Heroland for PlayStation 4


Dec 3, 2019
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Developer: FuRyu
Content Rating: Teen


You're invited to a magical resort where anyone can be a hero—except for you. You just work there! Luckily, it's on an island where dreams come true...for a price. As a tour guide, your job is to lead "heroes" safely through the theme park's dungeons. Customize strategies, repair weapons, and manage items to survive! Recruit over 20 quirky characters, including upright knights, phantom thieves, high school girls, and one casually nihilistic otter/man. Meet and defeat a colorful cast of coworkers such as monstrous mascots, cute li'l slugs, selfie-loving skeletons, and magical broccoli! Behold the splendor of 2D sprites that have been turned, alchemy-like, into 3D models who bend and stretch through THE THIRD DIMENSION! Conjured from your 16-bit dreams by the legends of retro Japanese RPGs, this whimsical tale of princes and part-timers guarantees excitement that cannot be forgotten.

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Lucas WhiteDec 06, 2019
Heroland is an excellent “podcast game.” You can take your time with the actual important parts, paying attention to new boss battles and enjoying the story, then zone out with a show or something while you grind older levels to get your party up to speed. You never feel rushed or burdened by Heroland, even though the actual situation is kind of terrifying by real-world standards. It isn’t the most active or deep RPG to come from Japan, but it is well-made, deliberately designed, and full of cute and funny writing.
Lauren ClarkeDec 26, 2019
The real problem with Heroland is that it can’t decide what it wants to be. Is it a JRPG? A resource management game? A visual novel? It tries to do too much and ends up lacking the necessary gameplay element to make it a complete package. However, if you enjoy a charming, dialogue-heavy game with a grind, you just might enjoy Heroland.
Remington JosephDec 11, 2019
For as unique and finetuned the game’s battle system and mechanics are, with no real exploration, there isn’t much to do outside of battles. Even certain features, such as the ability to collect furniture and customize Lucky’s room, seem to serve absolutely no purpose and add nothing to the game. Still, Heroland is a worthy addition for any JRPG fan looking to try something different.

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