Homefront: The Revolution

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Leon HurleyMay 17, 2016
An interesting change of pace for a first person shooter that has some nice ideas and mechanics, but can’t quite get everything to sing.
Scott ButterworthMay 18, 2016
Ultimately, co-op adds little to the overall package, which is a shame since Homefront definitely needs some help. Its substantial story campaign is impressively rich and its shooting can be tense and fun, but half-baked stealth, an unfulfilling story, and a vast menagerie of technical inadequacies drag the overall experience into disappointing mediocrity.
Lee BradleyMay 20, 2016
There’s some good ideas and nice execution beneath Homefront: The Revolution’s terrible performance and dodgy design. Very occasionally, everything lines up to make for a unique experience. However, the fact that the game was even released in this poor state is terrible.
Rashid SayedMay 18, 2016
I had high expectations from Homefront The Revolution but in the end Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios pushed out a half baked open world shooter that no one will care about in a week or two.
Jeb HaughtMay 25, 2016
Sometimes my job is to play bad games so you don't have to. Homefront: The Revolution is one of those games.
Paulmichael ContrerasMay 19, 2016
Homefront: The Revolution fails to stir any real revolution of its own in the genre of first-person open world games. It still has a unique premise with the notion that a unified Korea could ever overtake the United States, but the game is simply adequate. Couple uninspiring gameplay with occasionally broken physics and stupendously idiotic AI, and this is a purchase for fans of the franchise only. Otherwise, just go play Far Cry.
Reagan CoxMay 19, 2016
Overall, Homefront: The Revolution is a game that I would have a hard time recommending right now. There's a solid shooter in there if you've enjoyed similar titles, but the technical issues it has are unpalatable, especially one as egregious as to keep me from completing the game. If it gets patched up and drops in price a little bit, it would be a much easier sell, but as it stands currently I can't give it the full thumbs up, and that makes me sad considering the hell the dev team was dragged through to bring it to us.
Jaz RignallMay 19, 2016
Homefront: The Revolution is a very ambitious game that has all the ingredients of a blockbuster, but somehow doesn't quite feel fully-baked. The single-player game has aspects that are interesting and challenging, but unfortunately it's let down by average gunplay and flawed AI. Add to that a multiplayer mode that's fun, but limited in scope, and you have a game that falls short of its considerable potential.
Austin WalkerMay 24, 2016
It is a dull game that fails to offer more than passing enjoyment, hitching and glitching all along the way. It offers a middling co-operative mode in a field filled with games trying to innovate in that space. It struggles to say anything--even something bombastic and cartoonish--about crisis, nationality, or revolution. It tries to roar America, but instead coughs out a few, unintelligible grunts.
Patrick TretinaMay 18, 2016
Unfortunately, the storyline, game mechanics, and the audio-visual quality issues just don’t cut it. Homefront: The Revolution is better suited for the bargain bin rather than the hefty price tag AAA games are known for. Hold onto your Andrew Jacksons, as a few solid titles are slated to debut in the coming weeks and months.
Ahmed MohamedMay 20, 2016
Homefront: The Revolution has more problems than I can list, including some illogical design decisions I couldn’t wrap my head around. But it truly executes on some of the good ideas it presents, and redeems itself in its latter half to an extent. Sadly this is not enough to justify 15 to 20 hours of an underwhelming experience on the gameplay side, even with some decent characters and a semi-interesting plot.
Dean JamesMay 19, 2016
Games that go through troubled development periods often have their fair share of problems and Homefront: The Revolution continues to prove that notion. The game does have a lot of potential with a very unique setting and involved weapons system that can make it enjoyable for a little while. However, where it really falters is in the execution as the experience is marred with technical glitches and repetitive missions that make it very difficult to recommend Homefront: The Revolution.
gamesTMJun 30, 2016
It has technical problems – slowed frame-rate, texture pop-in – but they strangely add to the game’s dirty, tired aesthetic. Similarly, the abortive, occasionally messy gunfights feel appropriately amateur. Though the guns themselves are lifted from COD and Battlefield, actually using them feels suitably awkward. But still, Homefront’s masses of open-world content and staid narrative drag it down.
Katrine BaumgardtMay 17, 2016
Our experience with Homefront: The Revolution a mixed one. It was fun at times, and it's certainly challenging. But the negative and frustrating elements, however small they were individually, were numerous, and together they paint a picture of a game that was rushed out the door.
Kieran HarrisMay 18, 2016
After capturing our attention with a strong concept and an intriguing open world, Homefront: The Revolution struggles with the basics: weapons feel unsatisfying to use, side quests are repetitive, characters are under-developed, and the online multiplayer represents a step back for the series. Sadly, for all of its ambition, there's just not much here worth fighting for.
Mick FraserMay 20, 2016
It would be nice to say that Homefront: The Revolution had the potential to be something greater, but sadly that may not be the case. It’s so incredibly grey and generic that it’s hard to imagine that there were many original ideas during the development process. As a result, it was kind of doomed from the start, and this just isn’t the year – or indeed the generation – to leave your A-game at home.
GameCentralMay 17, 2016
Inevitably a day one patch is also being promised, but as it stands now Homefront: The Revolution is not an impressive game. Even if the performance issues are fixed the story and mission design both run out of new ideas long before the end. To the point where you feel like just throwing your lot in with the collaborators and trying to forget the revolution even exists.
Neil BoltMay 17, 2016
A valiant effort has been made to salvage this long troubled game from the doldrums, but despite some good ideas, solid combat, and neat concepts, Homefront: The Revolution suffers for its long gestation more than it benefits from it.
Khari TaylorMay 25, 2016
To conclude, Homefront: The Revolution is not worth your money. On PS4 in particular, it’s barely optimized, poorly designed, probably never made it to QA testing, and so horribly balanced from a gameplay perspective that it’s not even worth finishing. Worst of all, this game is almost certainly the final nail in the coffin of the Homefront franchise, as it’s unlikely any devoted fan will be able to wash enough of this game’s bitter taste out of his or her mouth to give the franchise another chance. But sometimes things have to die so that better things can replace them.
Álvaro CastellanoMay 18, 2016
Posiblemente demasiado ambicioso para las posibilidades de sus creadores, The Revolution no es la secuela de la más alta calidad que esperábamos. Demostrando lo difícil que es a día de hoy hacer bien un juego "estilo Far Cry", Dambuster Studios pone muy buenas ideas sobre la mesa de este segundo Homefront pero no acaba de llevarlas todas a buen puerto por una ejecución que, sin duda, se hubiera beneficiado de unos meses más de desarrollo.
David SorianoMay 17, 2016
A pesar de lo lograda que está la ambientación representando una Estados Unidos conquistada, no es capaz de aportar una variedad de situaciones para su recuperación con el sistema 'Corazones y mentes', aunque sí tendrá un número elevado, por lo que nos dará para muchas horas de juego... haciendo prácticamente lo mismo.
Ramón VarelaMay 18, 2016
No se puede culpar a Dambuster Studios de todos los problemas del juego. Se intuye que Homefront: The Revolution era prometedor y podría dar mucho más de sí con un desarrollo menos accidentado. El argumento nos sigue pareciendo original y merece un juego a la altura.
JuanemMay 24, 2016
Por otro lado hay un fuerte potencial en varias ideas del juego y mentiría si les digo que todo fue sufrimiento al jugar Homefront: The Revolution en el que algunos momentos fueron sumamente placenteros, me duele que el juego no se pueda disfrutar como se debe por sus abundantes problemas pues para nada podría considerarse un bodrio o un producto mal elaborado que, por el contrario, tiene una gran recreación de su concepto que prometía bastante.
Rafael AznarMay 17, 2016
La captura de los llamados puntos estratégicos. La ambientación. Variedad de las misiones. La BSO. Homefront: The Revolution cuenta con buenas ideas que lo hacen distinto dentro de su género, pero su ejecución técnica y jugable no acaba de dar la talla.
Fabien PellegriniMay 19, 2016
A l'heure où DOOM renoue avec les origines du FPS, Homefront : The Revolution délaisse quant à lui l'approche Call of Duty et tente de cocher toutes les cases qui font les shooters modernes : monde ouvert, zones à libérer, corps à looter, système de crafting… Le résultat nous fait passer quelques bons moments, mais il manque tout de même de personnalité, malgré un background "USA envahis par la Corée du Nord" qui sort de l'ordinaire et fait son petit effet.
dafransMay 19, 2016
Tout comme son prédécesseur, ce Homefront est une déception. L’aventure commence pourtant plutôt bien avec un scénario un tantinet cliché, mais une ambiance qui créée un sentiment d’oppression fort chez le joueur. Passé cette bonne surprise, la redondance des mécaniques de gameplay et le manque de renouvellement au niveau des objectifs vient très vite noircir le tableau.
Domenico MusicòOct 01, 2016
The Voice of Freedom svela il retroscena della rivoluzione innescata da Benjamin Walker e caldeggiata dai suoi fedeli poco prima di entrare nella città di Philadelphia. Si tratta di un contenuto breve e che tutto sommato ha un buon ritmo; tuttavia, i molti problemi tecnici solo parzialmente risolti vi costringeranno ad accontentarvi di compromessi che difficilmente accetterete di buon grado.
Раффаэль ГригорянJun 01, 2016
Homefront: The Revolution — яркий пример того, что происходят с играми, когда они проходят через производственный ад. Напомню, изначально разработка велась не Dambuster Studio, а британским отделением Crytek. Homefront The Revolution — игра уровня «легендарной» Aliens: Colonial Marines. Что-то хорошее в ней, конечно, есть, но трогать ее все равно страшновато.
Petter HegevallMay 17, 2016
Grafiken då? Ljudet? Mediokert, rakt igenom. Inte blir det bättre av den mängd buggar som spelet levereras med, heller. Jag har flera gånger tvingats starta om PS4-versionen då den hängt sig medan spelet autosparat. I slutändan bjuder Dambuster på en oinspirerad, trött och stundtals förbluffande ofärdig produkt som jag inte kan rekommendera till någon. Tyvärr.
Aaron Vesterberg RinghögMay 20, 2016
Homefront: The Revolution är i sina bästa stunder engagerande och en aning spännande, med en mall som Far Cry mer än gärna får efterapa i kommande delar. Men tyvärr är Homefront så trasigt att jag faktiskt inte ens kan spela klart det. På grund av detta kan jag inte göra annat än avråda dig att springa så långt bort från Homefront: The Revolution som du bara kan. Åtminstone tills spelet patchats och blivit spelbart. I skrivande stund är detta min förmodligen värsta spelupplevelse i år.