Hohokum for PlayStation 4


Aug 12, 2014

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Developer: Honeyslug
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Enter the whimsical, colorful universe of Hohokum™. Take on the role of a curious flying kite-like being and travel to unique worlds full of eclectic characters and interactions. While there are goals, activities, and secrets to uncover, at its heart, Hohokum™ is a playground - a place to wander about and get lost in.

Critic Reviews

31 Reviews
Josiah RenaudinAug 12, 2014
The through line can be frustratingly faint at times, but Hohokum is just too creatively rich to pass up. The vibrant environments are ceaselessly pleasing, and few soundtracks better match their visual counterparts than the pair found in this ebullient playground. ...the charm so deeply embedded in Hohokum–even at its most frustrating points–never wears thin.
Daniel BischoffAug 14, 2014
Hohokum gives you everything you need to enter a colorful and freeform world with little restraint toward the kind of art exploration that turns anyone into a finger-paint prodigy. That doesn’t make for the greatest video game, even if its charm lasts far longer than you’d think. ...Try not to approach Hohokum with the mind to “complete it” or “solve it” as many avid players like to treat their video games.
Mikel ReparazAug 13, 2014
As annoying as that lack of direction is, however, it's an acceptable trade-off for the freedom to wander through Hohokum's oddball settings at will. ...It's not particularly deep or meaningful as "art games" go, and its stages aren’t very interesting to revisit once you know their puzzle solutions--but as a goofy, light adventure, Hohokum excels.

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