Home Sweet Home for PlayStation 4

Home Sweet Home

Oct 16, 2018
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Compatible with Playstation virtual reality headset to play.

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Content Rating: Mature


Home Sweet Home is a first-person horror adventure game based on Thai myths and beliefs. The core gameplay focuses on storytelling and stealth to avoid perilous spirits hunting you. Moreover, few puzzles are added into the game, making gameplay more various. While playing this game, you will be thrilled by a horror Thai atmosphere, unpredictable scary moments and challenging gameplay!

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Cody MedellinApr 16, 2019
Home Sweet Home is a decent horror title. It mostly relies on jump scares, but the brilliant use of sound builds up suspense where needed. The puzzles are decent, but some can be too obtuse for many to solve on their own, and the breakdown of AI at times means that some of your escapes are due to dumb luck. The explanation of Thai mythology would've been nice, and the VR use should've been better, but the fact that this isn't labeled as an episodic game will annoy players the most. Home Sweet Home is worth checking out — but only if you aren't already tired of the genre
Jimmy DonnellanJun 18, 2019
Tiring trial and error gameplay undermines everything Home Sweet Home tries to do, any tension giving away to frustration long before the credits suddenly roll.
Corey GavazaDec 03, 2018
This is an unpolished, low-effort title that shouldn’t take up any of your time. Even if you’re in the mood for a scare, other games have taken the genre in much more interesting directions than this title ever aspires to. Home Sweet Home would have been a much more novel game back in 2010, but nowadays, it’s just another run-of-the-mill horror title.

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