Horizon Chase Turbo for PlayStation 4

Horizon Chase Turbo

May 15, 2018
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Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game inspired by the great hits of the 80's and 90's: Out Run, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES), Rush, among others. Each curve and each lap in Horizon Chase Turbo recreates classic arcade gameplay and offers you unbound speed limits of fun. Full throttle on and enjoy!

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Funky Hans

Funky Hans

Jul 24, 2020

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Ken McKownJun 05, 2018
There is a lot of crap to wade through in gaming today. So when something as special and fun as Horizon Chase Turbo comes along, I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops. If you grew up in arcades loving those classic sit-down racing games, this is one you need to play. I cannot wait to spend more time with it, and hope the devs get a chance to make more titles that rekindle my childhood nostalgia.
Joel PetersonJul 20, 2018
I can’t get enough of it. For future iterations it would be cool to see a track editor, and maybe an online multiplayer mode, or some other way to implement variety into the core game since even with various tracks the experience can get tiring and is best served by short bursts of play, but I like what's here. Horizon Chase Turbo succeeds in being a worthy successor to Top Gear and doesn't try to pretend to do much else beyond that.
Jarrett GreenMay 25, 2018
It is a worthy replacement for Out Run, in that it does everything those games did but with a shiny coat of paint and some bells and whistles that are genre-staples nowadays. It doesn’t make any noticeable attempt to improve on that formula in anyway, though. For someone looking for something a little more than sprinting around flat tracks in pretty places (or playing online with your friends) you may be left in the dust.

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