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Matt WhittakerAug 12, 2014
Perhaps confusion is the ultimate goal of Hohokum, or maybe it’s to simply see something unlike anything else in the gaming space. ...Hohokum is a charming, unique experience that often feels as though it doesn’t stick to its guns. ...There is a special something that brings specificity to the vagueness. In the end, Hohokum often seems content with simply being strange rather than evolving into something transcendent.
Jenni LadaAug 12, 2014
Most importantly, you get from Hohokum what you put into it. Players who investigate the nooks and crannies, seeing everything in each world, will be rewarded. Yet that isn't to say that is the "right" way to play. People who barely scratch the surface will make their own memories with the game. Hohokum is a very personal experience, and each players' explorations could will take their imaginations to different places.
Harriet KeersJul 13, 2015
You can earn a trophy for completing Hohokum in under an hour, but with all of the fun features, sights and sounds on offer, you’ll want to sit back and really take the time to wander around each level, leaving no stone unturned, or elephant creature unruffled. If you need a break from the sweat-inducing shoot ‘em ups and want to kick back with a relaxing game that’s a feast for the eyes, then this game is definitely worth the download.
Philip KollarAug 13, 2014
If there's a greater purpose to Hohokum that reveals itself by the end of the game, I was never able to discover it. ...But Hohokum is the prime example of a game whose beauty is truly skin deep. It sure is lovely to look at, and if that's all you want, you won't be disappointed. There's just not much under the surface.
Kyle MacGregorAug 16, 2014
Hohokum may look bright and colorful, but it can feel awfully like stumbling around in a darkened room. It's a double-edged sword. Charting the unknown can feel as stressful as it is intoxicating. There's serenity to be found in the shadows, but it's just as easy to become agitated as you reach out into the black, searching for that elusive light switch.
Graham BanasAug 20, 2014
Through the three or so hours that it takes to complete Hohokum, you’ll almost certainly fall in love with its impeccable art direction and genius audio pairing. Sadly, in the gameplay realm, this wriggle-‘em-up doesn’t really have enough direction to make it truly engaging. The title’s at its best when you meander through its oversaturated scenes without purpose, but that means that it’s not recommended for everyone.
Cam SheaAug 12, 2014
Hohokum is the latest title in a long lineage of artistically inclined, thoroughly unique PlayStation exclusives. From Vib Ribbon through to LocoRoco, Flower, Tokyo Jungle, Sound Shapes and more, it’s in good company, and deserves to be uttered in the same breath as those much-loved cult classics.
Josiah RenaudinAug 12, 2014
The through line can be frustratingly faint at times, but Hohokum is just too creatively rich to pass up. The vibrant environments are ceaselessly pleasing, and few soundtracks better match their visual counterparts than the pair found in this ebullient playground. ...the charm so deeply embedded in Hohokum–even at its most frustrating points–never wears thin.
Jason FanelliAug 18, 2014
The lack of depth in Hohokum might be the most disappointing thing about it. ...I’m sure Hohokum will find a home among those players who love to relax and unwind after a long day, and I acknowledge that it successfully creates that relaxing atmosphere by being aesthetically pleasing in every facet. Once the novelty of the happy colors and great music wears off, however, you’re left with a game with no direction, no depth, and no point. Hohokum? More like just ho-hum.
Matt HelgesonAug 12, 2014
The gameplay itself is extremely simple - you guide your line-creature around the environment and run into objects or give other creatures a lift when they jump on. ...Its vagueness and leisurely pace might be pleasant to some; I was frequently restless and found myself wishing the game would just get on with it already. Once you figure out what you're supposed to do, the actual actions or puzzles are usually fairly simple and uncreative.
Mikel ReparazAug 13, 2014
As annoying as that lack of direction is, however, it's an acceptable trade-off for the freedom to wander through Hohokum's oddball settings at will. ...It's not particularly deep or meaningful as "art games" go, and its stages aren’t very interesting to revisit once you know their puzzle solutions--but as a goofy, light adventure, Hohokum excels.
Mike WilliamsAug 14, 2014
Hohokum is a different kind of game that prizes aimless interaction and exploration above completing specific objectives. It's a title that brings together a cute, minimal art style and a great soundtrack to create a zen experience. It's worth a play, but not everyone will appreciate its strengths.
Chandler WoodAug 12, 2014
The gameplay itself is extremely simple - you guide your line-creature around the environment and run into objects or give other creatures a lift when they jump on. ...Its vagueness and leisurely pace might be pleasant to some; I was frequently restless and found myself wishing the game would just get on with it already. Once you figure out what you're supposed to do, the actual actions or puzzles are usually fairly simple and uncreative.
Michael HuberAug 12, 2014
Despite a distinct look and feel, Hohokum doesn't live up to its more ethereal aspirations. Although its flowing movements and refreshing themes try to evoke a sense of meditative exploration, it's hard to shake the compulsion to solve each puzzle and move on. At its core, Hohokum doesn't quite make you forget that it's still a game.
Daniel BischoffAug 14, 2014
Hohokum gives you everything you need to enter a colorful and freeform world with little restraint toward the kind of art exploration that turns anyone into a finger-paint prodigy. That doesn’t make for the greatest video game, even if its charm lasts far longer than you’d think. ...Try not to approach Hohokum with the mind to “complete it” or “solve it” as many avid players like to treat their video games.
Chris ScullionAug 21, 2014
Hohokum is love at first sight - it will have you captivated for its opening hours. And if you believe charm is more important than challenge, you'll be enthralled throughout. ...However, there's no denying its beauty and therefore you should still give it a go if you're happy to explore its beautiful, abstract worlds under the full understanding that underneath them lies somewhat underwhelming gameplay.
Simon ParkinAug 18, 2014
No matter: this is striking video game art and design, a game that builds on no particular tradition, instead forging its own path, borrowing style and ideas from a range of media. ...In Hohokum, it goes an awfully long way: it's deep, it's wide and, perhaps most importantly, it's temporally long. This is a game that sticks with you long after you switch it off.
Sean SmithAug 22, 2014
Your enjoyment of Hohokum will depend entirely on how open you are to the idea of immersing yourself in its ambient, unconventional nature. It is more of an exploratory journey as opposed to a signposted adventure. A place where you employ the smoothly animated tendrils of your craft to seek out the new, to trigger the next sugar-rush of sound and vision. It is the antithesis of what most blockbuster titles seek to achieve. It lends itself well to a pair of headphones and a complete disconnect from your expectations of what the artform – and yes, it is an artform – can bring to the table.
Wayne SantosAug 14, 2014
This game is not going to revolutionize the industry, nor is it going to raise the bar for the medium in the way other non-violent games, such as Journey have. It’s almost like a digital toy or baby’s mobile, designed to amuse with actions, and little else. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay. This game is definitely not for the COD crowd who can’t fathom a game where no shooting occurs, but for those that are looking for something different, something relaxing, something pleasant.
Kyle PrahlAug 12, 2014
Hohokum’s worth greatly depends on one’s ability to revel in simple, charming discoveries. There’s no lasting impact, meaningful message, or even resolution to its shallow core mechanics, but a playful aesthetic and relaxing music make being in its spaces enjoyable for a time.
Juan LaraMay 06, 2015
Hohokum nos ofrece algo inaudito: perdernos en un mundo psicodélico sin prisas, sin ayudas y sin prejuicios ni ideas preconcebidas. Los puzzles que esconde y la mecánica que propone es sólo apta para pacientes y observadores. Y ese es su principal handicap. Llamará la atención de muchos jugadores pero no todos tendrán el tesón para sumergirse en él. Eso sí, si eres abierto de mente y te gustan las ideas nuevas, verás como las horas pasan sin darte cuenta mientras flotas, y flotas, y flotas…
Albert GarcíaAug 24, 2014
Uno de los niveles más conocidos es "Fun Fair" y se ambienta en un animado parque de atracciones. En él, el jugador ha de transportar a diferentes tipos de personajes a una atracciones para después ponerlas en marcha. Solamente así logrará reunir las piezas de una montaña rusa con forma de dragón que a su vez liberará a la serpiente de ese nivel.
Pedro IglesiasAug 20, 2014
De hecho, a estas alturas todavía nos preguntamos si las piedras musicales del primer nivel tienen alguna función, y no conseguimos entender muy bien cómo hemos conseguido avanzar a través de un escenario que imita al mítico Telesketch, pero la satisfacción de manejar a esta criatura y sobre todo descubrir con tanta naturalidad alguna de sus mecánicas nos han bastado para disfrutar como niños de la experiencia.
Sergio MartínAug 20, 2014
Una vez más los usuarios de PSN pueden disfrutar en PS3, PS4 y PS Vita de un título único que hará volar su imaginación, transportándoles a mundos de fantasía en los que lo único que es necesario hacer es experimentar sin pausa. Sin duda se trata de un concepto de juego extraño y atractivo, muy relajante, que es capaz de mantenerte atrapado en él si le coges el aire.
Alexander BohnAug 26, 2014
Und dann gibt es Momente, in denen das für einen Augenblick nicht mehr stimmt und damit das summende, klimpernde, prickelnde Konstrukt ein wenig ins Wanken gerät. Augenblicke, in denen ich mich ein bisschen zu verbissen auf der falschen Fährte im Kreis drehte und meinen ganz persönlichen Zen-Bereich verlassen musste, um im Sinne des Weiterkommens wieder in Videospielregeln zu denken.
Eike CramerAug 22, 2014
Hohokum ist eines dieser Spiele, bei dem ich mich einfach zurücklehne, um in die wundervoll entworfenen Welten einzutauchen. ...Zudem bleibt Hohokum immer ein Spiel – überall finden sich kleine Rätsel, Aufgaben und Probleme, die es zu lösen gilt. Sicher, der Anspruch der Aufgaben könnte oft höher sein und eine Rahmenhandlung wäre schön gewesen – dafür entschädigt mich das Spiel aber durch tolle Entdeckungen, ein einmaliges Artdesign und eine fantastische Klangkulisse.
Florian HuvierAug 22, 2014
Doté d'un scénarion un peu court et d'une durée de vie un peu faible (le jeu se termine en 5 heures maximum lors du premier run), Hohokum n'en reste pas moins un OVNI vidéoludique qui satisfera sans problèmes les amoureux de jeux poétiques et sensoriels. Probablement l'un des futurs indispensables parmi les "expériences" de Sony.
PanthaaAug 27, 2014
Avec sa réalisation minimaliste, colorée, et surtout grâce à sa musique, Hohokum nous livre un voyage contemplatif et abstrait dont l'authenticité n'a d'égale que sa volonté à faire « comme les grands ». ...Il reste au final un titre qui détend, un titre qui sait emballer par son concept, mais un titre qui pourra aussi lasser certains au bout de quelques dizaines de minutes. Vous voilà prévenu !
Bruno GalvãoAug 24, 2014
Hohokum pode ser colocado no mesmo lote, no departamento da arte e da oferta de uma experiência que vai a locais diferentes do normal, mas enquanto videojogo poderá deixar a desejar. É fascinante e incrível jogar esta obra mas poderá ser tão ou mais confuso pois ao contrário dos melhores exemplos que combinam arte com videojogo, este não se soube munir com os mecanismos necessários para satisfazer a componente videojogo.
Manuel StanislaoSep 01, 2014
A conti fatti, l'ultima fatica firmata Honeyslug ci ha convinto sotto il profilo tecnico, sonoro e della longevità, dove sono necessarie circa sette ore per poterlo terminare senza aver scovato però tutti gli occhi nascosti. in passato avete apprezzato titoli come Proteus, Flower e The Unfinished Swan, con Hohokum siete sicuri di prendere parte a un'avventura stravagante che sicuramente non andrà a finire nel vostro dimenticatoio.
Ralph BeentjesAug 30, 2014
De game is namelijk echt ontspannend, de fel gekleurde werelden toveren een glimlach op je gezicht en de muziek dommelt je af en toe bijna in slaap. Als je op zoek bent naar een uitdagende game, dan ben je bij Hohokum aan het verkeerde adres.