Hustle Kings VR

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Sammy BarkerFeb 21, 2015
Hustle Kings is hardly the Earl 'The Pearl' Strickland of the billiards simulation world, but it racks up a decent round of eight and nine ball pool – and it does so for free. The microtransactions are well implemented, and actually add a sense of consequence to the online play, but disappointing visuals and ear shattering audio let the overall experience down.
David CaballeroOct 12, 2016
We really wanted a more natural way to explore the environment, more polished graphics and added depth, not to mention customisation options and authenticity. And of course we would like those obstacles and glitches to be eradicated. So it would seem that we're still looking for a pool-based experience which has been designed and developed for VR, and not this adaptation.
Matt MaguireOct 14, 2016
VR versions of existing games don't fare too well in this round-up, but Hustle Kings VR seems a'ight. I haven't played the vanilla game so I can't speak to that, but this version is an mildly enjoyable if sanitised cue ball sim that lets you get close to the action and pull off some pretty fancy shots – perhaps a little too easily at times.
Jordi de VriesOct 12, 2016
De game ziet er verder prima uit, heeft leuke muziek, maar een groot minpunt is het camerastandpunt vanuit waar je aan het werk bent. Daar waar de VR-bril een realistische weergave moet zijn, alsof je in het cafe staat, lijkt het meer alsof je bovenop de pooltafels loopt te dweilen. Voor ons liever een écht potje pool in het café.