29, 2014
De kracht van deze nieuwe generatie spelcomputers is eventjes zichtbaar dankzij inFamous: Second Son, en dat doet verlangen naar meer. Het verhaal is niet bijster interessant, maar dankzij de onuitputtelijke bron van krachten vlieg je met plezier door de verschillende hoofdstukken heen. Het grafische realisme en de sfeer in de stad zorgen er voor dat Seattle gedurende deze relatief korte periode even je thuis wordt.
Rox van der HelmMar 20, 2014
Doordat InFamous te weinig variatie kent in de gameplay zelf, is dit niet de titel die je uren achter elkaar gaat spelen. Het spel biedt niet het avontuur van een Tomb Raider of Uncharted waar je op zo'n manier ingezogen wordt dat je niet meer kunt stoppen. Maar inFamous: Second Son is wel een goede titel. ...Maar het is niet de titel waarvoor jij speciaal een Playtation 4 in huis haalt. De échte klapper voor de PS4 moet dus nog steeds komen.


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