Hohokum for PlayStation 4


Aug 12, 2014
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Developer: Honeyslug
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Enter the whimsical, colorful universe of Hohokum™. Take on the role of a curious flying kite-like being and travel to unique worlds full of eclectic characters and interactions. While there are goals, activities, and secrets to uncover, at its heart, Hohokum™ is a playground - a place to wander about and get lost in.

Critic Reviews

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Matt WhittakerAug 12, 2014
Perhaps confusion is the ultimate goal of Hohokum, or maybe it’s to simply see something unlike anything else in the gaming space. ...Hohokum is a charming, unique experience that often feels as though it doesn’t stick to its guns. ...There is a special something that brings specificity to the vagueness. In the end, Hohokum often seems content with simply being strange rather than evolving into something transcendent.
Jenni LadaAug 12, 2014
Most importantly, you get from Hohokum what you put into it. Players who investigate the nooks and crannies, seeing everything in each world, will be rewarded. Yet that isn't to say that is the "right" way to play. People who barely scratch the surface will make their own memories with the game. Hohokum is a very personal experience, and each players' explorations could will take their imaginations to different places.
Harriet KeersJul 13, 2015
You can earn a trophy for completing Hohokum in under an hour, but with all of the fun features, sights and sounds on offer, you’ll want to sit back and really take the time to wander around each level, leaving no stone unturned, or elephant creature unruffled. If you need a break from the sweat-inducing shoot ‘em ups and want to kick back with a relaxing game that’s a feast for the eyes, then this game is definitely worth the download.

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